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Ross & Meggan

Thank-you for taking time to consider us as potential parents for your child. We believe adoption is a wonderful gift and an incredible responsibility. We hope that in viewing our profile we would give you some peace, that if you allowed us to love and raise your child, he or she would grow up in a safe and loving home. We do not take this responsibility lightly and would be honored if you would consider choosing us.

About Us

Teacher; Future Stay-at-Home Mom
Master's Degree in Theology
Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education
Legally Married

Our Individual Strengths

Our Family

We have individual strengths that compliment each other very well. We both have enthusiasm to teach and pass on special skills and we look forward to sharing it all with a child!

Ross looks forward to teaching sports, and sharing about history, Bible, and even learning special skills together. He has a way of connecting and making most any activity fun.

Meggan also looks forward to teaching and giving one-on-one attention to our future child in reading, playing games, and teaching fun activities like cake decorating. Meggan is very patient and is a good listener. Meggan is also very fair in things like gift giving and time spent with friends and family.

We both have a diverse group of people in our lives. We have friends from different cultural backgrounds as well as friends with all different views and opinions. We are respectful and mindful of different viewpoints. We both want to raise a child who will treat people well, no matter who they are or what they look or act like.

Our Lifestyle

Hammocking On Our Campout

We have created a very happy home together with a healthy lifestyle. We like to have fun and spend time with friends when we can, but are also happy occasionally being homebodies. While we currently both work, we make it a point to eat together at supper in the evenings and go on daily walks in the neighborhood with our dog, Riley.

In our free time, we love to spend time outdoors, camping and hiking. Most of our traveling is visiting family in other states or going on family vacations in the summer or during holidays.

We were both raised as Christians, and as Ross works as a youth pastor, church life is a regular part of our lives. With Meggan teaching at a local public school and Ross working with kids at our local church school and church, much of our life centers around serving and spending time with kids. We look forward to having a child of our own to join in all the fun!

Cultural Diversity

We have both surrounded ourselves with diverse relationships and friendships. Ross is the pastor of a church populated with very diverse group of people, from African, African-American, Hispanic/Latino, Caucasian, and Asian decent. As a elementary teacher Meggan has taught in a variety of classroom settings, from highly diverse, to heavily African-American, as well as heavily Anglo classrooms. Additionally, Meggan has taught on the Pacific island of Palau and came to have a deep appreciation for other cultures. Our neighborhood is also very diverse and we would want our child to develop relationships with children of all races and cultures.

If we were given the opportunity to raise a child of another race or even a mixed heritage, we will be committed to learning more about the culture and heritage of our baby and do our best to make sure the child has opportunities to learn about their cultural background as possible. Both of our extended families would also be very supportive and accept any baby we would adopt as a loved member of the family.


Ice Cream Date
Ice Cream Date
Ross Jetskiing
Ross Jetskiing
Games With Our Nephews
Games With Our Nephews
Enjoying Our Camper
Enjoying Our Camper
Meggan Decorating a Cake
Meggan Decorating a Cake
Packers vs. Panthers Game
Packers vs. Panthers Game
Swimming With Dolphins
Swimming With Dolphins
Outdoor Ice Skating
Outdoor Ice Skating
Biking the Virginia Creeper
Biking the Virginia Creeper
Enjoying a Fire at Our Campout
Enjoying a Fire at Our Campout
Afternoon Hike
Afternoon Hike
Golfing With Our Nephew
Golfing With Our Nephew
1 / 12
Ice Cream Date
Ice Cream Date
2 / 12
Ross Jetskiing
Ross Jetskiing
3 / 12
Games With Our Nephews
Games With Our Nephews
4 / 12
Enjoying Our Camper
Enjoying Our Camper
5 / 12
Meggan Decorating a Cake
Meggan Decorating a Cake
6 / 12
Packers vs. Panthers Game
Packers vs. Panthers Game
7 / 12
Swimming With Dolphins
Swimming With Dolphins
8 / 12
Outdoor Ice Skating
Outdoor Ice Skating
9 / 12
Biking the Virginia Creeper
Biking the Virginia Creeper
10 / 12
Enjoying a Fire at Our Campout
Enjoying a Fire at Our Campout
11 / 12
Afternoon Hike
Afternoon Hike
12 / 12
Golfing With Our Nephew
Golfing With Our Nephew

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a very safe and family friendly neighborhood. We have become well acquainted with our nextdoor neighbors who have two kids. The neighborhood has a pool and is near several parks and playgrounds. We enjoy walking our dog Riley through the neighborhood as often as we can.

Our house has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Meggan enjoys cooking and baking in the kitchen. Ross enjoys hitting golf balls and throwing frisbees in the back yard. We enjoy playing with our small dog who thinks she owns the whole place! We also enjoy decorating the home for holiday traditions such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.

