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Jordan & Bethany

Thank you for considering our profile! We absolutely love being parents to our son, but we feel like someone very special is missing from our family. We have created a home filled with love, respect, and laughter, and we can't wait to become a family of four. We could not be more honored that you would consider us to be your child's family and we hope to have the opportunity to meet you soon.

About Us

Senior Product Designer
Senior Product Manager
Master's Degree in Health Care Administration, Software Design
Master's Degree in English Literature, Web Development
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption

Our Family

We absolutely love being parents and we really want to grow our family. We were blessed to have our son Elliott after a round of fertility treatments. After a few years, we were hopeful to grow our family the same way again but we had three miscarriages through that process. Each loss broke our hearts and we grieved for those children deeply. But as we navigated our grief and pain, we never lost hope for another child and sibling for our son Elliott.

We've been so blessed to have seen our extended family grow through adoption. Bethany's sister has four adopted children, two were adopted from Ethiopia and two were adopted from China. They have been such an inspiration to us for the past 10 years and a true example that love makes a family.

After a lot of thoughtful consideration, we decided to close the door on expanding our family biologically and to open the door to adoption. We couldn't be more excited to start this process and welcome a second child into our home and hearts. Our son, Elliott, can't wait to be a big brother. We couldn't be more grateful that you are considering our family to be your child's family.

Diversity in Our Family

Bethany With Our Nephews

We are very open to adopting a child who is a different race than ours and we are committed to incorporating our child's culture and heritage into our daily lives. We are blessed to have a very diverse extended family - our family is Caucasian, Hispanic, Black and Asian - that loves each other unconditionally and celebrates our differences. We love that our children will grow up with a diverse family, especially with cousins who are close in age and older cousins they can look up to.

We will be intentional about choosing diverse schools and finding mentors in our community of the same race. And we are excited to incorporate our child's culture into our home, daily lives and traditions. We understand that adopting a child of another race means a lifelong commitment to their culture and heritage. We do not take that responsibility lightly and we are excited and very willing to do so!

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Date Night

Bethany admires Jordan's integrity, creativity and fun-loving nature. He is such a wonderful dad! He is an equal partner in raising their son Elliott and a fantastic role model for the type of person they want their children to grow up to be. He is kind, patient and fun loving. He brings so much creative fun to their lives, like making family Halloween costumes, building pillow forts and making up silly songs - and is always willing to help Elliott learn something new like skateboarding or soccer. Their nieces and nephews call him "Uncle Fun" because of his fun-loving nature. He loves being a dad to their son and Bethany can't wait to see him the same way with their future child.

Jordan loves Bethany's adventurous spirit, willingness to learn new things, and her dedication. She loves to travel and explore new places and experiences, even within their home city. She's never afraid to dive into learning new skills and she's always successful at them, like when she completely changed the course of her career a few years ago. She's incredibly dedicated to being a great mom and partner. Whether it's stepping out of work-mode every day to be present with the family for play time, or meal prepping Elliott's lunches for the week, she does so much for her family.


We're Best Friends as Well as Partners
We're Best Friends as Well as Partners
Snuggles Before Bed
Snuggles Before Bed
We Love Our Annual Family Vacation to the River
We Love Our Annual Family Vacation to the River
Dressed Up for a Friend's Wedding
Dressed Up for a Friend's Wedding
Learning to Skateboard
Learning to Skateboard
Neighborhood Bike Ride
Neighborhood Bike Ride
Bethany Illustrates Our Family Life as a Hobby
Bethany Illustrates Our Family Life as a Hobby
Being Silly Before Bedtime
Being Silly Before Bedtime
Having Fun in Hawaii
Having Fun in Hawaii
Having Fun Together at a Soccer Game
Having Fun Together at a Soccer Game
New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve
Who You Gonna Call?
Who You Gonna Call?
1 / 12
We're Best Friends as Well as Partners
We're Best Friends as Well as Partners
2 / 12
Snuggles Before Bed
Snuggles Before Bed
3 / 12
We Love Our Annual Family Vacation to the River
We Love Our Annual Family Vacation to the River
4 / 12
Dressed Up for a Friend's Wedding
Dressed Up for a Friend's Wedding
5 / 12
Learning to Skateboard
Learning to Skateboard
6 / 12
Neighborhood Bike Ride
Neighborhood Bike Ride
7 / 12
Bethany Illustrates Our Family Life as a Hobby
Bethany Illustrates Our Family Life as a Hobby
8 / 12
Being Silly Before Bedtime
Being Silly Before Bedtime
9 / 12
Having Fun in Hawaii
Having Fun in Hawaii
10 / 12
Having Fun Together at a Soccer Game
Having Fun Together at a Soccer Game
11 / 12
New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve
12 / 12
Who You Gonna Call?
Who You Gonna Call?

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We love our home! It is a warm and happy place that is great for kids. We have a 4 bedroom house surrounded by big trees in a friendly neighborhood. We love to spend evenings in the front yard playing on the swing and visiting with neighbors. We play soccer in the backyard and often eat meals on the deck under the trees.

Jordan's favorite room is our living room. Our family cuddles up here on the couch before bedtime each night. It's the place where we build pillow forts, have tickle fights and host movie nights. Bethany's favorite room is the kitchen. We have a big island in the middle of it where we spend time as a family cooking, baking, eating, doing crafts and just being together.

Our house is next to a park and a community garden where we walk and play almost every day. We love riding our bikes around the neighborhood or jogging to the various playgrounds near our home.

