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Nate & Eileen

Thank you for considering us as potential parents for your child. We believe adoption is a true gift and have been looking forward to expanding our family for several years. We are committed to embracing your child with love, support, and faith as they grow. We understand how difficult this decision is for you and thank you for your strength and consideration.

About Us

FTA - Business Analyst
Bachelor's Degree in Law Enforcement & Justice Administration
Bachelor's Degree in Marketing
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

At a Cardinal Baseball Game

We both enjoy movies, live concerts, ball games, and swimming. We will play with our husky/shepherd mix dog, Charlie. This consists of hide-n-seek around the house and taking car rides around the city.

Charlie's favorite is meeting other dogs and getting to play with them. Over the years we have worked with him to be calm around kids and other dogs since he is large. He always gets compliments of how gentle he is with others. He is a fan favorite of our friends and those who meet him.

Nate has a close group of friends where they will get together regularly to play games. When he is not preparing for the upcoming game, he will work on his computer or catch up on the recent Star Wars show. He enjoys learning about historical figures and events. This makes him very valuable in trivia.

Eileen enjoys hanging out with friends and will listen to local bands around the city. She enjoys cooking and baking as it is a stress reliever. This last year, she made meals for those who were affected by COVID and could not cook for themselves. She also enjoys trying out the latest Pinterest or TikTok home trend.

How We Met

Just the Two of Us

We met online through a dating website in January 2006. Online dating was still new but we both took a chance. Nate was working long hours in emergency services and Eileen was working long hours at a restaurant. We did not have the opportunity to meet new people, and this gave us the chance to try something new. Eileen came across Nate's profile and knew she had to meet him.

Nate took a chance on her, even without a profile picture and responded to her request. We emailed and talked every night. Our first date we met at a coffee shop and did not want the date to end. We truly do complement each other and encourage to be ourselves but also grow into who we want to be. We also encourage each other to step outside of our comfort zone to find new favorites within life. Nate taught Eileen that she really does like SciFi and she made him see that Dave Matthews Band is a great band to see live.

How Adoption has Affected Us

Nate and Eileen

We have been blessed by adoption through many avenues in our lives. We have relatives who have created their families by adopting and several who have given the gift to let others raise their child. As we began sharing our journey to adoption, we have been blessed with more and more stories of friends and family being positively impacted by adoption. Several experiences are following open adoptions and provided the positive impact it has on the child. There is honesty and trust from the beginning and childhood experiences are shared through email, photo, and an occasional visit. We also have witnessed the joyous reunion of adults reconnecting with birth parents after adhering to closed adoptions. Though being in each other’s lives was not possible in the early years, as adults they are able to have a connection and build a relationship organically. We have experienced there is no cookie cutter way adoption should work. Your child will be loved and adored by us, but they will also know that they are loved by you too. If there is love, trust, honesty, and respect then we are certain your child will have a happy childhood and enjoy their own journey through their personal adoption story.


Deep Sea Fishing in Florida
Deep Sea Fishing in Florida
Trivia Night!
Trivia Night!
At a Zac Brown Concert
At a Zac Brown Concert
Charlie and Eileen
Charlie and Eileen
In Savannah, GA
In Savannah, GA
Eileen in White Sox Gear
Eileen in White Sox Gear
Hawaii Mudbug
Hawaii Mudbug
A Salmon Fishing Group
A Salmon Fishing Group
Family Dinner
Family Dinner
Museum Tour
Museum Tour
At a Baseball Game
At a Baseball Game
1 / 11
Deep Sea Fishing in Florida
Deep Sea Fishing in Florida
2 / 11
Trivia Night!
Trivia Night!
3 / 11
At a Zac Brown Concert
At a Zac Brown Concert
4 / 11
Charlie and Eileen
Charlie and Eileen
5 / 11
In Savannah, GA
In Savannah, GA
6 / 11
Eileen in White Sox Gear
Eileen in White Sox Gear
7 / 11
Hawaii Mudbug
Hawaii Mudbug
8 / 11
A Salmon Fishing Group
A Salmon Fishing Group
9 / 11
Family Dinner
Family Dinner
10 / 11
Museum Tour
Museum Tour
11 / 11
At a Baseball Game
At a Baseball Game

Our Extended Families

Our Extended Family

Family is very important to us and is one of our core values. Nate grew up in a small college town where his mom worked in the university library and his dad worked in IT. He has a younger sister who is an archivist for a First Nation tribe in Canada. Nate’s parents got married the same year bi-racial marriages became legal in Oklahoma. He inherited the mindset of doing what is right, not what is easy, from his family. Church gatherings and bible study are a priority for the family. Summers would be spent with the extended family several states away.

Nate's Family

Eileen’s extended family grew up within several miles of each other and are very close. Her mom worked in accounting and dad drove an 18-wheeler. Her brother works as a pharmacist in the local hospital. We are a loud family when together and that is usually due to watching a ball game or playing cards. You can usually see the cousins running around outside playing while the adults play cards or games.

We really do have the best of both worlds. We are typically very quiet in our own home but enjoy the burst of energy when visiting family. Both of our extended families are very excited we are adopting and cannot wait to share their love with your child.

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a large subdivision near a grade school and high school in Missouri. There are kids of all ages outside during the summer playing in the yards, playgrounds, and common grounds. The holidays are great for decorating competitions (who has the best Christmas lights, who has the best Halloween decorations, etc.).

We have a corner one-story ranch house with lilac bushes along two sides and walkers love to stop by and smell them. We have a dog that loves to meet new people and have found the many other dog walkers will stop by to see if Charlie is out to say hi. If the weather is right, we open up the windows and you can usually see Charlie sitting in front of the screen door watching everyone outside.

