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Cassi & Erica

Hi, we are Cassi and Erica! We have two awesome kids, and the four of us are an active and loving family. We share an enthusiasm for life and a deep love for one another. We're thrilled to be ready to adopt again and add a little one to our family adventures. We hope you enjoy getting to know us through our profile.

About Us

Stay-at-Home Mom
Software Engineer
Bachelor's Degree in Human Development and Education
Master's Degree in Astrophysics and Applied Mathematics
Aiden, Sydney
Legally Married

Our Lifestyle

Ruin Hopping in Turkey

We love our relaxed yet exciting lifestyle! In a usual week at home, you’ll find us hanging out with friends or family, walking to the park to play with the neighbors, or breaking out the sunscreen for a pool day and splashing around together. Erica works from home as a software engineer, and Cassi is a stay-at-home mom. We both have the flexibility to set our own schedules, and we love being involved in our kids’ everyday lives growing up. From taking Aiden and Sydney to activities like swim lessons and music class to spending some relaxing downtime at home, we are thrilled to have the flexibility to enjoy life together on the schedule that works best for our family.

The ability to work and support our family from any location also allows us to pursue one of our greatest passions: travel. We regularly travel to visit family, and we are often exploring new areas of the country and new countries around the world. It’s incredible to watch the kids see and experience parts of the world for the first time, and we can’t wait to have a new member of the family traveling the globe with us.

How Adoption has Affected Us

Hitting the Trail for a Family Hike

Adoption is at the foundation of our family. In 2017 we adopted our son, Aiden, and the love we have for him and the joy he brings to our family are immeasurable. We were chosen by his birth mom to parent and raise him, and she has been an inspiration to us as a strong, thoughtful, and loving mother.

We met Aiden hours after his birth, and his birth mother spent much of the next several days getting to know us. Since then we have kept in touch regularly and visited several times. We are extremely grateful to have an open and loving relationship with her, and we know the impact that it has and will continue to have in Aiden’s life. Aiden’s birth mother connected us with his birth father, and we are in touch with him as well. We keep an online photo album stocked with photos and videos of Aiden’s adventures and daily life so his birth families can always see him. Aiden's birth parents also know that we are here any time they want to communicate directly. It's our goal to help our kids have confidence in their identity and their individual story and to help them grow healthy relationships with people who are important to them.

We can’t adequately describe how adoption has shaped our lives, but we are grateful every day for the love we have as a result, and we know that adopting again will bring unique and incredible love into our family.

Education We will Provide

Reading Time Together at Home

We greatly value education, and we have experienced firsthand the opportunities that a strong educational background can afford. We are committed to providing an engaging, fun, and high-quality education for our kids inside and outside of our home, and we love helping them discover the world and excel in what interests them most. Aiden and Sydney currently attend a Spanish Immersion preschool that focuses on diversity and community as well as academics, and we have already seen how impactful it is for our kids to have peers, teachers, and role models at school with similar racial backgrounds who can help affirm their personal identities and form a strong and diverse community around them. We intend to help our kids become fluent in Spanish, English, and any language that is particularly important to their identity. We are lucky enough to have a variety of great schools in our area, and we also realize that many important life lessons are not strictly academic. Love, kindness, independence, and continued personal growth are extremely important to us, and we work to provide a diversity of activities, relationships, and life experiences for our kids and our family with this in mind. We love discovering and nurturing our kids’ individual interests, and we hope to inspire a passion for continued learning in whatever they choose to pursue.


