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Evan & Kellie

It means so much to us that you are taking a look at our profile. We are a fun-loving family of three who are so ready and excited to welcome a new baby into our family. Our view of adoption is that blending our families to love this child is a beautiful thing. There is so much love in our hearts already for this baby, and also for you.

About Us

Product Manager
Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
Master's Degree in Teaching
Legally Married

Our Promise to You

At the Pumpkin Patch

Our son Linden is three and a half and an absolute joy to be around. He is our biological child, but that being said, it was always our plan and vision to expand our family through adoption.

Our first promise to you is that we will love this child more than we can even imagine right now. It's amazing how becoming a parent opens a whole new area of your heart. We learned this with our first child, and we are so incredibly excited for this child.

We also want to promise you that this child will always know how much you love and care for them. Adoption is a painful and beautiful thing, and your decision to place this child with us is an act of love that only you can fully understand. We commit to conveying this love to this child by telling stories about you, and by describing things about you that make us proud and that make us love you. We promise to be respectful surrounding any circumstances that you are experiencing and we'll respect your unique relationship with the child as the years go on.

It is our most sincere hope that you will want an open adoption relationship with us, whatever that may mean to you. We know that this relationship will and should change over time and we are committed to sticking it out with you and making sure that this child always has as much access to you as you feel comfortable with. We believe that more people to love a child is always a good thing.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Visiting a Nearby Flower Farm

Kellie About Evan: I knew that Evan was the one for me pretty early on. There are so many things that make Evan a wonderful person, spouse and father, but the most important quality is his kindness to others. Evan is a calm and steady presence in our family. He loves to learn and teach people new skills, and has thrived as a dad teaching our son new things such as how to bike and how to cook. I know that he loves sharing activities with Linden and he is such a fun dad. I also love that Evan is very intellectual and seems to be a never-ending fount of information. He strives to better himself and others and is often the one to think of new goals for our family to achieve together.

Evan About Kellie: Kellie is the most empathetic and enthusiastic person in my life. She makes friends easily wherever she goes and with all kinds of people. I have always admired how deeply Kellie feels what others are feeling, and how she translates that into thoughtful words or actions towards her friends and family. Her enthusiasm is infectious, whether she's encouraging me to work towards a cycling goal, showering our son or family with love, or simply laughing at a goofy cat video. I feel lucky that Kellie is always in-tune with our son, and I watch and learn as Kellie models the most respectful ways of parenting Linden through the changing phases of early childhood.

Our Cultural Heritage

Evan comes from a biracial family and grew up in the suburbs near San Jose, California. His dad's family is German while his mom's family is Chinese. Three of his four grandparents were born in the United States, so he's often joked that he was raised more culturally "Midwestern" than anything else. "Cultural heritage" makes him think of food: his love of stir-fry of all kinds, his dad's family history as cheese makers, comfort food in the form of Midwestern casseroles, and those flat dried plum candies that show up around certain Chinese holidays.

Kellie's family all come from a mid-size town in Washington State. Kellie has Norwegian and English heritage from her parents, which is likely where she got her life-long love of gnomes. Many of her nieces and nephews are of different races. Three of her nieces are black, and all three of her nephews are black and Puerto Rican.

It will be extremely important for us to learn about and embrace the racial and cultural heritage of this child if they differ from our own. It will be incredibly humbling and beautiful to learn about these traditions and work hard to incorporate them into our family. In addition, it's important to us as parents that our children have role models who look like them. If this child does not look like us, be assured that we will work to include and cultivate a community that includes people of this child's race(s) and/or cultures.


