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Chace & Melisa

Howdy from Texas! Adoption is near and dear to our hearts! Melisa's mom was adopted, therefore, we understand the impact that adoption can have on the lives of everyone around. We are both elementary teachers, so children are at the center of our lives. We understand the difficult decisions you are being faced with and look forward to the opportunity to support you through this process. Thank you!

About Us

Kindergarten Teacher
Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology
Master of Education
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

Our Family

Adoption is personal for both of us. We are the proud parents of an amazing 13-year-old young man. Alex is a child from Melisa's first marriage, however, Chace and Alex have an unbreakable bond and Alex calls Chace "Dad." When Alex is 18 he wants to be legally adopted by Chace, so that all will know that Chace is the dad he chooses.

Melisa's mom, NaeNae, and grandmother were both adopted. Melisa's grandmother, Grandma Jo, was adopted from an orphanage when she was a week old. Grandma Jo's adoptive mom received a phone call from her sister working at the orphanage that there was an infant up for adoption, so her mother drove to town and picked her up. Grandma Jo's dad got the surprise of a lifetime when he came home from work and was told he was a dad! Grandma Jo did not know her birth family until she was much older, in her 60's. We all had an opportunity to meet her birth family in Idaho.

NaeNae's adoption was very different. NaeNae was adopted from within the family. Grandma Jo's cousin found himself a single parent with 5 children. He did not have milk for the youngest, NaeNae, and Grandma Jo had a milk cow. NaeNae was placed with Grandma Jo and her husband until they later finalized the adoption. Since the adoption was within the family, NaeNae grew up knowing her siblings and birth father.

Our Leisure Time

Chace in the Gym

Chace has various interests that take up his leisure time. Chace is an avid reader and enjoys reading books and listening to books on his phone. Chace is dyslexic, so being able to read is something that he worked hard to achieve and values immensely. Chace enjoys being physically active. He runs 6 days a week and goes to the gym 3 days a week to lift weights. Working out has become much more enjoyable for Chace recently, as Alex has started running and lifting weights with him. Chace also enjoys playing catch with Alex, which is something they do every day.

Melisa Enjoys Teaching Her Nieces

Melisa is also an avid reader. She struggled to learn to read, as well, so it is something she also values. Melisa enjoys cooking for her family. She is always searching for new recipes to try out on her family. Thankfully, Chace is a good sport. Melisa enjoys doing yoga. This practice helps her remain focused and stress free. Melisa has also starting doing needle work and enjoys it.

We understand the value of spending quality time together, therefore, we try to get away for dinner, or sometimes just a drive, once a week. We also enjoy watching Alex play baseball during baseball season and attending band concerts. We love taking family trips, even if it is just a short weekend away. Making memories is important to us and we believe that spending quality time as a family is much more important than material objects.

Our Lifestyle

We are very strong Christians. We believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins because He loves us so much. As Christians, we believe that our mission is to love others. We practice this mission in all areas of our lives: in our home, neighborhood, community, and jobs. We are members of a church in our community. Our faith is very important to us and the cornerstone of our relationship and family.

We are very family oriented. Our happiest time is when we get to spend time together as a family, whether it be at home or out having an adventure. As teachers, we have the luxury of having extended time off during the year. We get to spend summers at home, as well as, 2 weeks during Christmas and a week for both Thanksgiving and Spring Break. We believe that providing experiences to our children is our job. Activities, adventures, and vacations allow us to provide our children with experiences that will impact them the rest of their lives. We are blessed with a large extended family that we get to spend time with on a regular basis. This time with family ensures that Alex, and any other child, will have an extensive support group throughout their lives.


True Love
True Love
Alex Swimming With Sandy
Alex Swimming With Sandy
Melisa at South Padre Island
Melisa at South Padre Island
At the Church of Joseph in Nazareth, Israel
At the Church of Joseph in Nazareth, Israel
Fun at a Baseball Game
Fun at a Baseball Game
Dunn's River Falls, Jamaica
Dunn's River Falls, Jamaica
Our Wedding Day
Our Wedding Day
A Night at the Movies
A Night at the Movies
Chace Is in Charge of the Color Run Each Year.  He Sprinkles Colored Powder on the Children and Adults as They Run the Track.
Chace Is in Charge of the Color Run Each Year. He Sprinkles Colored Powder on the Children and Adults as They Run the Track.
Melisa & Our Nieces
Melisa & Our Nieces
Vacation Fun
Vacation Fun
A Day at the Beach
A Day at the Beach
1 / 12
True Love
True Love
2 / 12
Alex Swimming With Sandy
Alex Swimming With Sandy
3 / 12
Melisa at South Padre Island
Melisa at South Padre Island
4 / 12
At the Church of Joseph in Nazareth, Israel
At the Church of Joseph in Nazareth, Israel
5 / 12
Fun at a Baseball Game
Fun at a Baseball Game
6 / 12
Dunn's River Falls, Jamaica
Dunn's River Falls, Jamaica
7 / 12
Our Wedding Day
Our Wedding Day
8 / 12
A Night at the Movies
A Night at the Movies
9 / 12
Chace Is in Charge of the Color Run Each Year.  He Sprinkles Colored Powder on the Children and Adults as They Run the Track.
Chace Is in Charge of the Color Run Each Year. He Sprinkles Colored Powder on the Children and Adults as They Run the Track.
10 / 12
Melisa & Our Nieces
Melisa & Our Nieces
11 / 12
Vacation Fun
Vacation Fun
12 / 12
A Day at the Beach
A Day at the Beach

