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Chad & Katrina

Thank you for learning about us. We honor your tremendous love in the path you are considering. Our intent is to raise a child who is curious about the world and confident in creating a path of their choosing. Please know, that should you choose us, our family and friends will embrace your child as we will. We will share a love of learning, culture, and nature with your child. We can promise you our unconditional love for your child.

About Us

Senior Client Manager
Head of Region, North America
Master's Degree in Law, Economics
Master's Degree in International Affairs
Legally Married

Our Lifestyle

Hiking With Ruby

We love to dance, travel, pursue adventure in the outdoors, paint, read, cook, laugh. Together, with friends and with family, we make the most of each moment. Ruby, is our five year old Cairn Terrier (like Toto from The Wizard of Oz). Ruby is an amazing outdoor companion and was trained with kids as a puppy-- she loves children.

Katrina grew up in France where she learned to love food. She loves visiting farmers' markets to buy fresh food, cooking, picnicking. The farmer's market at home is right across the street-- Katrina is a regular and can't wait to share this joy with a child. Katrina's younger brother still lives in France. We spend a lot of time there and this will be a big part of your child's life.

Chad is a runner who enjoys outdoor adventures with friends, running and skiing through beautiful parts of the country. Chad is passionate about music and enjoys playing the guitar. Our dog Ruby loves to listen, and Katrina likes to sing along (badly).

The thing we love most is to laugh. And as a family that will be our center - finding the joy each day.

Cultural Diversity

With Katrina's Cousin & Her Family

We embrace the opportunity to have a child who looks different from us. We have been educating ourselves with family and friends of different races on the challenges that they face as individuals and as parents each day, undertaken multiracial adoption training - and most importantly been observing the world around us more carefully to understand how racism may impact our child in subtle and major ways we have not personally experienced.

We are setting up our larger family to ensure a child of a different race feels they belong. Our plan is to have two sets of godparents for our child--to us, godparents are friends and mentors to our child who commit to retaining a lifelong connection. Katrina's cousin Ellie—who is really a sister to her—is married to a black Englishman named John. They now have three biracial children. Our second set of godparents--Felipe and Camila--are Colombians whom Katrina met during graduate school and have become dear friends of ours. Ellie, John, Camila and Felipe are excited about our adoption and look forward to having a special relationship with our child.

While we have rarely experienced discrimination on the basis of our race, appearance or cultural heritage, we are acutely aware of the challenges that minority populations face in our country and world today. We are humble enough to know we have much to learn. We believe our network of family and friends, and our lived experience working and studying in multicultural environments have us prepared to support your child.

Fun Facts About Us:

  • Our first date was for ice cream cones - Katrina got chocolate peanut butter, Chad got brownie batter
  • Sometimes Chad makes Katrina laugh so hard that she snorts
  • Katrina works for an Australian company and we can't wait for many family trips Down Under
  • Breakfast is our favorite meal of the day
  • We have become pretty amazing home cooks during Covid - now we love sharing those meals with friends
  • Chad grew up in Hershey, Pennsylvania. We both love chocolate and we take full advantage of the discount at the company store whenever we're in town
  • Chad is an amazing guitar player. Katrina's favorite song he plays: the Kermit the Frog Rainbow song
  • Katrina is a French and American citizen - so your child will be eligible for French citizenship too
  • Pretty much any occasion calls for an ice cream cone - a hard day, a great day, Thursday...
  • We decided that our coffee table interfered with dancing in our living room, so we got rid of it and now we dance more
  • Photos

