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Jason & Marisa

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile. The decision you are preparing to make will be one of your toughest and we admire your strength. Being parents is our greatest accomplishment and joy. Our family is happiest when we are all together. We are committed to providing a life full of unconditional love, support, and happiness for a child.

About Us

Engineer Unit manager
Stay-at-Home Mom
Master's Degree in Engineering
Bachelor's Degree in Medical Laboratory Science
Legally Married

Our Family Traditions

Happy Halloween!

As a young family, we are still discovering family traditions but we already have a few from our own childhood that we have incorporated into our life. In terms of holidays, we got married on Halloween so we have made a point of also dressing up each year for the holiday to celebrate. We have done family group costumes ever since our son was born and plan on continuing to do so (until we aren’t cool enough to match of course). For Christmas, we have both pulled traditions from our own childhood. When Jason was young he received a Hess truck each year and when Marisa was young, Santa delivered pajamas on Christmas Eve. We have combined the two and Santa now delivers pajamas and a Hess truck on Christmas Eve.

Since we only live 6 hours away from Disney World, a trip there has become a regular tradition for us. We actually made trips to Disney World before our son was born and started family trips when he was 2. Another yearly tradition we have done since Fin was about 3 months was attend a local music festival that happens in April that was started by a local band. This event is always such a wonderful time listening to good music and being outside by the water.

Our Child

Bedtime Story

We currently have one biological son named Finley (Fin). Fin is 4 and he is everything to us. Fin’s personality is very laid back but also excited to play. We can’t wait for him to be a big brother and watch him care for a younger sibling. Watching him with the younger children in the neighborhood he is so intuitively gentle with them.

Fin has childhood apraxia of speech and sees a speech therapist a few times a week. His ability to not get frustrated when we or others can’t understand him amazes us; especially at his age. He always finds a way to communicate and continues to try until we figure it out. His patience encourages us every day to slow down and be better listeners.

Addressing Cultural Diversity

Our Family

Advocation of equal rights for all is very important to our family and we want to reinforce how important it is to respect people from all walks of life and backgrounds to our children. We have made sure to expose our son to all kinds of differences in the world through books, media, and community events. Our town is very diverse and lends itself to exposure of a variety of people. Our son’s closest friends in our neighborhood are from different cultural backgrounds than our own and it has been wonderful to see him play with children and interact with adults who look different than he does.

This has already helped him learn at a young age, that no matter who they are, we treat everyone equally and with the respect they deserve. We want to make sure we honor a child’s background and make sure they have role models that look like them and they can confide in during times where we may not be able to truly understand. Learning to listen more and talk less is important when learning about different cultures because we will never truly know their experiences. Exposure to differences in people is very important for developing compassion, empathy, and knowledge of our world.


Enjoying the Sunset on Thanksgiving
Enjoying the Sunset on Thanksgiving
Happy Birthday, Marisa!
Happy Birthday, Marisa!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Barney, Betty, and Bam-Bam Rubble
Barney, Betty, and Bam-Bam Rubble
Brain Freeze! At a Local Snowball Shop
Brain Freeze! At a Local Snowball Shop
At a Fun Restaurant Marisa Grew Up Going to
At a Fun Restaurant Marisa Grew Up Going to
We Love Adding Native Plants to Add to Our Garden
We Love Adding Native Plants to Add to Our Garden
Family Bike Rides
Family Bike Rides
Jason Grew Up Skiing
Jason Grew Up Skiing
At a Neighborhood Petting Zoo
At a Neighborhood Petting Zoo
Marisa, Fin, and Albus Hanging Out in the Playhouse
Marisa, Fin, and Albus Hanging Out in the Playhouse
With Marisa's Sister
With Marisa's Sister
1 / 12
Enjoying the Sunset on Thanksgiving
Enjoying the Sunset on Thanksgiving
2 / 12
Happy Birthday, Marisa!
Happy Birthday, Marisa!
3 / 12
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
4 / 12
Barney, Betty, and Bam-Bam Rubble
Barney, Betty, and Bam-Bam Rubble
5 / 12
Brain Freeze! At a Local Snowball Shop
Brain Freeze! At a Local Snowball Shop
6 / 12
At a Fun Restaurant Marisa Grew Up Going to
At a Fun Restaurant Marisa Grew Up Going to
7 / 12
We Love Adding Native Plants to Add to Our Garden
We Love Adding Native Plants to Add to Our Garden
8 / 12
Family Bike Rides
Family Bike Rides
9 / 12
Jason Grew Up Skiing
Jason Grew Up Skiing
10 / 12
At a Neighborhood Petting Zoo
At a Neighborhood Petting Zoo
11 / 12
Marisa, Fin, and Albus Hanging Out in the Playhouse
Marisa, Fin, and Albus Hanging Out in the Playhouse
12 / 12
With Marisa's Sister
With Marisa's Sister

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

We live in a large master-planned community just outside of Charleston, SC. The neighborhood is in the final phases of construction and is filled with a variety of families young and old. Our immediate neighbors are young families with many children around our son’s age. All levels of public school sit at the entrance of our neighborhood and are a quick bike or golf cart ride away. We also have a brand new public library at the top of our neighborhood. We have several playgrounds and a community pool right up the street from our home as well as open green space and an athletic complex in the community.

