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Pat & Deidre

We appreciate you taking your time to read our story. We have been looking to expand our own family since we first got married. We have had our own losses along our journey and are now looking to grow our family through adoption. We love to travel and want to show our child the world. We look forward to sharing pictures and stories with you as our child grows.

About Us

Department Manager
Some College
Master's Degree in Education
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

Going Skiing

When we are home we enjoy playing cards and board games (we are extremely competitive and enjoy beating each other at UNO Attack). We also enjoy going to the movies and seeing the newest movie that is out. We take Draco (our German Shepherd) out on walks and play ball with him in our large back yard. We both enjoy reading. Deidre enjoys reading mystery and suspense books while Pat enjoys a good science fiction book. Pat loves to cook and grill, he likes seeing people enjoy his food. When we are not working we love to travel. Deidre's goal is to visit all fifty states. We only have seven states left and then Deidre has visited all fifty. After we visit all the states we look forward to traveling internationally and seeing the world.

Deidre enjoys snow skiing very much. She has been doing it since she was a kid. Deidre has tried to get Pat to ski a few different times but coordination is not one of Pat's strengths. We both love to see and try new things while we travel. We have gone snowmobiling at night in New Mexico, star gazing in Hawaii and moose watching in Maine. We just try to enjoy the moments we have with each other. Sometimes our family joins us. Our biggest thing we look forward to is sharing our future adventures with our child and hearing them tell their own stories about it as they grow.

Discussing Adoption

We plan on being incredibly open with our child about their adoption. We plan on them knowing who their birth mother is (if that is what the birth mother wants) and sharing her story with him/her. We plan on having ongoing discussions with our child as they grow into their own person. We know that conversations will change as they get older, and their questions will also. We will always be honest with our child and would encourage them to reach out to their birth mother, so they have a firsthand account of their blood line. We want them to know who they are and not be afraid of that.

As our child grows we would continue to educate ourselves on how to have meaningful conversations with our child about his/her adoption. We have a lot of love to give, and we want to share it with them. We know we won’t always have the answers immediately and we may have to look into them which we know they will understand.

Our Family Traditions

An Indoor Christmas Light show

We enjoy our family traditions that we have throughout the year. We go to sporting events and try to get to a baseball game, football game and hockey game throughout the year. We enjoy going to concerts and shows. We try to go to a few different concerts or shows throughout the year to see new things. Occasionally, other family members join us. We have many holiday traditions. We love to decorate the house for Halloween and hand out candy to the kids. We love to see them smile when Pat gives them large handful of candy and watch as they get pictures with our decorations. On Thanksgiving, Pat cooks dinner, and we have the family over and sometimes friends join us. After Thanksgiving Day, we go to the local tree lot and pick out a real tree and decorate it. We always buy a new ornament each year that we get either during our travels or from the local Christmas store. We attend church and open a gift on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day we wake up early (Pat is like a big kid) open gifts and make breakfast. Then we make dinner for our family. A couple days later we celebrate a second Christmas when Deidre’s sister and family come down. Both sides of the family get together and have a great time. On Easter we attend church, have Easter baskets, an egg hunt (depending on which family members are here) and make dinner for everyone.


At White Sands National Park in New Mexico
At White Sands National Park in New Mexico
At the Nutcracker Ballet
At the Nutcracker Ballet
ATVing in Maine
ATVing in Maine
Deidre Getting Her Master's Degree
Deidre Getting Her Master's Degree
At a Cooking Class
At a Cooking Class
At a Local Lighthouse
At a Local Lighthouse
At a Show
At a Show
On a Road Trip
On a Road Trip
Playing Minigolf in Arkansas While on Vacation
Playing Minigolf in Arkansas While on Vacation
Going to a Hockey Game
Going to a Hockey Game
On a Train Ride to New Hampshire
On a Train Ride to New Hampshire
Stopping at Ben and Jerry's Factory
Stopping at Ben and Jerry's Factory
1 / 12
At White Sands National Park in New Mexico
At White Sands National Park in New Mexico
2 / 12
At the Nutcracker Ballet
At the Nutcracker Ballet
3 / 12
ATVing in Maine
ATVing in Maine
4 / 12
Deidre Getting Her Master's Degree
Deidre Getting Her Master's Degree
5 / 12
At a Cooking Class
At a Cooking Class
6 / 12
At a Local Lighthouse
At a Local Lighthouse
7 / 12
At a Show
At a Show
8 / 12
On a Road Trip
On a Road Trip
9 / 12
Playing Minigolf in Arkansas While on Vacation
Playing Minigolf in Arkansas While on Vacation
10 / 12
Going to a Hockey Game
Going to a Hockey Game
11 / 12
On a Train Ride to New Hampshire
On a Train Ride to New Hampshire
12 / 12
Stopping at Ben and Jerry's Factory
Stopping at Ben and Jerry's Factory

