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Kristin & Laura

Hi! Thank you for looking at our profile. We are so excited to become parents and adoption is our chosen way to do that. After 13 years together and 5 years of marriage, we're ready to start a family. We have so much love to give and cannot wait to share that with a child. We are so appreciative that you're considering us as your child's family.

About Us

Senior Academic Advisor
Physical Therapist
Master's Degree in Higher Education
Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy (DPT)
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

All Smiles after Rock Climbing

We are a family that always has music on in the background. We love listening to music at home or in the car, but also enjoy going to see live music. Kristin likes to think she can sing even though that couldn't be further from the truth. We've been to a couple of festivals throughout the years and are now lucky to live in an area with plenty of music venues.

We try to stay active. Laura grew up playing soccer and would love to continue that with a child. We got into indoor rock climbing a few years ago and built a bouldering wall in our garage last year. It's a fun activity we can do together and it's a great workout. We also have a weight lifting set in our garage. Otherwise, we both enjoy getting outside whether that's walking, hiking, gardening or other outdoor house projects. We love to travel and most often travel to the NC Mountains. We like to take advantage of the hiking and lakes in that area.

In terms of indoor activities, we both enjoy cooking and baking, playing games, puzzles and watching movies. Laura is the more creative of the two of us and occasionally draws and paints. Kristin is an avid reader and reads at least a book a week. She hopes to instill that same love of reading in a child.

What it Means to be a Parent

Kristin with Our Nephew

To us, being a good parent means providing a safe, stable environment, providing unconditional love and support and helping a child to be the best person they can be. We both make family our first priority and think it's important to be present for a child, to show up for their big and small moments. We're looking forward to spending time with them, making their interests our interests and attending all of their athletic games or dance recitals and going on field trips. It is our goal that this child will never, ever question whether they are loved, supported and wanted. We plan to tell them every day but more importantly, to show them.

We are both most looking forward to the everyday moments of having a child. We cannot wait to tuck them in at night, read them stories and take them to the park. We can't wait to see them with their grandparents or playing with their cousins. We are, of course, also looking forward to the bigger moments like first steps and first days of school. We are excited to see the person that they become and hope to help them develop into kind, responsible adults. Both of us are still very close to our families and had great childhoods. We want the same for this child.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Enjoying Some Warmer Weather

Kristin about Laura: There's so much I love about Laura. When Laura and I first got together, I was drawn to her independence, confidence and strength. She can be a private person when you first get to know her, but she's a sensitive person with a huge heart. She doesn't cry a lot but a movie where an animal dies is a sure-fire way to get the tears going. I admire that Laura always goes to bat for the people she loves. She is protective of those that are closest to her and I know that she'll make sure that your child has the best life possible. I love that she can be silly, enjoys Disney movies and loves sugar more than anyone I've ever met. She loves people with her whole heart. Any child would be lucky to have her as their mom.

Laura about Kristin: Kristin has a very calming presence and has a way of making me feel safe. She is loyal and dependable (she was actually voted 'most dependable' in high school) which makes her a great wife and friend. She also has a sense of adventure and love for trying new things. She is always up for new places, cultural experiences and new foods. I love that Kristin is laidback, positive and loving. She has a caretaker personality and that makes her a natural with kids. I love watching her interact with our nephews and know she'll be a great parent.


Girl's Trip with Some of Our Best Friends
Girl's Trip with Some of Our Best Friends
Chasing Waterfalls
Chasing Waterfalls
Hiking in Upstate New York
Hiking in Upstate New York
Having Fun at a Concert
Having Fun at a Concert
Say Cheese!
Say Cheese!
All Smiles on Our Wedding Day
All Smiles on Our Wedding Day
At the Beach with Friends
At the Beach with Friends
Hanging Out in a Hammock
Hanging Out in a Hammock
Kristin at a Street Fair in New York
Kristin at a Street Fair in New York
Visiting the Pool
Visiting the Pool
Visiting Quebec City
Visiting Quebec City
Laura with Our Oldest Nephew
Laura with Our Oldest Nephew
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Girl's Trip with Some of Our Best Friends
Girl's Trip with Some of Our Best Friends
2 / 12
Chasing Waterfalls
Chasing Waterfalls
3 / 12
Hiking in Upstate New York
Hiking in Upstate New York
4 / 12
Having Fun at a Concert
Having Fun at a Concert
5 / 12
Say Cheese!
Say Cheese!
6 / 12
All Smiles on Our Wedding Day
All Smiles on Our Wedding Day
7 / 12
At the Beach with Friends
At the Beach with Friends
8 / 12
Hanging Out in a Hammock
Hanging Out in a Hammock
9 / 12
Kristin at a Street Fair in New York
Kristin at a Street Fair in New York
10 / 12
Visiting the Pool
Visiting the Pool
11 / 12
Visiting Quebec City
Visiting Quebec City
12 / 12
Laura with Our Oldest Nephew
Laura with Our Oldest Nephew