    Eating Ice Cream in Boston
    Eating Ice Cream in Boston
    Dancing Together
    Dancing Together
    Paddleboarding at a Local Reservoir
    Paddleboarding at a Local Reservoir
    At a Local Ski Race Together
    At a Local Ski Race Together
    Katrina Reading to Her Godson
    Katrina Reading to Her Godson
    Chad Playing Guitar
    Chad Playing Guitar
    With Katrina's Horse
    With Katrina's Horse
    Katrina & Her Goddaughter
    Katrina & Her Goddaughter
    Chad Surfing While on Vacation
    Chad Surfing While on Vacation
    Dinner Picnic by the Yellowstone River
    Dinner Picnic by the Yellowstone River
    At the Beach
    At the Beach
    On Our Balcony
    On Our Balcony
    1 / 12
    Eating Ice Cream in Boston
    Eating Ice Cream in Boston
    2 / 12
    Dancing Together
    Dancing Together
    3 / 12
    Paddleboarding at a Local Reservoir
    Paddleboarding at a Local Reservoir
    4 / 12
    At a Local Ski Race Together
    At a Local Ski Race Together
    5 / 12
    Katrina Reading to Her Godson
    Katrina Reading to Her Godson
    6 / 12
    Chad Playing Guitar
    Chad Playing Guitar
    7 / 12
    With Katrina's Horse
    With Katrina's Horse
    8 / 12
    Katrina & Her Goddaughter
    Katrina & Her Goddaughter
    9 / 12
    Chad Surfing While on Vacation
    Chad Surfing While on Vacation
    10 / 12
    Dinner Picnic by the Yellowstone River
    Dinner Picnic by the Yellowstone River
    11 / 12
    At the Beach
    At the Beach
    12 / 12
    On Our Balcony
    On Our Balcony

    Our House and Neighborhood

    Our Living Area Where We Relax, Read & Play Games

    We live in a fast-growing small city surrounded by mountains. We live downtown, and are grateful for a vibrant community with theaters, restaurants, a great library, and excellent public schools. There is a park nearby with a small hill that makes for excellent sledding in the winter! The park has an outdoor pool that is perfect for summer swimming. We also have a small lake in town where we can swim, play on the beach, picnic, and relax.

    Our town has an annual Christmas stroll where Santa comes down Main Street and lights up the town. There are a lot of children's activities, music, art, and food as part of this fun family event.

    We live in a spacious apartment downtown. We love the views of the mountains from our home, and eat dinner on the balcony all summer long. Our apartment has a big living area and two bedrooms, one of which will be for the child. We have friends in our apartment building who are expecting their first child soon. We are excited for our children to grow up together. We have wonderful neighbors of all ages-- from children to grandparents. Our dearest neighbors are already calling themselves "Aunt and Uncle" in anticipation of our growing family.

    Our Extended Families

    Breakfast With Our Nieces

    Our families are united by a love of travel, adventure, and exploring new places. Time with family includes playing games, cooking together, hiking, wildlife watching, and ice cream outings. Our extended families don't live close by; we gather each summer, for the holidays and have frequent visits from parents, siblings, and cousins.

    With Chad's Family

    Katrina and her two brothers (one older, one younger) grew up in France. One brother lives in France today, the other in Massachusetts. Her parents live in Maine and are in Europe a lot. Your child will be the first grandchild in Katrina's immediate family-- there is so much excitement! Katrina's extended family is very close and your child will have many cousins their age to play with of different races and religious traditions. Katrina's 98-year-old grandmother is thrilled to welcome another great grandchild.

    Chad grew up in Hershey, Pennsylvania where his father worked for the chocolate company and his parents currently live. They are retired and enjoy time with family and friends and their dog, Teddy. Chad has one older sister who lives in Florida with her husband and two children, ages 18 and 20. Living in Florida, they love being on the water -- whether boating, surfing or fishing--and enjoy sharing this with friends and family. They are all excited to welcome a new family member!

    From Us to You

    We are grateful to you for taking the time to learn about us. We can only imagine that this is an extremely difficult and emotional process. We honor your tremendous love in the path you have chosen.

    We want you to know that adoption is our first choice for creating a family. Knowing how many children need homes has motivated us to build our family this way. We hope to share our love, and the opportunities we have been blessed with, with a child.

    We met in 2012 in Boston, Massachusetts when we taught together in a negotiation workshop. Our first date was for ice cream cones, which led to many laughs, and many more ice cream cones. We were married in September 2014. Chad is a lawyer and works for a tech consulting firm. Katrina is the Head of the North American division of an Australian Agriculture Technology company. We value our careers and feel fortunate that we both have flexibility in our work to be able to dedicate the time to caring for and raising a child. Living in a small town makes it easy for us to move back and forth from the office and home, and imagine that someday it will make it easy for us to get to a child's activities.

    The values that shape our lives are devotion to family, compassion for others, commitment to improving the world and the lives of those living in it, responsibility to protect our natural environment, and gratitude for the gifts we have been given. We are continually striving to improve ourselves as individuals, to learn and to grow in new ways. We want to share that passion for learning and growth with a child.

