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Kevin & Lindsey

First, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the opportunity to potentially be parents again! We've been on our journey, as have you, and our paths have now crossed! We are filled with so many exciting thoughts and feelings surrounding this process, and we are thankful that you have considered our profile. We'll be praying you feel peace with your decision.

About Us

Chiropractor & Family Nurse Practitioner
Family Nurse Practitioner
Doctor of Chiropractic
Master's Degree - Family Nurse Practitioner
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

Our Family

We decided to start the adoption process the first time a little over a year ago, but the idea had been in our hearts and minds for as long as we remember.

We were so blessed when we got the call for our daughter on April 7, 2020. Our friends that have also adopted children told us that when they are placed in your arms, you know they were always meant for you. Now that we have our first daughter by adoption, it is crazy to think how true that is.

We know it is a difficult decision for birth parents and we are so thankful for all birth parents. We have a great relationship with our daughter's birth mom and are so eternally thankful for the blessing she gave us.

We are strong in our faith and feel everything happens for a reason. Our hearts are set on adoption and we would be forever grateful for an opportunity to give our daughter a sibling to love and go through life with.

Our Leisure Time

Boat Ride in Bankok

We like to work hard to provide for our basic needs as well as work hard to be able to RELAX.

We love to travel and enjoy the world and all of its offerings. There is so much to be seen and so little time to see it. We have been able to take several wonderful trips over the past few years. We plan on continuing to take trips and see the world with our children.

We work opposite days, so our daughter does not have to go to daycare. We love getting that special one-on-one time with her. While we are home, Lindsey enjoys going on walks with our daughter, cooking, working out and spending time with her sister and our niece.

Kevin enjoys working around the house, working out and spending time outdoors such as hunting with his dad. He has enjoyed all the special quality time he has had with our daughter.

On our days off together, as a family, we go to Mass, then get breakfast at a restaurant in the neighborhood and perhaps enjoy a walk, weather permitting. We love watching movies and TV shows in front of the fireplace with the puppies.

Whether it is a family movie night at home, or traveling to explore a new place, we cannot wait to share our lives and make new memories with our daughter and future child.

Our Family Traditions

At the Jersey Shore

We both just smiled thinking of our family traditions and being able to share them with our children. Due to Covid, so much has changed, but something we look forward to is being able to travel again.

We travel to Colorado to be with Kevin's older brother and his family of five around Valentine's Day. We go skiing, watch movies, and enjoy family time.

Each summer, we go to North Carolina for Lindsey's family reunion. We go boating, water skiing, jet-skiing, paddle boarding, tubing, fishing, and have even more family time. At the end of summer, we head to the Jersey Shore, Lindsey's hometown, with the other side of Lindsey's family. We rent a beach house with her sister and family and spend time at the beach and boardwalk, good food and more family. We may end the trip in New York City for a few nights.

In the fall, we spend a weekend camping and bicycling with Kevin's family, which has been a family tradition since Kevin was little. Every other Thanksgiving we travel to Aruba with Lindsey's family, which provides a great time for relaxation and a break from the Illinois winter. Then we begin with the holiday traditions, including cutting down our own Christmas tree and all the family gatherings including those traveling in from out-of-state, cookie making, movie watching and shopping trips. We love how special the holidays are, especially with little ones!


Beach Time
Beach Time
All Smiles
All Smiles
Outdoor Concert
Outdoor Concert
Kevin & Naomi
Kevin & Naomi
Camel Ride in Dubai
Camel Ride in Dubai
Times Square
Times Square
Enjoying a Hike
Enjoying a Hike
A Day at the Ballpark
A Day at the Ballpark
Water Skiing
Water Skiing
Naomi Will Be a Fantastic Big Sister!
Naomi Will Be a Fantastic Big Sister!
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Beach Time
Beach Time
2 / 12
All Smiles
All Smiles
3 / 12
Outdoor Concert
Outdoor Concert
4 / 12
Kevin & Naomi
Kevin & Naomi
5 / 12
Camel Ride in Dubai
Camel Ride in Dubai
6 / 12
7 / 12
Times Square
Times Square
8 / 12
Enjoying a Hike
Enjoying a Hike
9 / 12
A Day at the Ballpark
A Day at the Ballpark
10 / 12
Water Skiing
Water Skiing
11 / 12
Naomi Will Be a Fantastic Big Sister!
Naomi Will Be a Fantastic Big Sister!
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Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a quaint community in Illinois that is very charming. Our home is brick, two-stories, has three bedrooms, and as unique as the neighborhood. We have a small city feel and not only are we within walking distance to restaurants/shopping and hiking trails, but we have great parks, schools, a zoo and children's museum in the neighborhood. We can ride our bikes to the farmers market or take a walk along what President Roosevelt named as one of the prettiest drives in the United States.

