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Bryan & Katie

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We have dreamt of adopting a child for many years and as a family of four (with two children), we have much more love, life, and laughter to be had with another child. We'd be grateful to be chosen as your child's family. We hope that you consider our family and look forward to the journey ahead.

About Us

Sales Representative
VP of Administration in a Biotechnology Company
Bachelor's Degree in Marketing
Master's Degree in Bioengineering
Lewis, Margaret
Legally Married

Our Family

Our Family

We have two children, Lewis and Margaret. We love being parents and have always dreamed of having a large family. We know in our hearts that our family is not yet complete, and we have turned to adoption to grow our family. We are excited to be on this adoption journey, and we cannot wait to add another child to our fun-loving family!

Lewis (Lew) loves adventure and has a big imagination. He loves to build things out of legos and create movie sets, cars or boats out of cardboard boxes. He also loves outdoor activities such as bike riding and pretending to work on a construction site while playing in dirt.

Margaret (Maggie) is very affectionate and caring. She loves to take care of her baby dolls and give mom and dad extra hugs and kisses. She is sassy, observant and wise beyond her years. She is the youngest grandchild out of 10 grandchildren but still tries to take care of her older cousins if they are hurt or feeling sad. She has a huge heart and is probably most excited about a new baby in the family.

We can't forget about our 9-year old Goldendoodle dog, Archie. He's a sweet boy and loves to run around with the kids in the backyard. He's protective of the kids and we often find him sleeping in the hall between their bedrooms to keep an eye on them.

Our Adventures

Visiting the Trolls at the Arboretum With Cousins

We love to go on adventures. We try to incorporate adventure in our daily life with our kids. For example, we'll send them outside to look for leprechauns or tell them to pretend the floor is lava and they can't touch it. We like to get the kids' imaginations going all the time. Some of our favorite adventures are:

  • The Morton Arboretum (last year we took an adventure to find trolls and this year we found interesting sculptures from an exhibit called Human and Nature. Every winter we bundle up and go on the arboretum's 'Illuminations in Nature' outdoor walk.)
  • Amusement parks (Legoland, Disney World, Santa's Village, Ropes courses, 4th of July Dixon carnival)
  • Backyard fun (swimming, playing in fort and playset, playing in snow then hot cocoa inside)
  • Holiday fun (trick or treating, pumpkin farms, visiting the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus)
  • adventures (dinosaur drive-thru adventure, museums, dairy farm, fishing, dolphin sighting cruise, skiing, zoo)
  • Our Favorite Vacation Spot

    Disney With Cousins

    We have two favorite vacation spots. One is a vacation spot we travel to annually with Katie's sister, Kelli, and her husband and three children the same age as our kids. It's a week long beach vacation in Destin, FL. It's a very relaxing vacation. We mostly play on the beach in the mornings, then head to the pool for a swim. We usually try to fit in a fishing trip or boat ride on one of the days. In the evening, we'll try new restaurants or see a movie or go shopping at the beach stores. The kids love spending time with their cousins all day and night for seven days straight. They ask all the time when we're going back.

    Our second favorite vacation spot is Disney World in Orlando, FL. We go there every other year also with Katie's sister's family. With the right planning, Disney is a magical place and we plan to keep going!


    Enjoying a Fall Day
    Enjoying a Fall Day
    Relaxing With the Kids
    Relaxing With the Kids
    Hugs & Kisses
    Hugs & Kisses
    At a Festival
    At a Festival
    Playing in the Ocean
    Playing in the Ocean
    Reading Together
    Reading Together
    Building With Father & Son
    Building With Father & Son
    Christmas Is Our Favorite Time of Year!
    Christmas Is Our Favorite Time of Year!
    Bryan & Katie
    Bryan & Katie
    Disney Vacation
    Disney Vacation
    Smiley Kids
    Smiley Kids
    Our New Baby Second Cousin
    Our New Baby Second Cousin
    1 / 12
    Enjoying a Fall Day
    Enjoying a Fall Day
    2 / 12
    Relaxing With the Kids
    Relaxing With the Kids
    3 / 12
    Hugs & Kisses
    Hugs & Kisses
    4 / 12
    At a Festival
    At a Festival
    5 / 12
    Playing in the Ocean
    Playing in the Ocean
    6 / 12
    Reading Together
    Reading Together
    7 / 12
    Building With Father & Son
    Building With Father & Son
    8 / 12
    Christmas Is Our Favorite Time of Year!
    Christmas Is Our Favorite Time of Year!
    9 / 12
    Bryan & Katie
    Bryan & Katie
    10 / 12
    Disney Vacation
    Disney Vacation
    11 / 12
    Smiley Kids
    Smiley Kids
    12 / 12
    Our New Baby Second Cousin
    Our New Baby Second Cousin

    Our House and Neighborhood

    Our Home

    We live in one of the smaller villages in the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. We like to visit the downtown area for shopping, ice cream, dining and tree lighting in the winter, Halloween parade/trick or treating in the fall and fireworks in the summer. Next year, we want to try the candle light pumpkin float on the lake.

    Our Backyard Swingset

    Our house is a mid-century ranch with four bedrooms. We spend a lot of time in the family room and basement watching movies and where most of the toys are organized. We've recently renovated the kitchen and now are spending more time there cooking and working on crafts and homework at the new kitchen counter.

    We live on over an acre and have a fenced in backyard where our kids love to play. In the summer, we have an in-ground pool where they take swimming lessons and play with their cousins. We also have a swing set and a treehouse Bryan and his dad recently built. We have plenty of space in the back yard for kids to run around. We also like to visit the local parks (Rocket Ship Park and Lilac Park), arboretum and zoos.

