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Josh & Rachel

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family. We are so excited to raise our first baby together, which will be Rachel's first. If you find that we are a good fit for you and your child we would love to hear about your hopes and dreams for them and do everything possible to make that a reality!

About Us

Route Salesman
Insurance Representative
High School
Bachelor's Degree in General Business
Jake, Sy
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

Beach Trip

We both love to spend time together-whether that be doing chores on the farm or curling up for a TV show to wind down at night. We really enjoy being outdoors and living on a farm definitely gives us that opportunity. Some of our favorite activities include going to the river to kayak, fish or just hanging out with family and friends. We both share a love of travel- and try to go on at least two vacations a year doing things like exploring National Parks or relaxing somewhere beautiful. Living in Missouri, we are near a lot of rivers, lakes and other beautiful places to hike and explore. We often take weekend trips around the state to explore the parks and other landmarks.

Apart from travel, we do enjoy just relaxing at home and binge watching a TV series together. We seem to go through phases, watching everything from Fixer Upper to true crime shows- and everything in between. On a weekly basis you can find us starting the week off with going to church on Sunday morning followed by a lunch in town with Rachel's family at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Throughout the week we always make it a priority to have dinner together each night and usually take turns throughout the week on who makes dinner. When it is nice out we often are out on the deck grilling. We both love Saturdays, where you can find us either working out on the farm, going out of town for a quick adventure or hanging around the house. We can't wait to have a little one to share our lives with and share with them the things we love to do and learn what they will love to do as well!

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Our Wedding Day With the Boys

Rachel About Josh: One of the things that I have loved about Josh since I first met him is his easy-going and goofy personality. He has a way of making me forget about the stresses of everyday life with his little quirks! He works so hard, maintaining our farm, cattle, and at his job; but always seems to make time for me. Whether its help making dinner or letting me cuddle up to him on the couch, Josh makes time spent with family a priority. One thing I admire most about him is his dedication to being the best dad possible to his two boys; which is something I know he will do with our baby as well! He does everything in his power to help them out and better their futures. He would drop anything to be there to help them- whether it's a call late at night with car trouble or being there to support them in playing sports. He really is my best friend and I just love having him to do life with!

Josh About Rachel: One of my favorite things about Rachel is how outspoken she is. I love that she will tell me how it is and I never have to wonder what she is thinking. I have really enjoyed getting to see Rachel learn and to love my passion for farming- which is something she had no experience with before me. Now she is the one wanting to go out and check cows to see the new calves and is always there to help me with anything I need. Aside from being motivated, she is also very fun to be around! No matter what it is we are doing, she always has a way of keeping things interesting with her witty comments and spunky attitude. I have really admired how she has taken on the role of being a step-mom to my boys from a previous marriage. She started coming with me to watch their ball games as soon as we started dating and has never stopped. She is always the one texting the boys to get together for birthdays, holidays, and getting everything organized to make those celebrations a success!

Our Family Traditions

Christmas With Family

Our family shares many traditions, from weekly, to holiday, and random times in-between. One of our weekly traditions is on Friday nights after work we go to Rachel's grandparents' house for a home cooked meal with all of her family. We spend the evening visiting and playing games with all the cousins. Another tradition that is unique to us is that, while growing up, on the first day of school each year Rachel's parents would fix root beer floats (or Dr. Pepper floats) and talk about how the day went. This is something Rachel could always count on and looked forward to after her first day back. This is one tradition we plan on keeping alive with our child!

Although Josh was never a big holiday person, he is slowly getting sucked into Rachel's passion of celebrating them to the max! Holidays are special- on birthday's we always have dinner with Jake and Sy and Josh's parents to celebrate. Christmas is always fun with gift exchanges and meals with all sides of the family.

One of our more unique "family traditions" we have is that anytime we see a rabbit (which is A LOT in the country) we kiss. This apparently started generations back when a family member told their date that this was a "thing" in order to get a first kiss. Generation to generation this has always stuck.