Fourth of July Parade

All of our neighbors are a friendly group. In fact, two of which have recently welcomed little boys that are now 2 months- 2 years old, and another couple have recently adopted two little ones! It seems straight out of a movie as we are walking the dogs waving hello to everyone or stopping for a chat.

Our neighborhood continues to have block-parties for Halloween and the Fourth of July, two great times of the year! Our area is so popular, there are approximately 1000+ trick-or-treaters that come through! We also have the annual Fourth of July neighborhood parade, in which we all walk with our dogs decorated, the children decorate their bikes, and we end at a neighbor's house with the fire truck waiting there to spray the big hose for all the kids!

Our Extended Families

Kevin With Our Nieces & Nephew

We both come from close-knit families. Our families enjoy the holidays and any chance we have to gather. Kevin's parents live nearby and are the most wonderful support system. They love spending time with their new granddaughter every chance they get. They are available the second they are needed. Kevin has two older brothers, one lives nearby and the other in Colorado. Both brothers are married and each have three children.

Lindsey's Family

Lindsey's parents live in Florida, which provides an excellent getaway, but they also visit Illinois frequently. Lindsey's mom just bought a house around the corner, so she doesn't miss those special moments. Lindsey and her parents talk on the phone every day and thankfully Facetime allows them to see our daughter and still have a close connection with her. Lindsey has a sister (her best friend), who is married with one daughter. Lindsey's sister lives across the street which has been the way they always pictured their lives. Seeing each other's children every day and being involved in their lives as much as they can is something they truly enjoy.

Everyone is so in love with Naomi and they are so excited for the possible new addition to our family.

From Us to You

We are so thankful that you are viewing our profile and considering us for such an amazing blessing. We could not be any more excited that our paths have crossed and to possibly begin this journey with you.

We have been together for almost 6 years and married for four. We were blessed with a beautiful baby girl almost 1 year ago through the adoption process and we have enjoyed every day with her. She has brought us so much joy that we didn't even know was possible. We both are so close to our siblings and we can't imagine having her grow up without that same sibling love and support.

We both work in the medical field. Kevin is a Chiropractor as well as a Nurse Practitioner. Lindsey has also obtained a Master's degree as a Nurse Practitioner. We currently work together in the urgent care setting as part of a larger organization. We have a very flexible schedule and have been able to work opposite days so that one of us is home with our daughter. We feel very fortunate, especially during this crazy time of Covid, that she is able to be home, protected and cared for by one of us.

We promise to love your child unconditionally, to give them every opportunity we can, to support their dreams and to be there for them through the good times, and the not-so-good times. We promise to guide them to be the best they can be and fulfill their God-given potential. We will be open and honest when they start inquiring about their birth parents and let them know they are loved in so many ways. We realize the magnitude of the decision being made and have the utmost respect for you and your decision to consider adoption. We realize we don't have all the answers and will continue to learn and seek the best method to communicate the child's adoption to them.

We have a great relationship with our daughter's birth mother and want you to know that whatever you decide regarding future contact, we will support your decision. We can keep you updated on the major milestones in your child's life. We'll send pictures and letters and will agree to meetings if you'd like. We look forward to possibly meeting you and at the very least discussing how you would like to move forward with future contact regarding emails and pictures/etc.

We have such an amazing support network of family and friends. Our family is very close-knit and everyone is so excited at the thought of welcoming a new family member!

We both have had wonderful upbringings and we pray you allow us to do the same for your child. We hope your decision comes naturally and that it just feels right, as we know you've had to make many decisions throughout this process.

Thank you again for considering us!

God Bless,

Kevin & Lindsey


Jim Carey
Denzel Washington
Amy Adams
West Highland Terrier
Lee Child
Huckleberry Finn
Candy Bar
Butter Finger
Childhood Memory
Playing sports
Childhood Toy
GI Joes
Gem and the Rockstars
Children's Book
Big Joe's Trailer Truck
I Love You Stinky Face
New York City
New York City
Classic Movie
Wizard of Oz
Wizard of Oz
Day of Week
French Silk Pie
Chocolate lava cake
Disney Movie
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Camping and getting a Christmas tree
Au Gratin Potatoes
Chicken Tenders
Form of Exercise
Lifting weights
Lifting weights
Holiday Song
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
Holiday Tradition
Cutting down our Christmas Tree
Cookie baking
Ice Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip
Ben & Jerry's Phish Food
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Outdoor Life
Memory with Spouse
Being in Central Park in December
When we held our daughter for the first time
Home Alone-Lost in New York
Movie Munchie
Olympic Event
Chicken and waffle
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
College football
Sports Team
Tennessee Volunteers
Vacation Spot

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