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Josh & Ashley

Thank you for taking the time to view our profile! We have been thinking about adoption for several years now and we think that it would be the greatest gift for which we would not take for granted. We know that this is already one of the hardest decisions of your life and we would be extremely grateful for the opportunity to be chosen.

About Us

Culinary Specialist - U.S. Coast Guard
Health Services Technician - U.S. Coast Guard
Real Estate Studies
Associate's Degree in Health Sciences
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption

Riding a Ferris Wheel on Vacation

Our most memorable moment thus far was the day our son, Stone, was born. He was born on April 2, 2015. The day he was born was one of the happiest days of our lives. We have loved seeing him grow and learn throughout the years.

We have always wanted more than one child ever since we got married. However, Ashley went through a major surgery in 2019 that has prevented her from carrying any more children. Having a child is such a gift to us, which is just one of the many reasons that we chose to adopt a child and begin a new journey. We believe that adoption is such an amazing process to be a part of and we would love to give our son a sibling to grow up with. We love our son and we will love this child just the same. We would be greatly humbled to have the opportunity to be the parents to another child.

Our Leisure Time

T-Ball at the Park

In our leisure time we like to do a lot of things as a family. We enjoy going to the park and letting our son play on the playground. There is also a large field at the park which we love to play catch with each other or let our son practice T-ball. There are a ton of activities to do around and near our town. We love to go to The Living Museum, the zoo, to the beach, or hang out with friends. Sometimes as a family, we like to just stay home and watch a movie. Whatever we do we always have a good time!

Our Family Traditions

Our family has bi-weekly traditions that we do together. First, we will go to our game room that we turned our loft into. There we will put on a family movie and pop popcorn to watch together. Sometimes we will bring out a board game to play. Our son, Stone, usually likes to play Candy Land and he usually beats us at it! If we don't do any of those during the week we will go to the park so Stone can play with other kids on the playground or we will just play catch.

We also have a monthly tradition in which we go to our local museum called The Living Museum which has animals, a walking trail, and a dinosaur park so Stone can learn.

We try to have our family friends over every other week and cook dinner and catch up with one another while our kids play together.

We love spending time with family, building memories, and bonding as a family. That would have to be our most meaningful tradition we do as together.


Kayaking Together
Kayaking Together
Trip to New Orleans
Trip to New Orleans
Fun at the Color Run
Fun at the Color Run
Stone Got a Ball!
Stone Got a Ball!
Ready for a Run on the Trails
Ready for a Run on the Trails
Carnival Cruise
Carnival Cruise
Happy on Halloween
Happy on Halloween
Teaching Stone How to Ride a Bike
Teaching Stone How to Ride a Bike
Trip to the Zoo
Trip to the Zoo
Dressed Up for the Coast Guard Ball
Dressed Up for the Coast Guard Ball
Ice Skating With Stone
Ice Skating With Stone
Fun at an Amusement Park
Fun at an Amusement Park
1 / 12
Kayaking Together
Kayaking Together
2 / 12
Trip to New Orleans
Trip to New Orleans
3 / 12
Fun at the Color Run
Fun at the Color Run
4 / 12
Stone Got a Ball!
Stone Got a Ball!
5 / 12
Ready for a Run on the Trails
Ready for a Run on the Trails
6 / 12
Carnival Cruise
Carnival Cruise
7 / 12
Happy on Halloween
Happy on Halloween
8 / 12
Teaching Stone How to Ride a Bike
Teaching Stone How to Ride a Bike
9 / 12
Trip to the Zoo
Trip to the Zoo
10 / 12
Dressed Up for the Coast Guard Ball
Dressed Up for the Coast Guard Ball
11 / 12
Ice Skating With Stone
Ice Skating With Stone
12 / 12
Fun at an Amusement Park
Fun at an Amusement Park

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a beautiful two-story house which consists of three bedrooms, a loft area upstairs and a large fenced-in backyard for the dogs to run around. We love to take our dogs for walks a couple times a week throughout the neighborhood. There is an elementary school and church just five short minutes from our house.

Our neighborhood is very diverse and has many military families that live nearby with young children that will ride bikes and walk their dogs daily. There are a couple parks nearby, one of which is less than a five-minute walk from our house. One way to get to the park is through a short nature trail through the neighborhood. The park has a large playground as well as a large open field. We love to use the field to practice baseball with our son or play catch with each other.

Our Extended Families

Stone & Josh's Mom

Ashley has a two younger brothers, one of which is married with children, and a younger sister who is married. Ashley's sister and brother-in-law live in the United Kingdom currently, due to the military. We hope to visit them before they transfer! Ashley's parents come to visit once a year to spend time with us. We love it! We also try to travel back home to visit Ashley's family. We try to go during the summer time so that we can all enjoy her grandparents pool. Our son, Stone, loves to visit his cousins and play in the pool.

