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Peter & Laura

We believe that families can come together in so many different ways, and we are honored that you are reading our profile. Becoming parents through adoption is a gift that we don't take lightly, and we hope you can see just how much love we have ready for a child. Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about us, and we hope to learn about you.

About Us

Emergency Medicine Physician
Ph.D. Candidate
Doctor of Medicine
Ph.D. in Rhetoric
Legally Married

Our Lifestyle

We Love Spending Time in the Mountains

One of our favorite things to do together is ski. During the winter, we pack up our gear and head out for short trips to our favorite mountains and spend the days outside in the cold, fresh air. Some of our favorite moments together have been on these trips and it's an activity we can't wait to share with a child.

During the summers, we spend as much time in the water as we can, including trips to the lake with each of our families and lots of days swimming in the family pool. These events have grown even more fun with the additions of our nieces and nephews, so your child will have many cousins to play with on these family days.

Our day-to-day lifestyle involves lots of time with our dog, Dyson. He is a gentle, playful pup who loves sitting outside on our front porch and greeting all of our neighbors and their dogs as they walk by. He also loves to help as we garden, mow the lawn, or sit outside and relax. We both love to make homemade pasta together and share these meals with our close friends who live nearby. They have young children and we can't wait to share play dates, trips to the park, and walks together.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Always Having Fun Together

Laura About Peter: Peter is the most loving, loyal, and wonderful partner I could imagine. He loves spending his free time snowboarding, riding his mountain bike, and wake boarding. He is also incredibly handy and is often building furniture for our house. And he is calm in the face of any stress, which makes him such a good ER doctor.

He is going to be the most amazing father because he is really a kid at heart himself. He never hesitates to run around with our dog, Dyson, or play with our nieces and nephews. I know that a child will find the world's biggest supporter in Peter.

Peter About Laura: Laura is the kindest and most genuine person you could ever meet. She really does make every day better, and I could not ask for a better partner in life. She constantly goes out of her way to support her friends, family, and students. She is hard-working, driven, reliable, and a blast to spend time with. She is happy to get out of her comfort zone and try new things, and somehow genuinely seems to enjoy my shenanigans. You could not ask for a better future mother than Laura. She is warm, caring, and can make even the worst day seem better. Any child would be so lucky to have her in their corner to support and nurture them as they grow.

Cultural Diversity

It is very important to us to embrace our child's culture as well as share our own traditions. And we have already had some practice. Peter's job in the emergency room means working with people from all backgrounds and providing kind and compassionate care to all. He views his exposure to so many people and their families as a strength. Laura's work at a university has a similar benefit. Her students come from culturally diverse backgrounds, and she thrives in creating an inclusive classroom. Additionally, Laura's sisters-in-law both come from diverse backgrounds and her family's traditions have expanded and evolved to represent their traditions as well.

What this means for a child is that we will be dedicated to creating a home that embraces and celebrates cultural diversity. We place high importance on the presence of role models and friends that reflect this diversity as well. We know that this will take continual work and it will be a priority in our home.


On the Slopes
On the Slopes
Half-Marathon Finisher!
Half-Marathon Finisher!
A Great Day on the Mountain
A Great Day on the Mountain
With Dyson at the Dog Park
With Dyson at the Dog Park
We Can't Wait to Spend Vacations Together as a Family
We Can't Wait to Spend Vacations Together as a Family
All Smiles
All Smiles
Accidentally Matching!
Accidentally Matching!
We Can't Wait to Share Holidays With our Child
We Can't Wait to Share Holidays With our Child
Our First Dance
Our First Dance
Riding the Trails
Riding the Trails
Grabbing a Bite to Eat
Grabbing a Bite to Eat
All Dressed Up to Celebrate!
All Dressed Up to Celebrate!
1 / 12
On the Slopes
On the Slopes
2 / 12
Half-Marathon Finisher!
Half-Marathon Finisher!
3 / 12
A Great Day on the Mountain
A Great Day on the Mountain
4 / 12
With Dyson at the Dog Park
With Dyson at the Dog Park
5 / 12
We Can't Wait to Spend Vacations Together as a Family
We Can't Wait to Spend Vacations Together as a Family
6 / 12
All Smiles
All Smiles
7 / 12
Accidentally Matching!
Accidentally Matching!
8 / 12
We Can't Wait to Share Holidays With our Child
We Can't Wait to Share Holidays With our Child
9 / 12
Our First Dance
Our First Dance
10 / 12
Riding the Trails
Riding the Trails
11 / 12
Grabbing a Bite to Eat
Grabbing a Bite to Eat
12 / 12
All Dressed Up to Celebrate!
All Dressed Up to Celebrate!

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

We love our neighborhood and believe it's such a wonderful place to raise a family. We live in a three-bedroom, 1.5 bath home on a quiet cul-de-sac in Western Pennsylvania. Our neighborhood is full of tree-lined streets that are bursting with beautiful flowers every season and lots of friendly, kind neighbors. We are only six miles from a big city and love how diverse our neighborhood really is. We have neighbors who have moved here from across the country and across the world. Plus, there are museums, universities, and sporting events that make this such a fun place to live.

Our neighborhood also maintains a homey, small-town feel. We are close with so many of our neighbors and spend plenty of mornings enjoying our coffee on the front porch chatting with people as they walk by. There are lots of locally owned shops within walking distance, and one of the biggest parks in the area is just a short walk away as well. We go there almost every day to bike, run, or hike.

We can't wait to take a child to playgrounds, bike around with all the local neighbors, and go on our daily walks. Our neighborhood also hosts a summer block party, a 5k race that almost all the neighbors participate in, and dozens of activities ranging from Shakespeare in the Park to a big fireworks show for the 4th of July. It really is a wonderful place to grow up.