Our Extended Families

Deidre's Sister's Wedding

Family is one of the most important things to both of us. Pat's dad (Doug) and Deidre's mom (Judy) and older brother (Darryl) live close to us and we are lucky to be able to spend time with them often. Deidre's sisters (Paige and Amanda) live in Ohio with their families, and we get to see them a few times a year.

We celebrate holidays with our families. Pat cooks dinner on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas and we have the local family come over and we are all able to spend time together, laugh and have a good time. We also celebrate a second Christmas when Paige and her family fly down. Both sides of the family get together. We joke around and enjoy spending time with each other.

Snowmobiling with Family

We enjoy traveling on our vacations. We have been extremely fortunate because Paige and her family love traveling also, and we have had many adventures along the way. We went hiking in Maine, went snowmobiling and stargazing in New Mexico, visited a zoo in Nebraska, went to a wedding in South Dakota, and we went tubing and skiing in Utah.

We go to concerts, shows, sporting events and movies with our family. We enjoy local events with our family (i.e. candle making, pottery painting and soap making). Card and board games are also a must.

Our entire family is excited to have our child in everyone’s lives. There is a lot of love to go around with this family.

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

We live close to different beaches, museums, amusement parks, zoos and aquariums. We are not at a shortage for different adventures to share with our child. Our local recreation center has a pool and we have many local parks by us (one of them just opened up a new playground). One of the other local parks has a large Christmas light display that you can walk through during the holidays. We are extremely fortunate and live close to an elementary school with a diverse population, so we have kids all around our neighborhood.

During Halloween we like to hand out candy to the local kids. We enjoy watching the children smile from ear to ear as Pat gives each of them a large handful of candy. We go through a cooler worth of candy each year from all of the local kids coming to our house.

Our house is very quaint. We have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, dining room, kitchen, sunroom, and laundry room. We have a large backyard where our German Shepherd (Draco) loves to run around and we look forward to spending time with our child out there. Pat's favorite room is the kitchen. He loves to cook and grill. Deidre and Pat's favorite room together is the front room where we enjoy watching movies together and playing games with each other.

From Us to You

First and foremost, thank you. Thank you for considering adoption and making some family incredibly happy. We realize it is a difficult decision and even if you do not choose us we just wanted to start by saying thank you for making some family complete.

We have been friends for fifteen years and have been together for seven of them. We were married almost six years ago. We started our journey together later in life and started our journey of having a family immediately. Now our journey has led us to adoption. We have always been open to adoption to complete our family. We believe love is love and we have a lot of love to give our child.

We want our child to be the best person he/she can be. We want our child to choose a career path that makes them happy. Deidre has a Master’s Degree in Education and Pat has some college education. Deidre is an elementary school teacher. Pat is a manager at a retail flooring store (this year is his fifteen-year anniversary). We both love what we do and enjoy going to work every day. Our goal is to raise our child to be a good person who knows the difference between right and wrong. We know they will make mistakes along the way, but we want to be there to help guide them and let them know just because they made a mistake it does not mean they are a bad person.

We are incredibly open to an open adoption. We would love to keep in contact with you (pictures, emails, calls, whatever you are comfortable with) and keep you in our child's life. We will be honest with the child from the very beginning and let them know that they are adopted and where they came from. We have no problem letting them know who you are and letting them communicate with you as they get older (again, on your comfort level). We want to keep you informed as much or as little as you are comfortable with as our child grows.