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We love our house! We purchased our home 3 years ago as a new build. Our home is 3,300 square feet, with 5 bedrooms and 3 living spaces. Currently, we have 2 bedrooms that are not being used and hope to use them in the future for a nursery and play room. Our home has a master bedroom downstairs for NaeNae and PawPaw and a master upstairs for Chace and Melisa. Our son, Alex, uses the living room space upstairs for his gaming. We have a large backyard with a pool, with several security measures to ensure safety.

We love our neighborhood! Our neighborhood has a community pool and extensive walking trails surrounded by greenbelts. From our upstairs bedroom, we can see the neighborhood park with a children's playground and basketball courts. In our growing neighborhood, they are building a new elementary school that will be opening this next school year. The addition of the elementary school in our neighborhood is great since there are many young children that live here and will go to this new school. Additionally, the city will be creating a new city park which will include a splash pad. Our neighborhood community is very active and there are many coordinated events to attend.

We love our town! Our town has several beautiful parks. We live near historic downtown where they have many events, including parades, carnivals, and holiday events.

We love our state! We are both born Texans and embrace Texas traditions.

Our Extended Families

NaeNae & PawPaw

Family is extremely important to both of us. We are blessed to live in a household with 3 generations. In addition to us and Alex, Melisa's parents, NaeNae and PawPaw, live with us. We have a very close family.

Our Family

Chace has 3 siblings. His oldest sister, Nikki, and her family live about 20 minutes from us and we visit frequently. His other older sister, Laurie, along with her family and his older brother, Colter, along with his family, live about 4 hours away. We are blessed to get together with them at all major holidays. Both of Chace's parents have passed away.

Melisa has one brother, Joey. He, along with his family, live about 4 hours away. We enjoy spending time with him and his family at all major holidays, as well.

As you can tell, holidays for us are an exciting time. All of Chace's family is very welcoming, therefore, Melisa's family joins the holiday festivities with Chace's, which means it is a big, fun event! As we have discussed adoption with our families, we have been meet with excitement and support. Everyone is enthusiastic about welcoming a new family member.

From Us to You

Thank you so much for viewing our profile. We are very honored that you are considering us. Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Chace and Melisa from Texas. We were both born and raised in Texas, so we are Texan through and through! While we have many things in common, one of the biggest commonalities is that we are both elementary school teachers. We teach at the same school, which is so fun!

Chace grew up in a small rural town. Chace is the youngest of 4 siblings. He has 2 much older sisters and a brother that is 3 years older than him. Chace's father was a salesman and his mother was an accountant. Chace's parents felt family was the most important thing in life. Chace's mother passed away from cancer when he was 23. He played an important role in helping her during this time. Chace then helped his father for several years before his father had a stroke and followed his wife to heaven when Chace was 29. Prior to following his wife, Chace's father secured the commitment of all his children that they would remain a close family.

Melisa grew up in a suburb of a large city. Melisa's family moved to Oklahoma when she was 14. She graduated high school and attended college in Oklahoma before returning home to Texas. Melisa is the oldest of 2 children. She has a brother that is 4 years younger than her that still lives in Oklahoma. Melisa was married prior to her marriage to Chace. Her previous marriage resulted in one child, Alex, being born. Melisa's marriage ended when Alex was 3 years old.

Our story begins 10 years ago when Chace started working at the school that Melisa was working. Chace was hired as a P.E. coach while Melisa was teaching 1st grade. Although there was an instant attraction, because it was in the workplace we waited years, yes years, before acting on this attraction. Over the years we developed a solid friendship. Three years ago we finally began dating. Since we had known each other for so long our relationship progressed fast and we quickly fell in love. We began dating in June and got engaged in November. Chace organized an epic proposal. His family had been planning a trip to visit Israel for some time. Chace invited Melisa and Alex. When at the Jordan River, where Jesus was baptized, Chace proposed to Melisa. He then proceeded to baptize our son, Alex. We were married the following June on the beach in Jamaica. We were blessed that all of our family and very closest friends were able to attend the wedding. Our lives since then have been nothing but blessed.

