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Ruby & Ashlee

We have always aspired to be parents and we look forward to creating a family with love and communication at its core. We hope our profile gives you a glimpse into how excited we are at the prospect of welcoming a child into our family and creating an environment where they always feel loved, heard, and supported. Thank you for considering us and we wish you the best in your pregnancy and the decisions ahead.

About Us

Office Manager
Program Manager
Master's Degree in Women's Studies
Bachelor's Degree in Communication
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

Looking Forward to Becoming Parents

Ruby enjoys cooking and crafting or anything where she can be creative. During the pandemic, she purchased a Cricut machine that allows her to make a range of things, like the matching T-shirts she made for Ashlee and her group of friends who like to watch ice hockey games together. She has also been making greeting cards to send to friends and family to celebrate even the smallest occasions during the pandemic. She hopes to customize onesies and other clothing for their child in the future. While she hasn't perfected frosting cakes yet, it's high on her goals so she can make beautiful cakes for our child's birthday each year. Ruby also likes to make pizzas in our outdoor pizza oven and cooking in general, especially with her mom.

Ashlee likes to read, watch movies, play board games, and do things outside. She and her friends like to have game nights where they frequently play Clue and, during the pandemic, Settlers of Catan via Zoom. Growing up, Ashlee's family and their friends would have game nights, and it was a great way to spend the weekend. We look forward to sharing similar experiences with our child, our friends, and our friends' children in the future.

Our Family Traditions

Ruby at Home With the Pizza Oven

Every Friday, rain or shine, is "Pizza Friday" in our house. It's one of our most beloved traditions. Over the years it has changed from making pizza in our regular oven, to investing in an outdoor pizza oven. Now, Ruby makes pizza dough in the afternoon, she heats up the outdoor pizza oven at dinner time, and Ashlee prepares the pizzas. Then, we cook them together outside in the pizza oven.

Ashlee's 90's Birthday Party

For Ashlee's birthday, Ruby likes to host a birthday party of any theme of Ashlee's choosing. Previously Ashlee has chosen a pizza party, where Ruby made a 12-foot slice of pizza out of balloons to decorate their living room, and a 90s party, where Ruby made decorations and props with Ashlee's favorite 90s celebrities. Everyone dressed up in their favorite 90s fashions, which was surprisingly easy as a lot of them (like butterfly clips and scrunchies) are coming back in style now.

As our yearly send-off, we like to bless the mailboxes of our friends and family with a family-coordinated (pets and all) Christmas pajama holiday card. Our goal, at least this is what the pictures tell us, is to achieve exactly one charming photo and 500 hilarious photos.

On New Year's Eve, our wedding anniversary, we spend the day celebrating each other and have brunch at the restaurant where we were married.

Cultural Diversity

We have always been open to adopting a child of another race. We live in a diverse city, so we are excited to explore ways to be involved with our child's culture, as well as enable our child to learn about other races and cultures. Diversity is very important to both of us and will be something we make a key focus in our home. We will provide the child with opportunities to build relationships with people of other backgrounds, so they experience diversity naturally and know leaders in our community that look like them. It is important for us not to ignore race. In our everyday life, we will have conversations about diversity and seek out resources (such as books, toys, and media) that address our child's race, other races, and show the importance of cultural visibility.


Watching the Sunset on a Beach in Australia
Watching the Sunset on a Beach in Australia
A 'Meowy Catmas' Card in the Making
A "Meowy Catmas" Card in the Making
Ashlee & Our Niece
Ashlee & Our Niece
With a Koala at the Sydney Zoo
With a Koala at the Sydney Zoo
Our Wedding Anniversary at the Restaurant Where We Were Married
Our Wedding Anniversary at the Restaurant Where We Were Married
Before the ATL Pride Parade
Before the ATL Pride Parade
Celebrating the Fourth of July
Celebrating the Fourth of July
Enjoying a Sunny Stroll
Enjoying a Sunny Stroll
Ashlee Holding Our Niece
Ashlee Holding Our Niece
Ruby at the Museum of Selfies in LA
Ruby at the Museum of Selfies in LA
On a Ferry in New Zealand
On a Ferry in New Zealand
It's Official - Mrs. & Mrs.!
It's Official - Mrs. & Mrs.!
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Watching the Sunset on a Beach in Australia
Watching the Sunset on a Beach in Australia
2 / 12
A 'Meowy Catmas' Card in the Making
A "Meowy Catmas" Card in the Making
3 / 12
Ashlee & Our Niece
Ashlee & Our Niece
4 / 12
With a Koala at the Sydney Zoo
With a Koala at the Sydney Zoo
5 / 12
Our Wedding Anniversary at the Restaurant Where We Were Married
Our Wedding Anniversary at the Restaurant Where We Were Married
6 / 12
Before the ATL Pride Parade
Before the ATL Pride Parade
7 / 12
Celebrating the Fourth of July
Celebrating the Fourth of July
8 / 12
Enjoying a Sunny Stroll
Enjoying a Sunny Stroll
9 / 12
Ashlee Holding Our Niece
Ashlee Holding Our Niece
10 / 12
Ruby at the Museum of Selfies in LA
Ruby at the Museum of Selfies in LA
11 / 12
On a Ferry in New Zealand
On a Ferry in New Zealand
12 / 12
It's Official - Mrs. & Mrs.!
It's Official - Mrs. & Mrs.!