We are simple people who live fairly simple lives. We love to laugh and have a good time. We enjoy traveling and trying new things. We are excited and look forward to showing our child the world too. We want them to experience new things they have never seen or done before, try different foods and see different cultures. We want our child to grow and be well mannered and respectful of everyone they meet in life. Some of our favorite activities are spending time with friends and family, playing cards and board games, and going to the movies. We love to try new local events such as pottery painting, glass melting, cooking classes, etc. We try to include Draco, our German Shepherd, who loves people, in as much as we can. He has traveled with us locally to places like the beach, the park or to get ice cream or out of state on some of our adventures. We look forward to him being best friends with our future child. We want the child to be open to new adventures and ideas. Family traditions are important to us especially as our family grows. We have a lot of traditions that we look forward to sharing with our child. If you have any traditions that you have that you would like us to continue please let us know. Again, we want the child to know where they came from and we would love to tie in some of your traditions with ours.

Our family and friends are all extremely excited to meet our newest family member. They all have big hearts and unique personalities. There will be no shortage of love because our child will be constantly surrounded by it.

Thank you for taking your time to read our profile. We appreciate you and your future child no matter where they go. Thank you for being you.


Pat & Deidre


Kevin Costner
Matt Damon
Julia Roberts
Sandra Bullock
Ernest Cline
James Patterson
Old Man's War - Book series
Catcher and the Rye
Candy Bar
Heath, Nut Roll, Almond Joy, Classic Butterfinger, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
As a kid - X-Men (the animated series). As an adult - Rick and Morty
Care Bears
Childhood Memory
Hiking with my dad through Banning State Park when we lived in Minnesota.
Doing activities with my dad
Childhood Toy
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Pot belly bear
Children's Book
Charlotte's Web
The Berenstain Bears
New York
Classic Movie
National Lampoon's Vacation
Wizard of Oz
Day of Week
Any day off with my wife.
Carrot cake
Disney Movie
The Mighty Ducks
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Dream Car
Dream Job
If money wasn't a factor - I would go work at a movie theatre again. I enjoyed that job when I was younger.
Dream Vacation
Travel to Ireland and stay in a cottage and enjoy the local food, music, environment, etc.
Family Activity
Playing board/card games
Snow Skiing
Flower / Plant
Willow tree
Pizza - pepperoni and pineapple - cooked well done
Form of Exercise
Riding a bike
Halloween and Christmas
Holiday Song
Hallelujah - Pentatonix and Mele Kalikimaka
All I want for Christmas is You - Mariah Carey
Holiday Tradition
Handing out Halloween candy to the kids on Halloween.
Decorating the Christmas tree
Ice Cream
Mint chocolate chip
Vanilla and chocolate swirl
Junk Food
Peanut butter filled pretzels
Potato chips
Leisure Activity
Watching movies with my wife.
Watching TV
Cook's Illustrated
Memory with a Child
Making Christmas cookies with my friend's children who I have known since high school.
Watching the birth of my nephew and my friend's children
Memory with Spouse
Star gazing in Hawaii, Kansas and New Mexico (that was while we were snowmobiling).
Helicopter ride in Maui
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Mystic Pizza
Movie Munchie
Popcorn with butter
Movie Quote
Do. Or do not. There is no try.
You Can't Handle the Truth
Movie Type
Jersey Boys
Musical Group
The Kingston Trio
Taylor Swift
Nursery Rhyme
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
My dad
Have not seen one - Our goal is to see one this year (if they open back up safely).
Quality about my Spouse
Always pushing me to try new things and go on new adventures.
"Aim for the moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars."
Never give up
Mama's Fish House (best meal I had in my life when we honeymooned in Maui)
Cooper's Hawk
Corned beef and pastrami with russian dressing on rye bread
Bacon, egg and cheese
Shopping Store
What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
American Girl
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
I enjoy watching all sports in person. I would say Hockey is my favorite sport to watch on TV and in person.
Sports Star
Michael Strahan
Sports Team
Tampa Bay Lightning - Chicago Bears- Chicago Cubs
Tampa Bay Lightning
Subject in School
Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Everything - I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes. I like to grill, smoke and cook all types of food.
Time of Day
Watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation before Christmas each year.
Open one present on Christmas Eve
TV Show
Breaking Bad - Game of Thrones - Firefly
TV Show Character
Captain Malcom Reynolds - Firefly
Olivia Benson
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Staying in a cabin on the lake in Maine.
Video Game
Breath of Fire - RPG

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