Our Family at Home
Our Family at Home
Reading a Book Together
Reading a Book Together
At a Nearby Flower Farm
At a Nearby Flower Farm
Visiting Japan
Visiting Japan
Playing the Piano
Playing the Piano
Building a Snowman
Building a Snowman
At the Beach on the Oregon Coast
At the Beach on the Oregon Coast
Backpacking Trip in the Snow
Backpacking Trip in the Snow
Kellie & Linden Talking About Seashells at the Beach
Kellie & Linden Talking About Seashells at the Beach
Evan Cycling in the Cascade Mountains
Evan Cycling in the Cascade Mountains
At a Friend's Wedding in Chicago
At a Friend's Wedding in Chicago
In Front of Mt. Rainier
In Front of Mt. Rainier
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Our Family at Home
Our Family at Home
2 / 12
Reading a Book Together
Reading a Book Together
3 / 12
At a Nearby Flower Farm
At a Nearby Flower Farm
4 / 12
Visiting Japan
Visiting Japan
5 / 12
Playing the Piano
Playing the Piano
6 / 12
Building a Snowman
Building a Snowman
7 / 12
At the Beach on the Oregon Coast
At the Beach on the Oregon Coast
8 / 12
Backpacking Trip in the Snow
Backpacking Trip in the Snow
9 / 12
Kellie & Linden Talking About Seashells at the Beach
Kellie & Linden Talking About Seashells at the Beach
10 / 12
Evan Cycling in the Cascade Mountains
Evan Cycling in the Cascade Mountains
11 / 12
At a Friend's Wedding in Chicago
At a Friend's Wedding in Chicago
12 / 12
In Front of Mt. Rainier
In Front of Mt. Rainier

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in Washington State in an established neighborhood just outside of the city. We love that there is a constant stream of people walking and biking by our home, which is located on a street that is popular with pedestrians and has low car traffic. In the summer, a local marching band uses our streets to practice their routine, making a weekly parade of families following behind to enjoy it. We live a few blocks away from the local elementary school, and walking distance to the public library, coffee shops, parks, and grocery store. Our neighbors and friends are a wonderful mix of older people who have grown children and younger families just starting out.

We have lived in our home for seven years and love so much about it. Our home is a modest three-bedroom, two-bathroom home, nestled in amongst many mature trees. The trees and greenery out every window were a selling point; after our first visit, Kellie couldn't stop thinking about "the tree house." We spend a lot of time together as a family in the living room, where we have wall-to-wall bookshelves, a piano, and lots of seating and blankets for a cozy time reading a book.

Our Extended Families

Evan's Family

We are so lucky to have Evan's parents and his sister and brother-in-law living close by. We spend a lot of time with them eating meals, chatting, doing crafts, and hanging out. They are so excited to welcome another child into our family. Evan's parents are retired and love to spend time with our son Linden; they often come over to play with him, invite him over to bake delicious treats together, and come up with crafts to do. Christmas is very important to our family and we traditionally spend several days together baking cookies, playing games, writing off-color magnetic poetry, and doing everyday things together like sharing meals and walking family dogs.

Family Hike

Kellie's family is a welcoming, loving, and blended family. Both of Kellie's parents have passed, but she is close to her step-dad and her step and half siblings. We see Kellie's step-dad as often as we can, as he only lives about four hours away and Linden loves to camp, bike, and be in the outdoors working in Grandpa's backyard. In the fall, we usually visit the orchards near where Kellie grew up and pick apples with Grandpa.

All of Kellie's siblings now have children of their own and live within four hours of our home, so we look forward to family get-togethers with the many cousins for years to come. Though her family is blended and not everyone has the same parents, we all love each other as a family.

From Us to You

Hello! We are Kellie and Evan, and we're excited to tell you a bit about ourselves. We know that considering families to place your child with for adoption is a heavy business, and our hearts go out to you right now. We believe that open adoption is a wonderful thing for everyone involved, and we are excited to start an ongoing loving relationship between our family and yours.

We have been happily married for 8 years, after meeting through friends and connecting over conversation about the importance of family and holiday rituals. We have a three and a half year old biological son named Linden who is a kind and curious boy who loves to read and play. We enjoy having pets and have two cats whom we love to snuggle. We enjoy spending time with our family, and visit Kellie's family across the state several times a year. Evan's family lives close by and we regularly have dinner with them and plan outings together. Evan's parents are active, loving grandparents who are excited for the chance to dote on another child.

Kellie comes from a blended family, and despite its complications, it has been a source of love and richness in her family life. From an early age, Kellie dreamed of having an adopted child in her family. When we met, we started talking about open adoption and came to our current place of being excited to add to our family. This has become a shared dream and we don't see our family being complete without adoption.

Kellie is an extremely loving person. She finds friends wherever she goes. Kellie is a stay-at-home mom currently and says that it is the most challenging job she has ever had, which is big considering she used to be a high school science teacher! Kellie loves to read and camp and spend time with her family. She also is very silly, loves animals, breaks into song occasionally, and can't stand onions.