Relaxing in the Hammock
Relaxing in the Hammock
Family Lunch Break in the Forest
Family Lunch Break in the Forest
Lunch and Some Snuggles
Lunch and Some Snuggles
Splashin' Around the Neighborhood Pool
Splashin' Around the Neighborhood Pool
The Kiddos Enjoying a Little Hangout Time
The Kiddos Enjoying a Little Hangout Time
We Love Exploring the Desert Together
We Love Exploring the Desert Together
Reading a Book About Airplanes
Reading a Book About Airplanes
Teaming Up at a Local Park
Teaming Up at a Local Park
Lots of Excitement Right at Home
Lots of Excitement Right at Home
Loving Our Little Fam and Loving Nature
Loving Our Little Fam and Loving Nature
Walking Around Mexico City for the Afternoon
Walking Around Mexico City for the Afternoon
Happy to be in the Pool in Hawaii
Happy to be in the Pool in Hawaii
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Relaxing in the Hammock
Relaxing in the Hammock
2 / 12
Family Lunch Break in the Forest
Family Lunch Break in the Forest
3 / 12
Lunch and Some Snuggles
Lunch and Some Snuggles
4 / 12
Splashin' Around the Neighborhood Pool
Splashin' Around the Neighborhood Pool
5 / 12
The Kiddos Enjoying a Little Hangout Time
The Kiddos Enjoying a Little Hangout Time
6 / 12
We Love Exploring the Desert Together
We Love Exploring the Desert Together
7 / 12
Reading a Book About Airplanes
Reading a Book About Airplanes
8 / 12
Teaming Up at a Local Park
Teaming Up at a Local Park
9 / 12
Lots of Excitement Right at Home
Lots of Excitement Right at Home
10 / 12
Loving Our Little Fam and Loving Nature
Loving Our Little Fam and Loving Nature
11 / 12
Walking Around Mexico City for the Afternoon
Walking Around Mexico City for the Afternoon
12 / 12
Happy to be in the Pool in Hawaii
Happy to be in the Pool in Hawaii

Our Extended Families

Getting Outside with Abuelita

We have a large network of family and friends, and we make nurturing our relationships with them a center of our time and energy. We see our family members several times a year, whether we visit them, they visit us, or we explore a new destination together. There are regular large family events, and we also make a point to connect with each person one-on-one or in small groups. One of our favorite traditions is Cousin Weekend, when all of the cousins and their kids get together somewhere in the U.S. to play games, catch up, and just have fun for a long weekend.

Big Cousins

Erica’s sister has a young family as well, and Aiden & Sydney love any opportunity they get to hang out with their big cousins. We make sure to get the kids together as much as possible, and we try to travel with them on a longer trip once a year as well.

Our family and friends are thrilled that we are adopting again and can’t wait to form their own unique relationships with our newest family member and to love and support them as best they can.

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

We recently built and moved into a new home in an amazing neighborhood. Our house is spacious, modern, comfortable, and fun with plenty of room for our family to grow. The kids love reading and playing games in the playroom, climbing on the play structure downstairs, and spending lots of time outside enjoying the backyard.

The neighborhood has lots of young families and a great community. Within walking distance, there are several parks with different types of playgrounds, a community pool, a splash pad, and nature paths to walk and bike on. The community regularly hosts events for families and has camps and activities for kids throughout the year. We have definitely enjoyed getting to know our neighbors since moving in, and we know our kids will have plenty of friends nearby as they grow up.

We live in a suburban area of a big city. Drive a few minutes into town and we can visit the children’s museum, spend a day at a water park, or check out a new restaurant together. Drive a few minutes out of town and we can escape into the desert for a rejuvenating family hike or cool off in a nearby lake. One of our favorite things about where we live is the weather. With over 300 days of sunshine each year, you’re likely to find us outside in any season, and there’s no time of year when we can’t go out, explore, and have a blast as a family.

From Us to You

We are excited and humbled by the process of adoption and the prospect of meeting our next little one and their amazing birth family in the near future. As you embark on your own process, we hope that this letter will help you get to know a little more about us, our life as a family, and our commitment to maintaining an open, fun, and loving relationship between our child and their birth family.

We have been together for over 15 years, and we’ve been married for 8 years. Since well before we met, we each knew that we wanted to be parents and independently thought about adoption as an amazing way to grow a family. We met while working at an outdoor summer camp and were lucky enough to share our love for kids right from the start. We immediately bonded over connecting with each of the kids, helping them grow and learn, and experiencing all the fun of having little ones around. Over the past several years, we have had a blast being aunties, started our family via Aiden’s adoption, and added Sydney as our newest member. We adore being parents to our little ones.