    Our Extended Families

    Extended Family

    One of our favorite things to do is spend time with family. There are lots of extended family (grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins) to our kids and we celebrate birthdays, New Year's Eve, Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother's day, Father's day and even Memorial Day and Labor Day together. We like to barbecue together and swim at our pool in the summer. We also like to go fishing, have camp fires and make s'mores. In the winter, we like to ski and set up some indoor play dates. Most of our extended family live within 20-80 miles of us.


    Our families are very excited about the adoption and having another grandchild/ niece/nephew/cousin in the family. They are all very supportive and grateful to have this child join our family.

    We also have some neighborhood friends that have babysat the kids since they were babies. They have a close relationship to the kids and are also excited about the new baby. We also have a few groups of friends from high school, college and work that we see often and also have young kids.

    From Us to You

    Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. We (Bryan and Katie) are a married couple of 10 years with two kids (Lewis and Margaret) and a dog (Archie). We live in a smaller village in the Chicago suburbs and we're very blessed to be surrounded by family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins). We are even close in proximity and relationship to great-grandmothers, great aunts and uncles and second and third cousins. We vacation with family and spend all the holidays with them. We include them in our daily lives. Along with gratitude and faith, we believe family is of utmost importance.

    We are enthusiastic to add another child to our family. Adoption has touched our lives in our own experiences, but more closely through family, as one of Katie's cousins has an adopted son. It has been a dream of ours for many many years to adopt and we feel there will be a sense of completion to our family when we are lucky to be chosen. We always wanted a large family and we believe adoption is a great way to grow our family.

    Should you chose us, we will do everything we can so your child has a healthy and happy life surrounded by family and friends. They will know they were adopted from the very beginning and we are hope to share information about you, their birth parents, and the difficult journey to this decision. We want their life to be fulfilling and the world to be theirs to explore. We hope to teach them how to be grateful, respectful, hardworking and happy in life. We know they will be teaching us a lot too, and we are enthusiastic to learn from them. Fun and laughs are necessary, too! We will play a lot, stay active and go on many adventures together (the zoo, the arboretum, playgrounds, museums, amusement parks, pumpkin patches, the beach, visits to see family, etc.). Let's not forget there will be lots of love, hugs and kisses! We are an affectionate family.

    We admire your courage in considering an adoption plan for you and your baby. As you face this heavy decision, please know that two strangers and their families are thinking and praying about you and would be blessed to meet you and your little one. If you so chose, we would be honored to be a part of this journey with you.

    We're grateful you took the time to get to know us a little better. We are happy to share more information, so please feel free to contact us. We are happy to stay in contact with you and to send letters and pictures, if that is something you would be open to. You will always have a place in our hearts.


    Bryan & Katie


    James Spader
    Ryan Gosling
    Rosamund Pike
    Blake Lively
    Tom Clancy
    JK Rowling
    Any biography
    Harry Potter series
    Candy Bar
    Milky Way Midnight
    Minnie Mouse
    Childhood Memory
    Spending time with my dad
    Visiting my grandparents in Florida
    Childhood Toy
    GI Joes
    Children's Book
    Berenstain Bears
    Destin, FL or Charleston, SC
    New Orleans
    Classic Movie
    Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    Day of Week
    Chocolate Brownies
    Disney Movie
    Dream Car
    69 GTO
    Mercedes Benz
    Dream Job
    Professional Football
    Real Estate Broker
    Dream Vacation
    Island vacations
    Caribbean Islands (St Lucia or British Virgin Islands)
    Family Activity
    Vacation in Destin, FL
    Playing outside, walks, playgrounds, zoo
    Flower / Plant
    Steak and potatoes
    Form of Exercise
    Lift weights
    Anything outdoors
    Interior Design
    Holiday Song
    Christmas, baby please come home
    It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
    Holiday Tradition
    Sorting the presents
    Decorating the Christmas Tree
    Ice Cream
    Oreo cookies and creme
    Mint Chocolate Chip
    Junk Food
    Sour Patch Kids
    Leisure Activity
    Walking in parks
    Memory with a Child
    Taking kids to shows (Monster Truck, Bull riding, Ice skating)
    Going to Disney world
    Memory with Spouse
    Traveling to Asia with Katie
    Traveling to Japan
    Forrest Gump
    Movie Munchie
    Movie Quote
    I feel, I don't know, I feel like a truck- Over The Top
    May the Force Be With You
    Movie Type
    Sound of Music
    Musical Group
    Allman Brothers
    The Beach Boys
    Nursery Rhyme
    Itsby Bitsy Spider
    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
    Olympic Event
    Track and Field
    Figure Skating
    Personal Hero
    My wife
    My parents
    Les Miserables
    Romeo and Julie
    Shel Silverstein
    Robert Frost
    Quality about my Spouse
    She wants the best for everyone.
    Don't give up, don't ever give up
    The only thing we have to fear is fear itself
    Breakfast sandwich
    Genesis 2:22-24
    Philipians 4:13 I can do everything through him who gives me strength.
    Shopping Store
    Bass pro
    Jessica by the Allman Brothers
    God Only Knows
    Sport to Play
    Sport to Watch
    Sports Star
    Bo Jackson
    Gymnast Shawn Johnson
    Sports Team
    Chicago Bears
    Chicago White Sox
    Subject in School
    Thing to Cook
    Grill steak
    Time of Day
    4th of July weekend in hometown Dixon, IL
    Visiting family around the holidays
    TV Show
    Seal Team
    The Food that Built America
    TV Show Character
    Jack Ryan
    Lesley Knope from Parks and Recreation
    Type of Music
    Southern Rock
    Vacation Spot
    Destin, FL
    Video Game
    Super Mario Bros

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