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

Last year we moved from a condo in midtown Atlanta to a new home here in a suburb of Atlanta. It is a three bedroom, three bathroom house with a fenced in backyard and a deck. We love that it is a beautiful house, but also somewhere that we feel at home in. Ruby's favorite part of the house is the kitchen, which has a big island right in the middle so she can talk to friends and family while cooking. Ashlee loves the yard and spends a lot of time there in the summer. She likes to project movies and TV shows onto our outdoor screen. Luckily, in Atlanta, it is warm most of the year, so we can enjoy activities in our backyard frequently.

Backyard Movie Night

Our neighborhood is very walkable, and the elementary school is just a five-minute walk away, which we hope to do as a family every day. There are three public pools close to our home that we hope to become a family activity, so Ruby can teach our child how to swim.

We like living in Atlanta because we can enjoy the restaurants and attractions of a big city, while also owning our own home with a yard just a short car ride away. Atlanta has a lot of neighborhood festivals throughout the year. We like that they give us a chance to support our community and experience different cultures. We love eating from local food trucks and shopping from local artists.

Our Extended Families

Ashlee & Her Mom at Our Wedding

We are both close with our families. Ashlee has an older brother and Ruby is an only child.

Ashlee's family lives an hour away in north Georgia. We see Ashlee's mom, brother, his wife and four daughters frequently. Sometimes Ashlee's nieces will have sleepovers at our house. We cook with them and take them to new places in Atlanta. They also like playing "makeover" where they somehow make use of every piece of makeup and nail polish we own.

Ruby & Her Parents

Ruby is from Australia, but her parents live in New Hampshire and are planning to spend a lot more time in Atlanta because Ruby's Mom would love to be a Grandma. Before the pandemic, we would see them every other month, either with them visiting us in Atlanta, us visiting them in New Hampshire, or meeting up on a vacation. Ruby's extended family lives in Australia and we have visited them three times in the past few years. Her family all live near the beach, so we like to escape the winter here in America to visit them in Australia, where it's summer.

From Us to You

Hopefully this profile has given you some insight into who we are, who our families are, and how we spend our time. We hope this letter will give you further insight into how excited we are to be parents and how much love and affection we have to give to our child. We don't know who you are or why you are considering adoption, but we value how brave and selfless you are for taking this step. Thank you for taking the time to consider us as potential parents for your child.

We've been together for almost eight years now and we have been married for almost five years. We've been across the world together multiple times, we've purchased two homes, and we've witnessed the birth of Ashlee's nieces. Our next big adventure awaits, and it's the greatest one yet: growing our family. Adoption has always been our first choice to expand our family. However, we can't do that alone.

Our promise to you, should you choose us as parents for your child, is they will always be loved, heard, and supported. They will live in a home that values communication and respect, and they'll be surrounded by people who are devoted to their happiness and success.

Talking about adoption can be hard, but it is something that we feel is important. Your child will always know that you love them and you chose us to be their moms. They will always know about the difficult choice you made out of love for them, and we will always honor you and your choice. We would like to build a relationship with you and maintain contact with you, so you feel comfortable and also included in their life and milestones, if you wish to be. The last year has taught us a lot about how to remain close with people and build friendships, even if you aren't nearby geographically. We can easily text, email, or mail updates and photos or set up phone calls or FaceTimes, whichever you are most comfortable with. We would potentially be open to setting up a playdate or activity where you can see the child and see how well they are growing, as well.

We will provide an education, not just through school and extracurricular activities, but also at home where we will create an environment where they can learn about themselves and their culture, as well as other cultures. Throughout their life, we will encourage them to choose hobbies that they enjoy and attend classes, workshops, or other extracurricular activities to explore their interests. Your child will get to travel the world and learn about many cultures and lifestyles. We will encourage them to explore and find what makes them happiest, so they can be successful.

While this letter and profile may not be able to sum up everything about us and the aspirations we have as parents, we hope it has given you an understanding of our values, our home, our love, and the amazing mothers we hope to be. Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We wish you the best in your pregnancy.

Ruby & Ashlee


Kristen Bell
Viola Davis
Fun Home by Allison Bechdel
Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid
Candy Bar
Cadbury eggs
Childhood Toy
A stuffed Pink Panther
Karaoke machine
Children's Book
Love You Forever by Robert Munsch
Sydney or Melbourne
Day of Week
Creme brulee
Anything with frosting
Dream Car
Any electric car
A Toyota Sienna minivan
Dream Job
A college professor
A radio host
Dream Vacation
Europe with Ashlee
Paris with Ruby
Family Activity
Outdoor movie nights at home
Flower / Plant
Garden roses
Bird of Paradise
Form of Exercise
Holiday Tradition
Wearing matching holiday outfits
Family Christmas pajama photo
Ice Cream
Salted Caramel
Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream
Junk Food
Martha Stewart
Memory with Spouse
Visiting Brisbane together
Teaching our nieces how to make pizza
Movie Munchie
Caramel corn
Musical Group
Spice Girls
The Strokes
Personal Hero
My Nana
Quality about my Spouse
Her sense of humor
Her patience
Caprese panini
Any Chicken sandwich
"Buddy Holly" by Weezer
"Semi-charmed Life" by Third Eye Blind
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Team
Tampa Bay Lightning
Subject in School
English or Social Studies
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
TV Show
Veronica Mars
Veronica Mars
TV Show Character
Veronica Mars
Seth Cohen from The OC
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
New Zealand
New Zealand

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