We live in a very culturally diverse city and our neighborhood is just a few miles from downtown. Our city has many family friendly outdoor activities to offer like hiking and biking trails, farmers markets, parks and swimming holes. It's the perfect place for our active family!

Our Extended Families

Jordan's Family

We have a very large and diverse family who we love spending time with. Bethany has three sisters and Jordan has one brother. Collectively we have 13 nieces and nephews (4 of whom are adopted!).

Bethany's Family

Most of our family lives close and most of them have small children, which means we spend a lot of quality with them. One of the best things about having family close, is that all of the cousins get to grow up together. The bonds they have make family meals, birthdays and our day-to-day visits so special. We often go to Bethany's sister's house to swim or Jordan's cousin's house for football games.

Holidays are so much fun with our families! We both have very large extended families and we love to get together to celebrate. Soccer or touch football games are a favorite tradition on Thanksgiving. We have a lot of laughs exchanging Secret Santa gifts over Christmas. We love to play board games or do puzzles in the evenings. And a viewing of Christmas Vacation is a requirement every year!

Our family means the world to us. Our parents, siblings and their children are overjoyed that we are adopting and so looking forward to loving this child for their whole life.

From Us to You

We are so honored that you are reading our profile and so grateful that you are considering our family to be your child's family! We know we will never fully comprehend how difficult the decision to consider placing your child for adoption has been for you. We respect your strength and the love you have for your child as you navigate this decision.

Being parents is the greatest joy of our lives. We have been together for seven years, married for five. We loved our lives before we had our son, Elliott. We pursued our careers, traveled and loved being married. But when we had Elliott, we truly found our bliss in parenthood and that's why we are so excited to pursue adoption to grow our family again.

We are both working parents in the tech industry. Jordan is a designer and Bethany is a product manager. We are fortunate that we both work from home and for companies that are family focused. We have flexible schedules and get to eat lunch and play with our son every day since our office is at home. The flexibility our jobs offer also allows us to travel with our family and explore the world. We love weekend trips to various parts of the country and longer trips outside of the United States. We can't wait to share our love of travel with our children as they grow!

While we both are working parents, our priority in life is family. We work to live, we don't live to work. And that means we are intentional about spending time together. We love to be outdoors and active. Jordan is a soccer fan and loves playing with our son and our nieces and nephews. Bethany loves jogging to the playground and chasing Elliott and his friends around. As a family, we love to travel, go hiking and explore new places.

We also love being a creative family. Bethany is a digital illustrator in her spare time and enjoys illustrating the wonderful and difficult parts of parenthood. Jordan loves playing the drums and designs our family Halloween costumes every year. We love building forts and making crafts with Elliott. We really value creative outlets and spending time together making things as a family. It brings a lot of fun and joy into our lives every day.

We find our joy in parenthood and in our family, but it hasn't been an easy journey. We suffered three miscarriages in a year and we felt those losses deeply. But we're still so hopeful to be able to add another member to our family through adoption. We have so many wonderful examples of adoption in our lives and we couldn't be more excited to add a new member to our family. We can't wait to see the bond that grows between Elliott and his future sibling. We both have siblings and cousins who we are still very close with and we know how strong and beautiful those bonds are.

We promise you that we are a family that is welcoming, kind, supportive and loving. If you choose us to be your child's family, we will love them unconditionally. We are also people who keep our promises. We are committed to open communication, as long as that is your wish, and very willing to share photos, letters, phone calls and visits.

We want you to know that we respect you and your decision to place your child for adoption. We're in awe of the love you have for your child. Thank you for considering our family to be your child's family.

Jordan & Bethany


Paul Rudd
Neil Patrick Harris
Jennifer Lawrence
Amy Poehler
JK Rowling
JK Rowling
Ready Player One
Harry Potter
Candy Bar
Dave the Barbarian
Childhood Memory
Playing football with extended family on Thanksgiving
Childhood Toy
Soccer Ball
Children's Book
Gossie the Gosling
We're Different, We're the Same and We're All Wonderful
Dublin, Ireland
Ice Cream
All of them!
Disney Movie
Dream Vacation
New Zealand
Family Activity
Playing in the backyard
Riding Bikes
Flower / Plant
Our lime tree
Thai Food
Form of Exercise
Playing soccer
Hide and Seek
Home Improvement Projects
Holiday Song
All I Want for Christmas is You
White Christmas
Holiday Tradition
Making homemade Halloween costumes
Decorating the Christmas Tree as a family
Ice Cream
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Watching TV
Memory with a Child
Taking our son on our annual family river vacation
Taking our son on his first trip to go hiking in Colorado
Memory with Spouse
Attending the European Soccer Championships in France
Exploring Costa Rica
Movie Munchie
Musical Group
Nursery Rhyme
Baby Bumblebee
I sing a nursery rhyme called "byo byo baby" to my son that my mom sang to me and her mom sang to her.
Personal Hero
My dad
Michelle Obama
Quality about my Spouse
Bethany is very passionate about the people and causes she cares about. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does.
I love Jordan's sense of humor. He brings so much silliness and laughter to our family.
"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." -MLK
"Be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars. In the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul." Max Ehrmann
Shopping Store
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas
Pizza Fridays
Meeting friends at the Farmer's Market on the weekends
TV Show
The Office
Parks and Rec
Vacation Spot
Costa Rica
Video Game
Mario Kart

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