Our family is lucky enough to have the great combination of financial security and schedule flexibility, as Cassi is a stay-at-home mom, and Erica works as a software developer from home. We are able to spend a lot of time together as a family, set our schedule around our kids’ needs, and leave home to travel the world together whenever we want an adventure.

While we love to travel and explore, our favorite spot in the world is our awesome new home in Arizona. It's perfect for us with everything we need for our little family and plenty of room to grow. Cassi has prepared, researched, and put her education background to work in turning the house into a fun and engaging space for our little ones to thrive in. Erica loves to splash around in the neighborhood pool with the kids, invent silly games, and chill in the backyard hammock for a relaxing cuddle. Our extended family visits regularly and loves to join in on the excitement.We want all of our children to know how loved they are by all of the people in their lives — their birth families, their extended families, their friends, and us. We will always talk with love and kindness about their birth family and answer any questions they may have.

We hope to have a very open adoption; exchanging emails, pictures, phone calls, and future visits, and we would like to get to know you and have you as a part of our family's life to the extent that you feel comfortable. We have seen first hand with Aiden’s adoption how important and validating for the child’s sense of identity open adoption can be, and we see it as our responsibility to help nurture an honest and loving relationship between our kids and their birth parents wherever possible.

Of course, we understand that you may have different desires and that the relationship you want may change over time. Whatever level of contact you are interested in, we intend to work with you to make sure that you are comfortable and to transition with you as your needs change. Our child's birth family will be an important part of who they are, and we plan on being as open, honest, and inclusive as possible in helping them learn about themselves and their birth family. We're absolutely thrilled about a new addition to our family, and we are confident that they will fit perfectly into our home, our lives, and our extended family. We are an energetic, fun, and loving couple with two sweet and awesome kids. We’re ready to shower our next child with love and get to know them as they help shape our family and join us in our adventures.

We wish you much love and success, and we hope to be a part of your story and for you to be a part of ours. Thank you for considering us.

Cassi & Erica


proboscis monkey
The Home Edit
The Stranger
Candy Bar
sour belts
Childhood Memory
Going to an Outdoor Camp every Summer
Starting a Detective Agency with my Sister
Childhood Toy
Ninja Turtles
Children's Book
Leo Can Swim
Hong Kong
Mexico City
Day of Week
Pool Day
razzleberry pie
chocolate pudding with whipped cream
Dream Car
Fully loaded mom van
Dream Job
travel agent
software developer
Dream Vacation
Family cruise with my children and their cousins
Serengeti safari
Family Activity
swimming in the pool
Flower / Plant
prickly pear cactus
saguaro cactus
Form of Exercise
St Patrick's Day
New Year's
Holiday Song
All I Want for Christmas is You
I Just Love Halloween by Blippi
Holiday Tradition
looking at holiday lights
playing catch with my grandpa before holiday dinners
Ice Cream
rainbow sherbet
cookies and cream
Junk Food
boba milk tea
onion rings with ranch dressing
Leisure Activity
camping trips
Memory with a Child
first camping trip with the kids
night shift holding our kids as infants
Memory with Spouse
traveling the world for a year
Songkran water festival in Thailand
Mean Girls
Pitch Perfect
Movie Munchie
extra butter popcorn
Movie Type
Musical Group
Spice Girls
The Beatles
Nursery Rhyme
Wheels on the Bus
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Olympic Event
gymnastics and figure skating
snowboard cross
Quality about my Spouse
Traditional Taqueria
Japanese Ramen
club sandwich
French Dip
Shopping Store
Trader Joe's
Let It Be
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
spring training baseball
spring training baseball
Sports Star
Steph Curry
Andre Iguodala
Sports Team
Golden State Warriors
Golden State Warriors
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
tortilla soup
Time of Day
early afternoon
Cousin Weekend
Cousin Weekend
TV Show
Parks and Rec
TV Show Character
Stephanie Tanner
Liz Lemon
Type of Music
current top 40
Vacation Spot
Video Game
Mario Kart
The Sims

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