Evan is a calm and rational force in the family. He works as a product manager for a tech company. Evan is an avid cyclist and goes on crazy long bike rides, sometimes on gravel roads through the mountains! Evan loves to make fancy coffee drinks at home, plays the violin and piano, and enjoys cooking (with onions).

As a family, we have a love for learning and for travel. We hope to learn with our children about the amazing people and natural wonders of the world. Our love of nature and the outdoors means that there will be opportunities to see far-off places and secluded mountains, to bike places and camp as a family, and to read as many books as we can together. We are so excited to share these experiences and our love with your baby.

Since becoming parents, we've settled into a respectful parenting style that helps our child validate his feelings while communicating healthy boundaries. We think a lot about how to raise an open-minded child, which leads us to little things like supporting our son when he likes things outside gender-norms, and intentionally seeking out books and media that celebrate families of all arrangements. We joke about how it's our biggest job as a parent to make sure we don't send a jerk into the world.

Our hope for our adopted child is that they will know how much love you have for them because of choosing adoption. We want as open of an adoption relationship as you are comfortable with. Our ideal relationship would include visits, texts, photos, and letters. If you and your family are comfortable, we would love for this child to grow up with contact with their extended biological family. The more people to love this child, the better.

Thank you again for taking time to get to know us and our family. We can only imagine what this decision must be like, and we are in awe of your courage. We're incredibly excited and humbled to even be considered as a part of this child's future, and wish you all the best in following your heart in this decision.

Evan & Kellie


Arthur C. Clarke or William Gibson
Octavia Butler
Candy Bar
Chocolate almond butter cups
Bill Nye the Science Guy (not a cartoon, I know! but favorite childhood show)
Childhood Memory
Playing in the backyard during the summer - sprinklers, kiddie pool, and warm evenings with the windows open
Camping with my mom
Childhood Toy
I still have my childhood Lego sets!
Children's Book
Those cutaway books that show you the insides of ships, buildings, sewing machines, etc.
Owl Moon
New York City (to visit... not stay)
Day of Week
Apple crisp
Chocolate cream pie
Disney Movie
Snow White
Dream Car
Tesla 3 or Y
Dream Job
Helping people who are changing the world for good, by solving problems they have with technology
Stay-at-home mom
Dream Vacation
A vacation that mixes great bike riding with friends and time with family outdoors
Family Activity
Flower / Plant
Cacti, succulents
Indian curries
Form of Exercise
Cycling. Long distance road rides, mountain biking, bike commuting or errands - all of it.
Apple, fresh off a tree in an orchard
Pandemic board game
Playing music (piano, violin)
Holiday Song
Vince Guaraldi Trio - O Tannenbaum (from A Charlie Brown Christmas)
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Holiday Tradition
Making (and eating) Christmas cookies
Writing a letter to Santa
Ice Cream
Mint chip
Cookies and cream
Junk Food
Tater tots
Leisure Activity
Bicycle Quarterly
Ranger Rick (for kids)
Memory with a Child
Doing activities together, whether that's cooking, biking, or playing piano
Going to New Zealand with my son
Memory with Spouse
Either traveling to Japan together or backpacking in the Pacific Northwest
Travelling to Japan
Movie Munchie
Ice cream... and maybe a brownie!
Popcorn with cheesy sprinkles
Movie Type
Science fiction or heist
Musical Group
Janelle Monae
Olympic Event
Shel Silverstein
Quality about my Spouse
Her huge heart. She cares so, so deeply about her family, friends, kiddo, and past students
His intellect
I love a good classic burger place
Indian food
Tuna melt, or anything with turkey & avocado
Shopping Store
Local bike shop
Sport to Play
Cyclocross (it's riding bikes in circles in the mud... with handups. it's hilarious)
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Justin / Cory Williams
Serena Williams
Sports Team
Legion of Los Angeles
Subject in School
Either orchestra, or any/all of my science classes
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
Early morning, before a full-day outdoor adventure
Night owl
Getting together with friends for dinner at their or our house
Letters and cookies for Santa each Christmas
Type of Music
Upbeat music, with a preference towards danceable, uplifting electronic, disco, funk
Alternative rock
Vacation Spot
Video Game
Old adventure games, like Grim Fandango

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