Our Extended Families

Going Mountain Biking

Family is very important to us and we are fortunate to have family within driving distance. Laura's twin lives in the immediate area with her children and everyone else is within a few hours. This child will have two sets of grandparents, great grandparents, three aunts, three uncles and five cousins. They will be surrounded by love and support at every turn. Laura’s grandfather is “tickled pink” about our plan to adopt and our sisters are already stocking up on baby stuff. They're very excited about our adoption plan and cannot wait to welcome another child into the family. We try to see both of our families often. Kristin's family enjoys being active, games, the NC mountains and all types of food. We have competitive cornhole tournaments in the summer and backgammon tournaments in the winter. We like to vacation at the lake and enjoy walking and hiking in the mountains. Kristin's dad is a big music buff so music is always on in the background and we have been to several concerts and festivals as a family.

Laura with Her Sisters and Nephew

Laura's family enjoys traveling, trips to the beach, grilling out and anything with sugar. Laura's parents have a beach house in South Carolina which we can't wait to bring a child to. We've been to the Keys and to Hawaii with Laura's family in recent years. We look forward to bringing a child along on our travels!

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a mid-sized city in North Carolina. We went to college in this area and ended up moving back because it's such a great area to raise a family. There are great K-12 schools, museums, libraries and outdoor gardens and parks. There are plenty of family-friendly events happening throughout the year. We particularly enjoy the farmers markets, science museum, restaurant offerings and outdoor concert venues. Our neighborhood is a safe, suburban neighborhood with tons of kids. There are several playgrounds and parks, tennis and basketball courts, hiking trails and two swimming pools. We're very excited at the prospect of taking a child to the park right around the block and to the pools in the summer.

We bought our home four and a half years ago. We fell in love with our home on first sight and put in an offer that same day. We live in an open floor plan home with three bedrooms and two and a half baths. The kitchen, dining area and living room are all downstairs. The bedrooms are all upstairs and the plan is for one of those to be this child's bedroom. Our favorite part of the house is the kitchen which has a great big island. It's a great area for cooking and entertaining people. We also have a fenced-in backyard that is perfect for a child to run around in.

From Us to You

We are so very grateful that you are considering us as prospective parents. We know that this must be an incredibly difficult decision you're making and hope that you have people in your life supporting you along the way. We hope that you're able to see from our profile and video, that we're a loving, stable couple who is so very excited at the possibility of a child. We have always known we would adopt in order to grow our family and are excited to meet you and your child. We can promise that if you choose to move forward with us, your child will be well cared for and surrounded by so much love.

We have known each other since we were ten years old. We were in the same friend group in middle and high school but didn't start dating until thirteen years ago. Now, we cannot imagine our lives without the other. We are best friends at the end of the day. We got married five years ago surrounded by friends and family and we both agree that our wedding day was the best day of our lives. Since we first started dating, we've always talked about children and known that adoption is the route we wanted to go. This is our first choice and we are overjoyed at the possibility of a little one joining our family.

Laura is a child at heart in some ways. She loves a good Disney movie and is always eager to play with our nephews and their toys. She's also very nurturing and empathetic. She works primarily with cancer patients so connecting with others from different backgrounds and being empathetic to their situations is a huge part of her job.

