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Reed & April

We are April and Reed and we first came to adoption because April's parents adopted her at birth. Her experience was a joyful one, and we chose adoption to build our family as well. We love being an adoptive family and are excited to multiply that love again. Thank you for letting us show you a glimpse into our life to see if we could be the right match for you and your child.

About Us

Mental Health Clinician
Law Degree
Master's Degree in Social Work
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

Enjoying Family Time

Adoption is woven into the fabric of our family. April was adopted at birth and grew up celebrating the day her adoption was finalized with a party her family called an "Unbirthday," named for the movie Alice in Wonderland, which was a childhood favorite.

Building a family through adoption was always in April's heart growing up and throughout young adulthood. Reed embraced this idea and jumped in with both feet. Once we decided to become parents we knew adoption was our first choice. Theo joined our family through adoption in 2018 at 5 days old and we are so incredibly grateful and blessed that we were given the opportunity to be his parents.

Being an adopted person that has become a parent through adoption is special to April and while no two adoption stories are the same, she has a deeper understanding of the hurdles our son and future children may face and the desire to help them navigate it together.

Our Leisure Time

At the Top of a Hike Near Seattle, Washington

Both of us grew up hiking with our families and have been lucky enough to continue that throughout our life together as a couple and now with our son, Theo. Where we live now has many places within a 15 minute drive that let us get outside, be active and see some amazing views. Reed has a long history with hiking and camping that includes leading teens on a 10-day hike along the Appalachian Trail.

We also enjoy playing tennis and running in our free time. We have both completed marathons, but prefer shorter distances now that we are parents and training time is harder to come by. Reed loves cycling and recently bought a balance bike for Theo to start learning to ride as well.

April loves gardening and cooking. She has included Theo in both these passions and together they are currently growing tomatoes, artichokes and Carrots. Each weekend April makes sure to cook or bake something with Theo. Their specialties include pizza from scratch, chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon rolls.

The best part of all our family activities is that they will be even more fun with another child and give us tons of great memories of being together.

Cultural Diversity

Playdate With Friends From a Transracial Adoption Group

Being a transracial adoptive family is something we have embraced fully. We see it as our responsibility to provide our child with experiences and people that build a strong sense of self and identity both as an adopted person and through their racial heritage. We have been lucky to form friendships with other transracial adoptive families and enjoy the time our families spend together. We have learned how to do Theo's hair and teach him to take pride in his hair too. We make sure we have kids books on diversity in our home, but also stories that have Black characters being awesome without needing to have a diversity message in it. In the last year we chose to move away from a predominantly white area to a very diverse metro area so that our son and future children will grow up in place that reflects them and our family. We love going to our local parks and seeing families from all backgrounds and building community with them.


Ice Cream Date
Ice Cream Date
Pretending to Be Like Zooey
Pretending to Be Like Zooey
One of Our Favorite Local Hiking Spots
One of Our Favorite Local Hiking Spots
Reed at the Finish Line of a Marathon
Reed at the Finish Line of a Marathon
Reed & His Brother Kayaking With the Kids
Reed & His Brother Kayaking With the Kids
Shoulder Ride
Shoulder Ride
Waiting in Line for a Ride on a Local Steam Train
Waiting in Line for a Ride on a Local Steam Train
At the Farmer's Market
At the Farmer's Market
Celebrating a Close Friend's Wedding
Celebrating a Close Friend's Wedding
Theo & Reed's Mom
Theo & Reed's Mom
Paddle Boarding at the Lake on a Perfect Summer Day
Paddle Boarding at the Lake on a Perfect Summer Day
Celebrating Theo's Third Birthday
Celebrating Theo's Third Birthday
1 / 12
Ice Cream Date
Ice Cream Date
2 / 12
Pretending to Be Like Zooey
Pretending to Be Like Zooey
3 / 12
One of Our Favorite Local Hiking Spots
One of Our Favorite Local Hiking Spots
4 / 12
Reed at the Finish Line of a Marathon
Reed at the Finish Line of a Marathon
5 / 12
Reed & His Brother Kayaking With the Kids
Reed & His Brother Kayaking With the Kids
6 / 12
Shoulder Ride
Shoulder Ride
7 / 12
Waiting in Line for a Ride on a Local Steam Train
Waiting in Line for a Ride on a Local Steam Train
8 / 12
At the Farmer's Market
At the Farmer's Market
9 / 12
Celebrating a Close Friend's Wedding
Celebrating a Close Friend's Wedding
10 / 12
Theo & Reed's Mom
Theo & Reed's Mom
11 / 12
Paddle Boarding at the Lake on a Perfect Summer Day
Paddle Boarding at the Lake on a Perfect Summer Day
12 / 12
Celebrating Theo's Third Birthday
Celebrating Theo's Third Birthday

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

Since moving to our new city we have hit the ground running in creating community. We are lucky to live near a ton of playgrounds and have found some favorites. We are part of a parent group from one neighborhood park that loves to collaborate on weekend activities such as Easter Egg hunts, birthday celebrations and who is bringing chalk and bubbles. We bought a wagon so that we could explore our neighborhood on foot and this has been a great way to meet our neighbors which include a handful of families with small children.