Our Extended Families

Laughing With our Sweet Goddaughter

We love spending time with our families and both come from close-knit families. Peter's parents and his sister live in the same area as we do, and we love how often we get to see them. In the summer, this usually involves spending lots of time outside, especially in the pool. In the colder months, it means playing games and taking turns hosting dinners.

Always Smiling on Family Vacations

Laura's family is close enough for frequent visits that always involve lots of board games and home cooked meals. We already have lots of nieces and nephews, and we can't wait for a child to grow up with ready-made friends to share so many memories together.

One of our favorite current family traditions is our lake vacations. Both our families love boating and swimming. We spend one week in July with all of Peter's family and then another week in August with Laura's family at the lake. These trips always involve water sports, yard games, and s'mores around the campfire. We can't wait to share these experiences with a child.

Our families have embraced adoption and are so excited to shower a child with love. We know that this child will have a wonderful, kind, and supportive set of extended families to love them.

From Us to You

We can't begin to feel what you must be feeling at this time. But we can promise that you have been in our hearts and minds throughout each step we've taken towards adoption. We are overwhelmed by the love that is guiding you even as life has brought uncertainties and unknowns. As you make your decision, we'd like to share a little more about ourselves.

We hope most of all that you will see we are kind and loving people. Becoming parents is the single best blessing that we could imagine, and it is at the center of our hearts. Choosing us as adoptive parents for your child is an act of love that we hope we can honor by working every day to provide this child a home that is safe, loving, and happy.

Our life is centered around simple joys. We have been together for ten years and married for five years, and this has been our philosophy from the beginning. Sometimes this looks like cooking and sharing a meal together and with friends. Other days it means having a slow morning with coffee on our front porch chatting with our neighbors. Most days it involves a walk through the local park with our dog Dyson. It's these everyday activities that we are most excited to share with a child. Eating meals together, enjoying our home together, or going for a walk together. None of these activities will feel quite right until we are sharing them together as a family.

Education is something we value, and we both have (or are finishing) doctorate-level degrees. We will be sure your child attends the best schools and has their choice of colleges. But education means something more to us too. Beyond formal education, we want a child to always have a genuine curiosity for the world around them. Our home will be full of books to wile away an afternoon with, STEM projects to puzzle over together, and lots of time set aside to explore the outdoors. This kind of home environment reflects our own relationships with learning: Laura has loved to read her entire life, and Peter is always searching for a new subject matter to master (right now - it's virtual flight simulations).

As a couple, we share a common dedication to our families and friends. Peter's brother and Laura's sister both chose us as godparents to their children, and it is an honor that has brought so much joy to our lives. We are lucky enough to live close to so many members of our families and cherish the fact that birthdays, holidays, and celebrations are made brighter because it means spending time together. Laura grew up living pretty far away from her extended family and has always placed an importance on building a home for her family with relatives close by. Peter grew up sharing big holidays with his entire family and wants the chance to share these traditions with his family as well.

We hope this provides a little more insight into what your child's life might look like if you selected us as adoptive parents. Above all, we will always put your child's needs first. This includes sharing from the beginning how our family came together through adoption. We want your child to know everything about their adoption so that it is another part of who they are and who we are as a family. You will always be a part of this family in whatever way feels right. You can always count on hearing updates from us each year with letters and pictures, and we are excited about and open to additional kinds of communication.

Whatever path forward you choose, we are grateful you considered us as adoptive parents. It would be an honor and blessing we would cherish each and every day. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for taking the time to learn about us. It's our hope that we can learn more about you as well.

Most Sincerely,

Peter & Laura


Paul Rudd
Jennifer Aniston
Tom Clancy
Jane Austen
Rainbow Six
The Night Circus
Candy Bar
Hershey's Cookies n' Creme
South Park
Childhood Memory
Vacations with my family
Christmas mornings with my family
Childhood Toy
Big Wheel
Samantha - the American Girl Doll
Children's Book
Cars and Trucks and Things that Go
Anne of Green Gables
Telluride, CO
Classic Movie
How to Steal a Million Dollars
Day of Week
Whatever day I'm off after a night shift
Creme Brulee
Ice Cream
Disney Movie
Lion King
Dream Car
'98 Viper GTS
Dream Job
Helicopter Pilot
College Professor
Dream Vacation
Mountains and snow
Anywhere on a beach
Family Activity
Playing outside
Flower / Plant
Thai food
Form of Exercise
Weights or Mountain Bike
Woodworking, Skiing
Growing house plants
Holiday Song
Snoopy vs the Red Baron
It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas
Holiday Tradition
Driving through Christmas lights with family
Baking Christmas cookies
Ice Cream
Birthday Cake
Cookies and Cream
Junk Food
Pop Tarts
Leisure Activity
Watching football
Motor Trend
Memory with a Child
Making up songs with my goddaughter
Memory with Spouse
Camping trip when we got engaged
Our first ski trip to Telluride, CO
Black Hawk Down
Movie Munchie
Sour Patch Kids
Movie Quote
"Just when I thought you couldn't get any dumber, you go and do something like this... and totally redeem yourself!"
Movie Type
Book of Mormon
Les Miserables
Musical Group
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Olympic Event
Ice Skating
Quality about my Spouse
She is incredibly caring
He is vert loyal
"Anything worth doing is worth overdoing. Moderation is for cowards"
Ruth's Chris
Grilled Cheese
Grilled Cheese
Shopping Store
Give it Away
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Charles Woodson
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Homemade pasta
Time of Day
Late night / early morning
Family Vacation
Annual family lake vacation
TV Show
The Office
TV Show Character
Jane Villanueva
Vacation Spot
Lakes and Mountains
Lakes or mountains
Video Game
Mario Kart 64

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