Our neighborhood is about 15 minutes from two beaches and we are about 20 minutes from historic downtown Charleston. Our home sits in front of a quiet alleyway that has been a great place for the children on either side to come together and play. Since the alley is only used by people living on it, we have been able to block it off to host Superbowl and holiday gatherings. We live in a four-bedroom home that has plenty of room to grow and a fenced-in backyard where the family can play (and our dogs can sunbathe). Our backyard has a variety of plants growing that we have planted since we moved to this home in January 2018 and Jason recently built a raised bed to attempt to grow plants and fruits/vegetables.

Our Extended Families

Keeping Gigi Safe!

We both grew up with very tight-knit families and both feel very lucky for the bonds we have. Both of us grew up just outside of Philadelphia, PA and most of Jason’s immediate family still live there. Jason is the middle child between two sisters. His older sister has two children of her own that are close in age to our son, Fin. Jason’s parents have a beach house that we try to visit a few times a year. It is a great spot for the entire family to get together and reconnect with so many busy schedules. Jason’s parents both work in areas that allow them to visit us freely throughout the year.

With Jason's Family

Marisa’s mom and younger sister now live near us in the Charleston area. It has been wonderful to have family close by to get together weekly and be there to support each other whenever we need. Everyone is so excited for us to grow our family through adoption and are supportive of this journey. For Thanksgiving, we recently started the tradition with Marisa's mom and sister of making "bobbies" (Thanksgiving dinner in a roll) and taking them to the beach for a more casual family dinner.

From Us to You

Hi there - we are Marisa and Jason! First off, we would like to thank you for taking the time to look through our profile. We want you to know how much we admire your strength in making such a difficult decision.

We met in high school during spring track, throwing javelin. After managing a long-distance relationship during college, we moved in together in a brand new state and really grew as a couple. We didn’t have the option to run home to family and really learned how to navigate our way through the highs and lows that life throws at you. We adopted our dogs Albus and Daisy Mae from a local rescue almost 8 years ago and they are both very important parts of our family. After seven years of dating, Jason FINALLY proposed and we were married the following year on Halloween.

Marisa has talked about being a mom since she was little and started talking to Jason about it right away (probably a little too soon for his liking). Eventually, Jason came around and after getting married, we moved again to another state, where we didn’t know anybody and found out we were expecting our son, Finley (Fin). Our motto for Fin is “he’s just happy to be here” and this is has been his personality since before he was born. He is a gentle soul and we are so excited to see him be an older brother. When Fin turned 1, moved back to Charleston and we decided we wanted to grow our family. After two years, we were still unsuccessful. We talked about what our plans were to expand and almost immediately, adoption was our answer. We are looking forward to this journey of adoption.

In raising children, there are few things we believe are most important. We want them to know how much they are loved. Not only is our love unconditional, but the number of people rooting them on behind the scenes is incredibly strong. Something else we think is important is how they care for others. We make sure we advocate for equal rights for all and we want to raise children to know the importance of standing up for what is right and how they can help others. Embracing diversity is also very important to our family. It is important that a child is raised knowing their cultural history and that they are celebrated for their differences.

We both value and think is it important to acknowledge individual strengths. Jason has a Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and a Masters's in Engineering Management. Marisa has a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Laboratory Science. For both of us, college made the most sense but we know that a more traditional path of education is not for everyone and we embrace it. We want them to be able to find their true passion and if they do, they will never work a day in their life.

We know that adoption comes from loss and believe in the importance of you being part of our lives through letters, photos, phone conversations, emails, and/or face-to-face visits. We would like to incorporate family traditions you may have into our lives. Whether it be a text or call, we want you to know how much your sacrifice means to us and we hope to be someone you feel comfortable reaching out to. Adoption will always be an open conversation we have when retelling our family’s journey and you will forever be an integral part in the story.

Once again, thank you so much for your consideration. Your strength is unmatched and we are humbled by choice to include us in this decision.


Jason & Marisa


Morgan Freeman
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Trick or Treating
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"Bubba was my best good friend. And even I know that ain't something you can find just around the corner. Bubba was going to be a shrimping boat captain, but instead, he died right there by that river in Vietnam."-Forrest Gump
"I am what I am, an' I'm not ashamed. 'Never be ashamed,' my ol' dad used her say, 'there's some who'll hold it against you, but they're not worth botherin' with.'"-Rubeus Hagrid
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Quality about my Spouse
How witty she is
His sillines
"There are no bad pictures; that's just how your face looks sometimes."-Abraham Lincoln
"Real strength has to do with helping others."-Fred Rogers
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High Water Festival
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