Kristin is a natural caretaker. She is usually the one her friends call when they need someone to be there for them or a babysitter. She is known for being loyal, dependable and kind-hearted. She works with college-aged students in an advising and counseling capacity.

While we both work full-time, our top priority is family. Luckily, our schedules are pretty flexible and accommodating. We make an effort to eat dinner together every night, plan regular trips together and make Sunday our "family day." We both enjoy being active and getting outdoors. But, both of us are more than ready to cuddle up on the couch at the end of the day with a movie or a book. Our house is filled with books and puzzles and we hope to instill a love of reading in a child.

We are both very excited to become parents. We enjoy our time with our nephews and are now ready to expand our own family. We have so much love to give. Our goal is that this child will never question whether they are loved or supported, they will always know. They will also always know where they came from and we will honor your role in their lives every day. We promise to stay in touch with you and send letters and pictures as long as that's something you want. We are also open to phone calls and e-mails! We want this child to know who you are and know that you made an incredibly brave decision in their best interest, not because they weren't wanted.

Thank you again for considering us. We cannot wait to meet you!

With love,

Kristin & Laura


Denzel Washington
Tom Hanks
Sarah Paulson
Sandra Bullock
Khaled Hosseini
Jon Krakauer
The Harry Potter Series or The Kite Runner
The Understory
Candy Bar
Ninja Turtles
Childhood Memory
Putting on dance recitals with my sister
Having 'midnight snacks' (actually at 8pm) at my grandparents
Childhood Toy
Barbies or paper dolls
Pop up tent
Children's Book
The Hungry Caterpillar
Rainbow Fish
New York
New York City
Classic Movie
The Princess Bride
101 Dalmations
Day of Week
Fresh baked cookies
Jeni's ice cream
Disney Movie
Beauty and the Beast
The Lion King
Dream Job
International food critic
Ice cream namer :)
Dream Vacation
Norway and Iceland
Family Activity
Traveling as a family
Flower / Plant
Peanut butter
Pepperoni pizza
Form of Exercise
Indoor rock climbing
Pineapple or raspberries
Code Names
Indoor rock climbing
New Years
Holiday Song
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Let's Stay Inside
Holiday Tradition
Driving around looking at Christmas lights
Finding the pickle ornament on the Christmas tree
Ice Cream
Jeni's buttermint ice cream
Junk Food
French fries
French fries
Leisure Activity
Reading and drinking coffee
Bingewatching Netflix
Anything with food
Anything with food
Memory with a Child
Babysitting my nephew when he about 18 months and him being fascinated how my hands and feet are so much bigger than his
Playing soccer with my nephew
Memory with Spouse
'Glamping' in a yurt in upstate NY
Impromptu road tripping to Quebec City
Dirty Dancing
Movie Munchie
Junior mints
Movie Quote
"I wish I knew how to quit you"
"May the force be with you"
Movie Type
Psychological thriller
Musical Group
Avett Brothers
Florence and the Machine
Nursery Rhyme
5 Little Monkeys
Twinkle, twinkle little star
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Rosalind Franklin, a female scientist
To Kill a Mockingbird
Broadway's 'The Lion King'
Nayyirah Waheed
Nayyirah Waheed
Quality about my Spouse
She makes me laugh
She faces difficult situations head on
"Can we speak in flowers, it will be easier for me to understand"
"You are the love that came without warning, you had my heart before I could say no"
SriPraPhai, a Thai place in NY
Al's Burger Shack
BBQ tempeh with coleslaw and pickles
Fluffernutter (peanut butter and fluff)
1 Corinthians 13:4-8
1 Corinthians 13:4-8
Shopping Store
24 Frames - Jason Isbell
Today by Joshua Radin (it was our wedding song)
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Megan Rapinoe
Mia Hamm
Sports Team
Women's National Soccer Team
Women's National Soccer Team
Subject in School
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
I prefer baking
Time of Day
Winding down and talking every night before bed
Making breakfast on Sundays
TV Show
Parks and Recreation
Schitt's Creek
TV Show Character
Moira Rose on Schitt's Creek
Ron Swanson
Type of Music
Indie Folk
Vacation Spot
NC Mountains
NC mountains
Video Game
Mario Kart
Mario 64

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