Theo Loves Playing in This Giant Sand Pit With His Construction Trucks

When searching for our current house we knew we wanted to grow our family while we are here, so we have as open bedroom available and a small fenced in backyard for playing and gardening. Currently, Theo and April are growing tomatoes, peppers, blueberries and artichokes. April is always expanding our garden so this is just the tip of the iceberg. We also love our open floor plan that gives us a ton of room to be together in the living room/kitchen/dining space. We have plenty of space for a brand new family member in the future.

Our Extended Families

April's Dad Playing With Theo

We keep our extended family very close despite living further away from them than we'd like. We make sure we spend all the big holidays with them and we do daily breakfast FaceTime visits with our parents. It has been so fun to watch Theo start talking and look forward to seeing his Grandparents. Theo even calls his breakfast "G-pop cereal" named after Reed's father. We laugh together a lot on those calls.

With Reed's Family

Each summer we visit Reed's family lake house where we get to see Reed's extended family -- lots of uncles, aunts, and cousins live nearby or visit at the same time. Reed's brother has two kids, Henry and Morgan, who love to see Theo when we get together in person and during FaceTime visits. Theo loves them too and talks about them all the time. Henry and Theo love to build things together and then knock it all down. Summertime with our extended family is something we look forward to all year long.

Adoption was always a part of April's family, but it was new to Reed's side of the family when we began our first adoption. They have been fully on board since day one and open to learning all the different parts of the adoption journey and experience.

From Us to You

Thank you for taking the time to read about our family and considering us to be parents for your child. All three of us-Reed, April, and our son Theo-are excited and ready to love and nurture a new baby. We are thrilled to expand on the love and joy in our lives and find out who will join our family next.

We have been together for eight years and married for five. Our family is built on a strong foundation of teamwork, laughter, and support when times are hard. Our laughter and joy has only increased since Theo joined our family. Being parents has been life changing in the best way. It fills us with wonder and awe seeing Theo grow and learn and develop his own interests and sense of humor. Thanks to him we listen to banjo music, know all the names for different construction equipment and have a new found love of Halloween. Watching our son become who he is and grow into who he will become is an honor that isn't taken for granted. It is important to us to support whatever our child(ren) shows interest in and to provide the opportunity to try new things. We know our next child will bring an all new personality-full of new emotions, new interests, and new challenges-into our life as well. We welcome those new experiences with our whole hearts.

April was adopted at birth and has experienced the ups and downs that come with being adopted. We are excited to continue to build our family in a similar way to how she grew up. We feel especially well-equipped to help a child navigate all that comes with adoption and building a community to help support racial and cultural identity. Since becoming a transracial adoptive family we have sought education, resources, and even moved thousands of miles to ensure our son and future children grow up with what they need in a diverse community that will uplift them and help shape them into individuals that are proud of who they are.

We are excited to embrace open adoption and hope that our relationship with birth family is like extended family. The role birth mothers play in the identity of a child is invaluable and something we want to support. Our ideal open adoption plan is collaborative and flexible with respect to contact and visits. We want to meet you at your comfort level each step of the way. This is a lifelong journey that we are about to embark on and we understand the need for patience, support, and communication.

In a world of unknowns and hard decisions we want to assure you that the common threads linking everyone throughout this journey is love and respect. While we cannot fully comprehend how difficult this process is for you, we would love to navigate this path with you. We wish you happiness, strength, and peace on your adoption journey as you multiply the love in your child's life.

Reed & April


Candy Bar
Childhood Memory
Bike touring in Canada
Childhood Toy
Children's Book
Oh, the Places You'll Go!
Pout Pout Fish
Classic Movie
Dr. Strangelove
Dark green
Red Velvet Cake
Disney Movie
Dream Job
Own a Coffee Shop
Dream Vacation
Exploring Japan
Family Activity
Anything outside
Flower / Plant
Palm Trees
Form of Exercise
Fantasy Football
Holiday Tradition
Cinnamon Rolls on Christmas Morning
Ice Cream
Leisure Activity
Memory with a Child
Stroller walks with Theo during the pandemic
Memory with Spouse
Northern California Vineyard Tours
Hiking Joshua Tree National Park
Movie Type
Olympic Event
Track and Field
Quality about my Spouse
Her empathy
His supportiveness
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Subject in School
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30 Rock
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Yosemite National Park
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Super Mario Galaxy

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