We have a multigenerational household, with Melisa's parents and son living with us. NaeNae and PawPaw are both retired, which means that they are home all the time. As such, they are always home to help take care of children. When Alex was young he stayed with NaeNae and PawPaw while Melisa was at work. They had so much fun staying home, playing and going on adventures. NaeNae and PawPaw miss having a young child around and are excited about the possibility of having a baby to love, take care of when we are at work, and spoil once again. Our son, Alex is 13 years old and ready to be an older brother. Since Alex will be a much older sibling, the child will benefit from having an older sibling without having to compete for the same type of attention. The attention and time that is necessary for a teenager is vastly different than that required of a infant. In addition, we have a large extended family that are very excited about loving and welcoming a new child to the family.

When we are chosen for a placement with a child we are committed to developing a relationship with the birth parents. We would welcome an open adoption, as well as, email/text communication, phone calls with us and yearly scheduled visits.

Thank you so much for considering us. We pray that you find what you are seeking.

Chace & Melisa


Tom Hanks
Chris Pratt
Selma Hayek
Natalie Portman
James Rollins
Gina Showalter
the Bible
Shadow Rider
Candy Bar
Mr. Goodbar
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Looney Tunes
Childhood Memory
Going camping with my family
Childhood Toy
G I Joes
Children's Book
The Littlest Angel
I like Myself by Karen Beaumont
Dallas area
Dallas area
Classic Movie
It's a Wonderful Life
People Will Talk
Navy blue
Day of Week
Tuesday...because Taco Tuesday
Strawberry Cake...but I honestly LOVE them all!
Disney Movie
The Lion King
Dream Car
GMC Denali top of the line
Mercedes SUV
Dream Job
I have my dream job!
I have my dream job!
Dream Vacation
World Cruise
A trip to Ireland
Family Activity
Going on vacation
Watching baseball
Flower / Plant
Palm trees
Italian food
Mexican Food
Form of Exercise
Running and lifting weights
Card games
Reading, exercise and sports
Reading, cooking, baking
Holiday Song
Silent Night
The Carol of the Bells
Holiday Tradition
Reading the Bible before we open presents
Candle Light Church on Christmas Eve followed by dinner out with family
Ice Cream
Rocky Road
Junk Food
White Cheddar Popcorn
ALL Candy
Leisure Activity
Playing with Alex and the dogs
Sports Illustrted
Educational or cooking ones if I read a magazine
Memory with a Child
When Alex decided to start calling me Dad.
We have a 13 year old son, Alex, and the thing I love the most are the hugs.
Memory with Spouse
When I proposed to Melisa at the Jordan River in Israel.
I love watching Chace with Alex. They have a fantastic relationship.
The Hot Chic
Star Wars
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
"I'll be back."
"I'll be back. I'll be back with nuclear weapons!" from the Splash! movie
Movie Type
Physcological Thriller
Sci-fi and comedy
The Lion King
Pitch Perfect
Musical Group
Lynard Skynard
Nursery Rhyme
Ba, Ba, Black Sheep
The Itsy Bitsy Spider
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
My mom
The Lion King
The Phantom of the Opera
Dr. Seuss
Shel Silverstien
Quality about my Spouse
He has the ability to remain calm in even the most stressful situations.
And hearing this Jesus said, "It is not those that are healthy that need a physician, but those that are sick. I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners." Mark 2:17
God doesn't give the hardest battles to his toughest soldiers, He creates the toughest soldiers through life's hardest battles.
Olive Garden
Maria's Mexican
Italian Nightclub from Jimmy Johns
French Dip
And hearing this Jesus said, "It is not those that are healthy that need a physician, but those that are sick. I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners." Mark 2:17
Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10
Shopping Store
Simple Man by Lyndard Skynard
Dear Younger Me by MercyMe
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Troy Akman
I really don't follow sports LOL
Sports Team
Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys (it's required in this household) Haha
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Smoked Meat
I like to cook everything! I am always trying new recipes.
Time of Day
Getting together with extended family on a regular basis
Santa gives 3 gifts on Christmas morning. We do this because Jesus got three gifts.
TV Show
The Big Bang Theory
Chopped and The Big Bang Theory
TV Show Character
Amy from the Big Bang Theory
Type of Music
I like songs from various genres
Vacation Spot
Anywhere I haven't been
Anyplace that has a beach
Video Game
Call of Duty
I don't play video games

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