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If you would like to learn more about us, please call 1-800-ADOPTION (2367846), fill out the form at the bottom of our on-line profile page, or email us at

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Luke & Christy

Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents, you must have good taste:) We are beyond excited to start a family, and we have more than enough love to go around. We aren't perfect, but we will do everything in our power to ensure that your child has a life filled with joy, meaning, excitement and love.

About Us

Sales Manager
Bachelor's Degree in Music
Bachelor's Degree in Art History
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

Out for a Walk With Wally

We love to spend a weekend afternoon walking around the downtown area peeking into stores and picking up groceries at the Asian market. We have traveled to Thailand and we love cooking Thai food together. One of our favorite things to do at the market is to pick out something that we've never tried before. We've found new favorites this way!

We love to watch movies and will have marathon weekends to re-watch favorite trilogies like Star Wars and Karate Kid.

We love to take our dog, Wally, out for nature hikes and let him run free. One of Christy's hobbies is miniatures and she is the middle of completing a fairy house made from items found in nature. She often comes home from hikes with pockets-full of pinecones, stones, bark, and little tidbits picked up on the trail.

Luke is a classical pianist and is working on a musical recording with his fellow musician friends. He also cycles and completed 1,000 miles this past summer as a fundraiser for #BLM and the NAACP.

We both love to learn new things and explore new places. We strive to make a happy balance of work hard and play harder.

Addressing Cultural Diversity

Luke With His Vocal Jazz Group

Embracing our child's culture is very important to us. We will talk with them about cultures and race to increase their confidence and empower them to be comfortable in any situation. Reading children's books to them at an early age and going to multicultural events are at the top of our list. We will educate ourselves and join parent groups to help us so we can better help our child become their best self. We are blessed to live in an integrated neighborhood with many children of different ethnicities. Our school district is also culturally diverse and we will be active volunteers at their school to show our support of their education. Our extended families are bicultural and we have many ethnic friends of various races. We know that we have their support and guidance in helping to make our child feel welcome in our family. Working to address culture will always be in our minds and will always be evolving as our child grows. With compassion and understanding, we will do whatever it takes to give them the support and love they need.

How We Met

The story of how we met is one of our favorite stories to tell. We were both living in a small town in Iowa for many years without ever crossing paths. Fate finally brought us together when Christy started her dream of opening a bakery with her close friend. In the first year that the bakery was open, we worked with a local gallery to create a monthly event with art, food, and live music. The musician that was usually hired to perform had a change of plans, so he arranged for Luke to take his place. When Luke walked in I (Christy) knew in that instant that he was the one, and (finding out later) so did he. He started coming into the bakery almost daily and we got to know each other quickly. When he asked what the decorating inspiration was for the bakery, Christy told him about a little coffee shop she loved from her time in college, and that she wanted her bakery to have the same laid-back feeling. Turns out, he was one of the bakers at that coffee shop! We soon discovered that we went to the same college in Arizona, at the same time, and that we studied in the same building! Christy was studying art on the third floor, and Luke's music classes were on the first floor. We never met or interacted, I guess we weren't ready for each other yet. Lots of little details kept being discovered and we both knew that fate had finally stepped in. We've been together for almost eight years and married for two. Every day, we laugh together and share each other's joys and passions.


Game Time!
Game Time!
On the Beach in Thailand
On the Beach in Thailand
Christy Teaching Cupcake Decorating
Christy Teaching Cupcake Decorating
Sledding With Our Nephew
Sledding With Our Nephew
Reading With Our Nephew
Reading With Our Nephew
Art Gallery Fundraiser
Art Gallery Fundraiser
Competing in a Triathlon
Competing in a Triathlon
Baseball Game
Baseball Game
Cars Cake Made by Christy
Cars Cake Made by Christy
Snowshoeing in Spokane
Snowshoeing in Spokane
Our Cats - Murphy & Josie
Our Cats - Murphy & Josie
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Game Time!
Game Time!
2 / 12
On the Beach in Thailand
On the Beach in Thailand
3 / 12
Christy Teaching Cupcake Decorating
Christy Teaching Cupcake Decorating
4 / 12
5 / 12
Sledding With Our Nephew
Sledding With Our Nephew
6 / 12
Reading With Our Nephew
Reading With Our Nephew
7 / 12
Art Gallery Fundraiser
Art Gallery Fundraiser
8 / 12
Competing in a Triathlon
Competing in a Triathlon
9 / 12
Baseball Game
Baseball Game
10 / 12
Cars Cake Made by Christy
Cars Cake Made by Christy
11 / 12
Snowshoeing in Spokane
Snowshoeing in Spokane
12 / 12
Our Cats - Murphy & Josie
Our Cats - Murphy & Josie

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We both share a love of old homes that have character and are in need of a little TLC. We moved to our new house about six months ago and Christy has been busy decorating while Luke has been remodeling or painting nearly every room. Moving during a pandemic certainly wasn't planned, but we made the best of the situation and it proved to be a great project for us to tackle together. Our house is two-story with big rooms and lots of space. Our backyard has plenty of room for a swing set and basketball hoop.

Our home would not be complete without our pets. Our cats, Murphy and Josie, are both playful and loving. Murphy is the ultimate lover. If he could snuggle all day, every day - he would! Josie loves to play and run around the house at warp speed chasing her toys. She is our adventurer! Our dog, Wally, is a Border Collie and Lab mix. He has a loving, playful, and loyal personality.

We live in Des Moines, Iowa which has a small town feeling in big city living. We are three blocks from a large, historic park that has a big playground, wading pools, and a carousel. Our neighborhood is quite diverse with families of all ethnicities. There are many children in our neighborhood who all love to ride their bikes around the block. We are minutes from downtown where we like to stroll through farmer's markets, museums, beautiful parks, and unique shops.

