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Chris & Emily

Thank you so much for taking the time to view our profile! We believe that adoption is a beautiful way to begin a family and are so excited to be on this journey. We have so much love and happiness in our life and are thrilled about the opportunity to share this with a child.

About Us

Missile Combat Crew Instructor
Bartender/Event Staff; Future Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree in Health Services Administration
Bachelor's Degree in Health Education
Legally Married

Our Favorite Vacation Spot

Having a Blast at Disney Together

Our absolute favorite vacation spot is Fort Myers, Florida. After joining the Air Force, we had to move away from our extended family, so we take frequent vacations back home to visit them. Not only is Fort Myers home for us, it is also a vacation destination for many around the country. While we are here, we have the opportunity to explore the many gorgeous beaches, rivers, lakes, and parks that Florida has to offer all with our extended family! On many trips to Florida, we often take a couple days and drive up to Orlando, to spend a little bit of time in Disney World. It always excites us to imagine what these trips will be like when we have the opportunity to experience them with a child.

Sunset at Our Favorite Beach

Our Leisure Time

Enjoying a Fall Walk

With Emily exiting the working life to become a stay-at-home mother, we are excited to spend even more time together as a family.

In the summer we like to get out and about and go for walks with our dogs, Vera and Ruby. We love strolling around the neighborhood or along the numerous hiking trails we have around the city. A few times a month we set the fire pit up in the back yard for cookouts and s'mores. We also enjoy going for float trips down the Missouri river with friends. Kayaking along and hunting for crawdads along the shore with the kids is a favorite pastime.

In the winter we enjoy skiing and snowboarding as well as taking hikes as often as we can. Snow angels and snowmen in the front yard are always a fun way to enjoy winter close to home.

When we travel to Florida to visit our extended family, we love to play at the beaches, go boating, fish, paddleboard, water ski, and so much more! Disney World is a favorite destination for us and we cannot wait to share all it all with a child.

Cultural Diversity

We have the privilege of living and working with the United States Air Force which is a very culturally diverse group. A child raised in our household will have the opportunity to see men and women of many different races and backgrounds working together for a common mission and rising to lead their peers. From this perspective, he or she will have the ability to learn that color or gender should not inhibit your ability to achieve your desires as you grow. In our house, we would love the opportunity to celebrate our differences and embrace what makes us unique. We would like to have the genetic testing done to be able to identify the paths of those who came before us. This also means we can better learn about our various backgrounds and the cultures that go with them.



At the Great Wall of China
At the Great Wall of China
Making Snow Angels
Making Snow Angels
Vera & Ruby
Vera & Ruby
A Trip to the Driving Range
A Trip to the Driving Range
Emily & Her Buddy Catching Crawdads on a River Expedition
Emily & Her Buddy Catching Crawdads on a River Expedition
Exploring One of the Dams in Our City
Exploring One of the Dams in Our City
The Magical Day We Celebrated Forever
The Magical Day We Celebrated Forever
Taking in the Beauty of a Green Tea Farm in China
Taking in the Beauty of a Green Tea Farm in China
Exploring Yellowstone
Exploring Yellowstone
Just Us ... Being Chilly & Silly
Just Us ... Being Chilly & Silly
Beach Walk With Our Dogs
Beach Walk With Our Dogs
Hiking Near Our Home
Hiking Near Our Home
1 / 12
At the Great Wall of China
At the Great Wall of China
2 / 12
Making Snow Angels
Making Snow Angels
3 / 12
Vera & Ruby
Vera & Ruby
4 / 12
A Trip to the Driving Range
A Trip to the Driving Range
5 / 12
Emily & Her Buddy Catching Crawdads on a River Expedition
Emily & Her Buddy Catching Crawdads on a River Expedition
6 / 12
Exploring One of the Dams in Our City
Exploring One of the Dams in Our City
7 / 12
The Magical Day We Celebrated Forever
The Magical Day We Celebrated Forever
8 / 12
Taking in the Beauty of a Green Tea Farm in China
Taking in the Beauty of a Green Tea Farm in China
9 / 12
Exploring Yellowstone
Exploring Yellowstone
10 / 12
Just Us ... Being Chilly & Silly
Just Us ... Being Chilly & Silly
11 / 12
Beach Walk With Our Dogs
Beach Walk With Our Dogs
12 / 12
Hiking Near Our Home
Hiking Near Our Home

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

We live in Great Falls, Montana on Malmstrom Air Force Base. We love living on base because it provides a secure environment and also a diverse, active lifestyle. The base offers an amazing community for children and families.

We live in a duplex with a garage, a nice fenced-in back yard, and plenty of space for a growing child. We have three bedrooms, two and-a-half bathrooms, and two living rooms (one of which we use as a game room). We are surrounded by nice neighbors and many have children- friends will never be in short supply here! Scattered around the housing areas of base are multiple playgrounds where children and families gather for fun and play.

We have a community center right across the street from our house that hosts activities such as movie nights, game nights, and arts and craft projects. It also has an awesome indoor pool that allows for year-round swimming fun. Down the road from our house is the on base movie theater, bowling ally, and library. There is no shortage of fun activities in our neighborhood!