Ashley's Family on Halloween

Josh has a younger brother as well as an older brother, one of which is married with twins and another child on the way. Josh's parents are divorced, but his mom comes to visit us once a year and she loves to spoil our son.

Although being in the military can sometimes make it a little difficult, once a year we try our best to travel to visit both of our families, who are scattered in a couple places throughout Texas and Louisiana. Both of our families are very supportive and excited for us to adopt an additional child. This child would be loved by all of our family.

From Us to You

Hello! We are Josh and Ashley. Thank you for taking the time to read our profile.

We met in high school and ended up dating about a year after we graduated in 2006. We have been married for 11 years and have been together for about 13 years. We have a great relationship and we complement each other very well. What one of us may lack the other makes up for it. Our relationship is still just as loving and fun as the day we met.

Ashley is in the U.S. Coast Guard and works as a Health Services Technician. She has been in the military for 10 years and has plans to complete at least 20 and then retire. She loves the job that she does because she gets to take care of people and connect with them in one way or another. While it can be a demanding job at times she is still able to come home every day and spend quality time with the family.

Josh is also in the U.S. Coast Guard and works as a Culinary Specialist. He has been in the military for 8 years. He currently works with the morale and recreation department and has the opportunity to put on various events for the base. He enjoys getting to interact with all the military members and their families and show them a great time.

We have a 6-year-old son named Stone, who is very outgoing and eager to learn new things. Our son is a blessing in our lives and we are very excited to be able to grow our family with one more child. We know that he would be a great big brother because he loves to play with others and teach people new things that he has learned. We have taught our son many lessons in life and would love for him to be able to pass them on to another sibling. We are excited to be able to watch our children grow up and make new memories together!

Family is very important to us! We do everything we can to do things together as a family each week. This is usually not too hard to accomplish since there is a wide variety of activities to do in the area. We try to go back to our hometowns at least once a year to see both our extended families. In addition, both of our parents will typically make a trip to see us once a year. Being in the military makes visiting home challenging at times but we are still able to make it happen with little challenges.

We would like to say that we are extremely grateful for this opportunity! We will be happy to send email or letter updates, pictures, and stories to include important milestones in your child's life. We would be open to possible future visits depending on the circumstances. We commend you for making this tough and brave decision to consider adoption and should you choose us, please know you will always be a part of our family, too.


Josh & Ashley


Mark Wahlberg
Ryan Reynolds
Mila Kunis
Jennifer Aniston
The Wheel of Time
Thriller (genre)
Candy Bar
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
Captain Planet
Family Guy
Childhood Memory
Staying with grandparents and cousins during the summer
Swimming at my grandma's house
Childhood Toy
Michelangelo toy from TMNT
Children's Book
Dr. Suess
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Classic Movie
The Wizard of Oz
Day of Week
Lemon Meringue Pie
Ice cream
Disney Movie
Remember the Titans
I like them all!!
Dream Car
69' Mustang
Dream Job
Dream Vacation
Travel to France or Switzerland
Family Activity
Playing at the park with our son
Watching movies
Flower / Plant
Form of Exercise
Weight lifting
Mystery games
Phase 10
Working on cars
Watching TV or movies with my family
Holiday Song
Jingle Bells
Rockin' around the Christmas Tree
Holiday Tradition
Visiting family and friends
Opening one Christmas present on Christmas Eve
Ice Cream
Orange Sherbert
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Junk Food
Nutter Butter
Leisure Activity
Sitting in the yard while our son plays outside
Watching T.V.
Memory with a Child
When our son helps me work on my truck and helps cook
Teaching my son how to play T-ball
Memory with Spouse
Our first date
Honeymoon in San Antonio
Tommy Boy
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
I'll be your huckleberry.
Movie Type
Les Miserables
Musical Group
Backstreet Boys
Nursery Rhyme
Monkey jumping on the bed
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Edgar Allen Poe
Quality about my Spouse
Her loving and caring nature and amazing mother and wife
Sense of Humor
Life is simple but we insist on making it complicated.- Confusious
John 15:12; This is my commandment, that ye love are another, as I have loved you.
Shopping Store
Walking in Memphis
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Drew Brees
Simone Biles
Sports Team
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints
Subject in School
Green Arrow
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Flank Steaks
Time of Day
Dinner time
Eating dinner together as a family
Taking at least one vacation every year
TV Show
The Masked Singer
The Office
TV Show Character
Pam from The Office
Type of Music
Pop, country
Vacation Spot
Smoky Mountains
Anywhere warm
Video Game
Mario games

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