    We hope to raise a self-assured and loving individual by encouraging curiosity, independence and empathy. We believe in laughter, positive reinforcement, healthy boundaries, and the importance of family adventures. Through travel with a child, we hope they will grow up to be a citizen of the world, comfortable in many cultures.

    We will welcome a child into a network of friends and family who are deeply supportive of our adoption plans. Our families are joyful, open and multiracial as we grow through the generations. When our larger family gathers, as we do every summer, your child will be surrounded by cousins who are White, Black, Hispanic and Asian American. Our circle of friends is racially and culturally diverse, a beautiful community for a child.

    We are honored that you are considering us to raise your child. The connection to birth parents is a special one which we want to honor and celebrate. We commit to sending letters and sharing pictures with you so that you can stay close to your child's journey.

    Our intent is to raise a child on a foundation of unconditional love. Should you choose us, we promise to help your child discover and pursue their dreams, and find their place in the world.

    With gratitude,

    Chad & Katrina


    Harrison Ford
    James Stewart
    Halle Berry
    Meryl Streep
    Jonathan Safran Foer
    Barbara Kingsolver
    Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
    East of Eden; The Murmur of Bees
    Candy Bar
    Calvin and Hobbes
    Childhood Memory
    Family trips to the beach
    Playing with my cousins on family vacation in Maine
    Childhood Toy
    Big Wheel
    Stuffed raccoon
    Children's Book
    Make Way for Ducklings
    Cheaper by the Dozen
    Boston, MA
    Classic Movie
    Singin' in the Rain
    It's a Wonderful Life
    Day of Week
    Ice cream
    Lemon tart, lemon squares, lemon meringue pie
    Disney Movie
    The Lion King
    Dream Car
    A bicycle
    anything electric
    Dream Job
    Game show host
    Secretary of State
    Dream Vacation
    African safari
    Beach cabana on the water in the Philippines
    Family Activity
    Flower / Plant
    Indian paintbrush
    Form of Exercise
    Settlers of Catan or any card game
    anything with my godson
    Playing guitar
    Valentine's Day
    Holiday Song
    Sleigh Ride
    The Nutcracker!
    Holiday Tradition
    Cutting down a Christmas tree in the local forest
    Cutting down the Christmas tree
    Ice Cream
    Chocolate peanut butter
    Peppermint stick
    Junk Food
    Chocolate chip cookies
    Leisure Activity
    Reading, playing guitar
    The New Yorker
    Memory with a Child
    holding my niece as a baby
    meeting my little brother when he was born - I was 5
    Memory with Spouse
    Laughing while looking at apartments to move into together
    4th of July picnic by the Charles River in Boston the first summer we were dating
    When Harry Met Sally
    Movie Munchie
    Chocolate covered raisins
    Movie Quote
    So you're telling me there's a chance! - Dumb and Dumber
    You complete me- Jerry Maguire
    Movie Type
    Musical Group
    Crosby, Stills & Nash
    Marvin Gaye
    Nursery Rhyme
    Humpty Dumpty
    I'm a little teapot
    Olympic Event
    Personal Hero
    Will Rogers
    My father
    Les Miserables
    Chicken + Biscuits
    William Blake
    Mary Oliver
    Quality about my Spouse
    Ability to connect with people and bring out the best in them
    His laugh and his patience
    The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. -Nelson Mandela
    Your life is your life, know it while you have it. You are marvelous, the gods wait to delight in you.
    Tanoshi (Japanese)
    Peanut butter and jelly
    Anything amazing vegetarian
    Corinthians 13: 4-7 "Love is patient, love is kind."
    Shopping Store
    You Can Close Your Eyes by James Taylor
    Sha La La La- Al Green
    Sport to Play
    Sport to Watch
    Sports Star
    Simone Biles
    Michael Jordan
    Sports Team
    Boston Red Sox
    1990s Chicago Bulls
    Subject in School
    History, Art
    Thing to Cook
    Breakfast sandwiches
    Time of Day
    Early morning, dinner time
    Reading our wedding vows on our anniversary
    Getting ice cream to celebrate anything
    TV Show
    Stranger Things
    TV Show Character
    Ted Lasso
    Simon from Bridgerton!
    Type of Music
    Vacation Spot
    Almost anywhere by the water
    Anywhere near the ocean, cities
    Video Game
    Super Mario Kart
    Super Mario Kart

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