Easter Morning
Easter Morning
With Our Cattle
With Our Cattle
Our Goofy Nephew
Our Goofy Nephew
Ziplining Adventure
Ziplining Adventure
At the Rodeo
At the Rodeo
Elephant Rocks State Park
Elephant Rocks State Park
Swimming With Sting Rays
Swimming With Sting Rays
Bike Ride at Dogwood Canyon
Bike Ride at Dogwood Canyon
Forever Wedding Date
Forever Wedding Date
On the Lake at Central Park
On the Lake at Central Park
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Swimming With Dolphins
Swimming With Dolphins
1 / 12
Easter Morning
Easter Morning
2 / 12
With Our Cattle
With Our Cattle
3 / 12
Our Goofy Nephew
Our Goofy Nephew
4 / 12
Ziplining Adventure
Ziplining Adventure
5 / 12
At the Rodeo
At the Rodeo
6 / 12
Elephant Rocks State Park
Elephant Rocks State Park
7 / 12
Swimming With Sting Rays
Swimming With Sting Rays
8 / 12
Bike Ride at Dogwood Canyon
Bike Ride at Dogwood Canyon
9 / 12
Forever Wedding Date
Forever Wedding Date
10 / 12
On the Lake at Central Park
On the Lake at Central Park
11 / 12
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
12 / 12
Swimming With Dolphins
Swimming With Dolphins

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a rural area in southern Missouri where you won't hear traffic, but instead the sound of farm animals. We have about 120 acres and our land has mostly open fields where you can run and play but also some woods for a quick adventure. We look forward to filling up the yard with play houses, slides and swing sets. Inside our three-bedroom home, we have an open floor plan where we can cook and still socialize and watch a child play. We spend most of our time in this area whether it is eating or watching a TV show together. To us, our home is a place our child will always feel comfortable and where we can form lasting memories as a family. We live in a really nice double-wide mobile home right now because we wanted to be right here on the farm and are hoping to build our dream home here in the next few years!

We live about 15 minutes from town, which is where we both work. We love the distance so we are still close enough to go to town to eat somewhere nice, go to parks, movies, bowling or skating but also live where we aren't bothered by neighbors or noisy city life. We have several friends that have very young children which means our child will have plenty of friends for play-dates as well as a little niece and nephew ready to meet their new cousin.

Our area is very close to so many unique outdoor amenities. We live about 5 minutes away from a river where we often go on float trips or can just go spend an afternoon letting our little one splash around and catch craw-dads or little fish in a net. There are also lakes and many neat child friendly trails that you can easily go to for a weekend adventure!

Our Extended Families

With Sy & Jake

We consider ourselves very family oriented and are happy to live near both our immediate and some extended family. Josh has two sons- Jake (20) and Sy (17) who we usually see a few times a week. Sy is very involved in baseball so in the spring we are often going to baseball games to watch him play. Jake has followed after Josh and loves farming so he comes over quite a bit to work with Josh and they really enjoy that quality time together. Jake and Sy are excited to take on the role of being big brothers! Josh's parents live just down the hill from us so we get to see them multiple times each week.

Rachel's Family

All of Rachel's immediate and extended family live within 15 minutes of us so we get to spend a lot of time with them as well. Her parents, grandparents and aunt and uncle all live on the same road so it makes it very convenient to visit them! We both love being Aunt Rachey and Uncle Josh to her niece and nephew who are thrilled to have a new cousin! They will all spend many summer days together at their Nana and Papa's house swimming and playing.

From Us to You

We are so grateful that you are taking the time to get to know us through our profile & hope that our photos and video have given you some insight into our day to day lives. We are a Christian couple who are so excited to have a baby in our home to cherish, love and watch grow up! We have talked about having a child together since we first started dating and are so glad that our path has led us to adoption. We did initially try to conceive naturally, but really believe that adoption is how we are meant to grow our family. We have learned so much about adoption since we started this journey and know that we will continue to evolve and can't wait to see how we grow through the years. We want our relationship with you to evolve and grow along with us- we promise to be there for you and to always do what is best for our child. We envision an open adoption with hope to have you welcome at birthday parties through the years if that is something you are comfortable with but if it's not we would love to at least send pictures and letters along the way so you know how they are doing and growing. We plan to start telling our child their adoption story from the time they are just a baby and continue throughout their life. We want them to know that your decision was a brave one that was made out of love. A child's identity is so important to them and we are happy that we will be able to share where they came from and where they get so many great characteristics from!