We live in a city and county of parks. There are playgrounds with swings, slides, and sandbox within walking distance. There is also a field at the bottom of our hill where people will gather for a game of soccer, frisbee, or baseball. There are five more parks within 5 minutes of us with several having a pond that allows for fishing.

We spend most of our evenings in the living room winding down from a day of work. The dining room and kitchen are favorite spots for when we have friends and family over for get togethers. We are working on making our covered porch a welcomed oasis this summer.

From Us to You

We would like to thank you for taking the time in considering us. We understand that this is a very difficult decision for you and would like to assure you we will provide a safe, nurturing, loving home for your child. Your child will have amazing love and support not only from us but from our large, close-knit families.

Our family has always been an important part of our lives and we began imaging growing ours early on in our relationship. We are very excited that adoption will allow us to begin a family of our own. We are committed to showering your child with love and respect. We cannot wait to for your child to be immersed in family vacations, holiday get-togethers and traditions, family game nights, and many of the same activities we enjoyed growing up. Both of our families are very excited and supportive of our decision to adopt. They are already planning on outings to the zoo, botanical gardens, parks, and any chance to hold and love your child.

A little about us, we met in 2006 and knew quickly after meeting that we found our match in each other. Now, we have been married almost 12 years and we continue to grow our love. We enjoy traveling internationally and domestically. We have been to several countries and experienced many different cultures. Our careers have also molded us to who we are today. We both started from entry-level positions and have moved up throughout the years. We have transitioned to positions that allow us to put family first. Nate has worked in emergency services for the past 20 years, with over 10 being his current position at a hospital. Eileen has worked for a restaurant concept almost 19 years with the last 5 years working with franchises and their technology needs. We believe in supporting each other through our careers, personal growth, and becoming parents.

We will always follow what is best for your child and hope to have a relationship with you based in trust and openness. We have a lot of love to give and are very excited for the opportunity to help guide your child to grow into their personality. We cherish originality and hope to be able to set a foundation to inspire them to build from their talents. We will share your child’s growth and experiences through email, photos, letters, or any other means of communication that you would like. We will always be honest and open about their adoption. They will know how much you love them, and you will always be reflected positively to them.

Thank you for learning more about us and considering us as potential parents for your child. We are so blessed to have been given the opportunity to expand our family and will provide all the love, devotion, and support that any child or parent could ask for. We understand you have a difficult decision ahead of you and thank you for allowing us to share our heart with you.

Nate & Eileen


Laurence Fishburne
Keanu Reeves
Carrie Fisher
Rosario Dawson
Terry Brooks
Jane Austen
The Elfstone of Shannara
Pride & Prejudice
Candy Bar
Kit Kat
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
My Neighbor Totoro
Scooby Doo
Childhood Memory
Thanksgiving with Grandpa Lester and Grandma Virginia
Fishing and boating on the lake
Childhood Toy
Red Helicopter
Blue Doll
Children's Book
Where the Wild Things Are
The Wizard of Oz
Savannah, Georgia
Savannah, Georgia
Classic Movie
Robo Cop
Day of Week
Blueberry Pie/Pecan Pie
White Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
Disney Movie
Dream Car
Bugatti Chiron
1976 Stingray Corvette
Dream Job
Music Video Producer
Food Critic
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Family Game Night with Extended Family
Family Game Night - with Extended Family
Flower / Plant
Mom's Beef Stroganoff
Stuffed Chicken Breast
Form of Exercise
Bike Riding
Play 9
Building Computers
Holiday Song
Carol of the Bells
Holly Jolly Christmas
Holiday Tradition
Christmas Dinner with Extended Family
Driving and seeing holiday lights
Ice Cream
Moose Tracks - Vanilla with PB cups and caramel
Junk Food
White Cheddar Popcorn
Leisure Activity
Watching TV
In Style
Memory with a Child
Christening w/Godson
Full Day with nephew - started with shopping but did what he wanted to do
Memory with Spouse
Relaxing on the beach/park bench
Going for drives and listening to music
Star Wars - A New Hope
Legend of Bagger Vance
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
Mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling - Inception
Did we just become best friends - Step Brothers
Movie Type
Princess & the Pea
Hello Dolly
Musical Group
Linkin Park
Dave Matthews Band
Nursery Rhyme
Hey Diddle Diddle
Frer Jacques
Olympic Event
Figure Skating
Personal Hero
Billy Thorpe - Family Friend
Pauli Murray
Taming of the Shrew
Twelfth Night
D.H. Lawrence
Maya Angelou
Quality about my Spouse
Her Fearlessness
How Fun He Is
No one knows what he can do until he tries - Publilus Syrus
Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it - Lou Holtz
Twisted Tree
Osaka Sushi
Bacon Turkey Bravo
Jeremiah 31 - The Lord appeared to us in the past saying, I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.
Isaiah 40:29 - He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless
Shopping Store
Best Buy
Mysterious Night - Knight Sabers
Three Little Birds - Bob Marley
Sport to Play
Frisbee Golf
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Lindsey Vonn
Ozzie Smith
Sports Team
Chicago White Sox
St. Louis Cardinals
Subject in School
Music Appreciation
Thing to Cook
Queso Dip
Time of Day
Family Dinner - Extended Family
TV Show
Air Wolf
TV Show Character
Tom Selleck's Magnun PI
Sydney Bristow - Alias
Type of Music
Alternative Rock
Vacation Spot
Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
Vancouver, BC
Video Game
Halo Wars
World Cive Revolution

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