Our Extended Families

Glacier National Park With Family

We love spending time with extended family as much as possible. Since the Air Force has us stationed in Montana, our extended family does not live nearby. We make an effort to travel to Florida at least twice a year to visit our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings and our new nephew. We also enjoy using facetime or zoom to stay in contact with family and friends.

Emily's Family

When family comes to visit us in Montana, we enjoy cookouts in the backyard, toasting marshmallows in the fire pit, and playing board games. We love to explore the incredible wilderness of Montana with our visiting relatives.

A favorite tradition is selecting and chopping down our own Christmas tree each year. Last year we could not decide and ended up taking home two trees. After the holiday season is over, we enjoy cutting the trees into smaller pieces and using them in the fire pit.

Our entire family is excited for us to have an opportunity to welcome a new baby. They have already started picking out their own nicknames and sending us gifts in the mail for your child! We are all eager to share our love with this child.

From Us to You

Thank you so much for taking the time to view our profile and consider us. We understand that the road you are on is not easy and the decision you are making is not a simple choice. We respect your bravery and your selflessness. We appreciate the opportunity to be considered as potential adoptive parents to your child.

We are from the same hometown, but met while studying at the University of Florida, in 2011. Our hometown similarities made us fast friends and we began dating four months later. We have now spent nine wonderful years together as friends and spent the last four years as husband and wife. We are both fortunate in that we feel that we have married our best friend. Every day is an adventure and everyday has more joy than we could have ever hoped for. The only thing that seems to be missing in our lives is a child to share it with.

When we started dating, we began discussing our dreams as many do. We agreed instantly on a family with children and on adopting a child when our family was ready to do so. After our marriage, we tried to conceive a child naturally for a couple years and eventually found ourselves speaking with a fertility specialist. After careful consideration, we decided to attempt In Vitro Fertilization- which was ultimately unsuccessful. We took over a year to process this loss and decided adoption would be our path to beginning our family and probably the path to growing our family in the future.

We are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to bring a baby into our lives. We have always dreamed of being parents and feel that there is no greater calling for either of us. We can promise, if given this opportunity, your child will always be our top priority. They will never lack attention or love in our house or in any of our family members' homes. We will shower them with love, laughter and experiences on a daily basis. We will protect them and encourage them throughout their lives and support them in their decisions. We are so excited for all the joy and challenges that come with being a parent.

We want you to know how much we appreciate you. We are open to knowing you and want your child to know you in the future. We have already purchased children's books to help explain to your child as early as possible the joy of adoption and open adoption, if that is something you are interested in doing. We would love to send you letters, pictures, emails, texts, and even visit if that is something you would like later in your child's life. If this is not something you see yourself doing, we will still maintain nothing but honor and respect for you in our house. We will say only kind words and save pictures and other keepsakes for you in case you decide you would like them in the future.

With respect and gratitude,

Chris & Emily


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence
Patrick Rothfuss
JK Rowling
The Kingkiller Chronicle
Harry Potter- all of them
Candy Bar
Take Five
Peanut M&Ms
Rick and Morty
Adult- Rick and Morty
Childhood Memory
Getting saved from an alligator by my grandpa
Beach Days with family
Childhood Toy
A Doll named Courton
Children's Book
Anything Dr. Seuss
Gainesville, Fl
Classic Movie
Smoky and the Bandit
Air Force Blue
Day of Week
Reese's pudding pie that Emily makes
Pumpkin Cake/Bread/Cheesecake
Disney Movie
The Fox and the Hound
Moana/The Lion King
Dream Car
Ferrari 550 maranello
Dodge Viper GTS-R
Dream Job
Work with Animals
Dream Vacation
Hawaii with the family
Fiji with the family
Family Activity
Roadtrips and relaxing
Hanging out by the water
Flower / Plant
African violet
Chicken wings
Form of Exercise
Honeycrisp Apples
Cards Against Humanity
Gaming/socializing with friends
Holiday Song
Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas"
I Put a Spell on You
Holiday Tradition
Chopping down our own Christmas tree(s)
Passing out candy to Trick or Treaters
Ice Cream
Cookie Dough
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Watching tv with the dogs
Anything with our dogs
Memory with a Child
Catching Crawfish with our friends son
Memory with Spouse
First date at SeaWorld in Florida
Our Wedding Celebration
The Avengers movies
Pirates of the Caribbean
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
"Maximum Effort"
Movie Type
Musical Group
Angels and Airwaves
Avenged Sevenfold
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Pawpaw (My grandpa)
My Grandma
Quality about my Spouse
Determination to get things done
He is genuine
I hope it rains on your golf day
Outback Steakhouse
Olive Garden
P B J for life
Shopping Store
Bored to Death - Blink 182
Afterlife- Avenged Sevenfold
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Dale Earnhardt
Troy Polamalu
Sports Team
Florida Gators
The Steelers/The Gators
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Aything on the grill
Time of Day
Late night
Sunrise/sunset- BEAUTIFUL
Celebrating our pets' adoption days
Date Nights with Chris
TV Show
How I Met Your Mother
Modern Family
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Florida with family
Home- Florida (with our family)
Video Game
Call of Duty

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