Our Extended Families

Luke & Siblings

Our extended families are scattered all across the United States and although we don't see them as often as we'd like, we always stay in touch through social media and video calls. Our families all know how to enjoy life and never take each other's love for granted. Our families are very supportive of our adoption plan and cannot wait to welcome a child with open arms and lots of hugs and kisses.

Christy & Her Mom

Luke's family is the closest to us and we see them all throughout the year. Luke comes from a highly talented family of musicians where nearly everyone plays an instrument extremely well. His father, who is now passed, was an esteemed jazz musician and arranger. Luke's mother lives in Spokane and we road-trip to her house every year for Christmas. It's a family tradition to sing Christmas carols around the piano and after enjoying a big family dinner. Our trip to Spokane wouldn't be complete hiking through trails in the snow.

Christy grew up in Phoenix where most of her family still lives. It's always a good, and loud, time when we go to visit. Her father is a retired Optometrist who now lives in Michigan on a quaint little lake. Most of Christy's family are teachers with her mother being a retired school librarian. With summers off from school, we would all take vacations together. One summer we stayed in Estes Park, Colorado and Christy went horse-back riding for the first time.

From Us to You

Dear Friend,

We wish we could just sit and chat with you, but this letter will have to do for now.

The decisions you are about to make will likely be some of the hardest that you will make in your entire life. We want you to know that you are in our thoughts and hearts. Our hope is that you can get a little look at what kind of family your child may grow up in, what we love to do, and how much we will love and care for him or her. We plan to raise our child with an understanding and appreciation for you and the sacrifice you are making for them.

This child will be loved beyond words by us, by our families, by our friends, and he or she will always know the great love you have for them as well. They will grow up in a loving home, filled with laughter, learning, and fun. An appreciation for the Arts through music, art, and world cultures will be instilled in our child through our love of traveling and learning. Summers at the lake with family and cousins and winters in the snow will be family traditions that will follow them throughout their lives as well. We will teach them to develop a strong work ethic with a happy balance of lazy Saturday mornings. We will raise him or her with unconditional love, provide an environment where they can grow up to be a great person who is open-minded and open-hearted. The opportunity to shape and guide them as they grow and develop is both humbling and exciting.

We have been married for two years and together for eight. What we love most of each other is that we don't have to pretend to be anything other than who we are. We know that we can never be perfect. Parenting will bring challenges that we can only imagine at this point. We are however, as prepared as two people can be and we will always do our best to provide a safe, nurturing, and loving home. We are blessed with a large extended family that will be source of guidance for us as well. We will give everything we have to ensure that he or she has every opportunity and the best future possible. We will always stand by them, pushing our capacity to love beyond limit. This is our promise to you.

One thing you can be sure of, is that there will never be a shortage of pictures, if you wish! We are happy to send email updates and letters with stories to keep you updated on your child's life. We are also happy to arrange visits when the time is right. We are so excited to become parents and welcome a child into our home and family. We hope that you will be able to see the love we have we have for each other, our families, and our future child.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about us and for considering us as you make the difficult decision of who will parent your child. We're honored to have your consideration to be the ones to give your precious baby a wonderful life. You can be rest assured that your child will have a safe and loving home to grow up in with us.


Luke & Christy


Tom Hanks
Steve Carrell
Scarlett Johansson
Aubrey Plaza
Jim Harrison
Daniel Silva
One Hundred Years of Solitude
Cowboys Are My Weakness by Pam Houston
Candy Bar
Jujy Fruits
Peanut Butter Cups
Looney Toons
Big Mouth
Childhood Memory
Riding on motorcycle with my dad
Swimming in our pool with my cousins
Childhood Toy
Stuffed animal (bear)
Children's Book
Where the Wild Things Are
Amelia Bedilia
Classic Movie
Indiana Jones
Day of Week
Banana Cream Pie
Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting and Sprinkles
Disney Movie
Toy Story
The Little Mermaid
Dream Car
VW Van
Dream Job
Food Critic
Art Restorer
Dream Vacation
Biking through France
Backpacking through Europe
Family Activity
Thrifting at Second Hand Shops
Flower / Plant
Form of Exercise
Settler's of Catan
Home Improvement Projects
Working on my Fairy House
Holiday Song
I'll Be Home For Christmas
White Christmas
Holiday Tradition
Family meal/presents
Family Meal
Ice Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip
Peanut Butter and Chocolate
Junk Food
Hostess Cupcakes
Leisure Activity
Watching tv
Watching TV
National Geographic
Memory with a Child
Teaching my nephew how to drive a boat
Teaching my nieces to frost cupcakes
Memory with Spouse
Renting a motorbike in Thailand
Countless Road Trips
Lord of the Rings
Princess Bride
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
"Thank you very little"
"Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya"
Movie Type
West Side Story
Musical Group
Earth, Wind, and Fire
Nursery Rhyme
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Olympic Event
Ice Skating
Personal Hero
Bob Ross
Death of a Salesman
Mary Poppins
Shel Silverstein
Robert Frost
Quality about my Spouse
Positive attitude
Unending patience
You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
"Be green, but not so green you can't be purple"
Pho 888
French Dip
This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
Shopping Store
Home Depot
That's the way of the world
We're in this love together
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
John Stockton
Serena Williams
Sports Team
Gonzaga Bulldogs
Whichever one Luke is cheering for
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Smoked Ribs
Any baked goods
Time of Day
Christmas at my mom's house
Singing silly songs for your birthday
TV Show
Criminal Minds
TV Show Character
Meredith Grey
Type of Music
R and B
Classic Rock
Vacation Spot
Family Lake Cabin
Family Lake Cabin
Video Game

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