Like our perspective on adoption has changed, so has our marriage throughout our 4 years of being married. Our relationship has grown so much and we truly believe we can provide this child a stable, loving environment. No matter what challenges we face as a family through the years, we promise to stick together to be a loving support system for our child and help them achieve anything they set their mind to. We get so excited thinking about our day to day lives- with everything from reading bedtime stories, teaching them things like to ride a bike and to tuck them into bed at night. We do live on a farm so we are of course excited about sharing that passion with our little one. Even Rachel, who would have been the last person you would have ever expected to enjoy being on the farm is excited to have our child get to experience farm life. We are excited to teach them the different farm animals, how to drive a tractor one day and teach them responsibility and how working hard does pay off. We will be the type of parents that teach them all the sports and academics they want and allow them to choose which direction they want to go. We can't wait to go on little trips to places like the zoo, amusement parks, national parks and vacations to the beach together as a family. Our families are all so happy we have decided to adopt and will welcome our child with open arms!

We would love to hear about any specific hopes and dreams you have for this baby and will do everything in our power to honor your wishes. We can't imagine the immense thought that is going into this decision for you, but we want you to know that if this is what you choose your selfless love will give this child a future of happiness and constant love. We hope that you consider us to be a part of your future, and regardless of what you decide we wish you the very best in life and with your pregnancy.

Josh & Rachel


Bruce Willis
Chris Hemsworth
Jennifer Anniston
Sandra Bullock
Candy Bar
Childhood Memory
Going to grandparents
Playing Hide-and-Seek outside
Childhood Toy
Green Army men
Baby Dolls
Children's Book
Fox and the Hound
The Rainbow Fish
Gulf Shores
Classic Movie
National Lampoon Vacation Series
Dirty Dancing
Day of Week
Apple Pie
Anything chocolate!
Disney Movie
National Treasure
The Lion King
Dream Car
70 Chevelle
Range Rover
Dream Job
Travel Blogger
Dream Vacation
Above water bungalow in Fiji
Family Activity
Spending time outdoors in the summer with family.
Playing Games
Floating (Kayaking on the river)
Holiday Song
Little Drummer Boy
So This is Christmas
Holiday Tradition
Cooking Out
Christmas Eve at my grandparents
Ice Cream
Rocky Road
Chocolate with cookie dough
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Watching a good movie.
Putting together puzzles
Memory with a Child
Practicing baseball with my boys
Sleepovers with my niece and nephew
Memory with Spouse
Going on vacation
The cruise we went on, which is where we got engaged!
Rush Hour
Sweet Home Alabama
Movie Munchie
Buttery Popcorn
Movie Quote
"You're killing me, Smalls!" -The Sandlot
Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. -Ferris Bueller
Movie Type
Romantic Comedies
Nursery Rhyme
Jack Be Nimble
I'm a Little Teapot
Olympic Event
Quality about my Spouse
Hard working.
Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.
"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." -Benjamin Franklin
Olive Garden
Ham and cheese
Turkey and Swiss
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. -Matthew 7:12
Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.
Shopping Store
Bass Pro
He Stopped Loving Her Today-George Jones
You Had Me From Hello-Kenny Chesney (Our first dance song)
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Honestly, none- but I do baseball for Josh
Sports Team
St Louis Cardinals
St. Louis Cardinals
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
I prefer grilling outisde- so anything that can be grilled.
Time of Day
Holidays with the family
Friday night dinners at my grandparents'
TV Show
Everybody Loves Raymond
TV Show Character
Ray Barone
Olivia Pope (Scandal)
Type of Music
Classic Country
Vacation Spot
Gulf Shores
Cancun, Mexico
Video Game
Super Mario

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