We enjoying entertaining friends and family from time to time in our house for dinners and game nights.

We are committed Christians and our home reflects this as we have daily prayer together as a family.

Our Extended Families

Meggan's Family

Family is very important to us. We both come from close families who enjoy getting together various times throughout the year.

We both have two siblings, all married, except Meggan's younger sister who is graduating high school. We enjoy spending time with all of our brothers and sisters, as well as doting on our toddler niece and two nephews.

Meggan's father is a retired career military man who served in the Army. Because of this, Meggan's family moved around many times, but both her mother and father have their family roots in Pennsylvania and currently reside there. Her mother has worked as a teacher for over 30 years and currently teaches Pre-Kindergarten.

Ross's Family

Ross's father has worked as a pastor for most of his adult life and has recently transitioned to hospital chaplaincy. His mother has worked as a nurse and diabetes educator her entire working career. Ross's family has primarily lived in North Carolina (only an hour and half from us) and we see them several times throughout the year.

Meggan's family has always enjoyed camping together and playing board and card games.

Ross's family enjoys the beach, lake, and mountains for vacation as well as playing games and sports.

Both families are very supportive of us adopting and excited to support us and love and welcome a new baby into the family.

From Us to You

Before we say anything about ourselves, we just wanted you to know that we are truly inspired by your courage and can't imagine how difficult a decision this is for you to consider adoption. While we are hoping you will consider and choose us, we want you to feel peace and comfort your baby is in a safe and loving home. It is our desire learning more about us and even meeting us would give you the assurances needed to move forward.

We have been married for five years now, having met in college, but actually began dating for a few years after graduating. Both of us love kids and enjoy working with them on a daily basis. Meggan has worked as an elementary school teacher for nine years and currently teaches the second grade. Upon being chosen for adoption, Meggan plans to stay home for the early years of parenting. Ross works as youth pastor and volunteers much of his time to the K-8 school affiliated with the church he pastors. Ross enjoys playing sports and running games with the kids as well as giving Bible studies.

We had always had it in our plans to have kids. After waiting for a couple years before trying, and then spending a year trying with no success, we discovered the journey to having biological kids was going to be a difficult one. Still we tried and went through the IVF process and we were delighted to get pregnant on our first try. However tragedy struck in week nine of the pregnancy and suddenly we were coping with the loss of this pregnancy. We would then discover our remaining embryos, after being tested, would also not survive pregnancy due to a genetic trait we would just then learn about. We were devastated. On the expected due date of our unborn child we took a day off from work and decided to take a day trip to get away from work and talk about our plans for the future. It was on this day we ultimately decided we wanted to adopt. That day was very special to both of us because it was the first time we had felt peace since the miscarriage and learning we would not be able to have biological children. We felt God was pointing us in this direction and now we are thrilled for this opportunity to adopt and grow a family.

We have several families who have adopted in our lives and each has encouraged us to pursue this. We want you to know, no matter your baby's ethnicity or family background, even if it is different from our own, we are committed to learning and giving them opportunities to learn about their cultural heritage. We would raise your child with Christian values and also teach your child to be loving, accepting, and kind to everyone.

We do delight in the role and investment you will play, and whatever you are most comfortable with. You are very important to us and always will be. We are happy to communicate with e-mail updates, and written letters. We would love to send pictures and keepsakes that would mark milestones in your child's life. We are also open to making arrangements for visits when the time is right. We will always speak highly of you and affirm the love, courage and bravery you have shown with this very difficult decision. Our gratitude for your selflessness will always be known in our home.


Ross & Meggan


Tom Hanks
Matthew McConaughey
Sandra Bulluck
Jennifer Aniston
Mark Batterson
Nicolas Sparks
Piercing the Darkness
Anne of Green Gables
Candy Bar
Scooby Doo
Winnie the Pooh
Childhood Memory
Learning to snow ski
Riding bikes through our neighborhood
Childhood Toy
Woody from Toy Story
Easy Bake Oven
Children's Book
Cat in the Hat
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Charlotte, NC
Classic Movie
That Darn Cat
West Side Story
Day of Week
Ice Cream
Ice Cream
Disney Movie
Fox and the Hound
101 Dalmations
Dream Car
Toyota Tundra
Jeep Cherokee
Dream Job
A baker
Dream Vacation
Any Island Vacation
Family Activity
Water sports/Snowskiing
Flower / Plant
Gerber Daisy
Form of Exercise
Family board games
Phase 10
Disc Golf
Cake Decorating
Holiday Song
Jingle Bells
Silent Night
Holiday Tradition
Family get togethers
Christmas Eve - Watching White Christmas eating cookies and drinking hot chocolate
Ice Cream
Cookie Dough
Drum Stick
Junk Food
Salt and Vinegar Chips
Cool Ranch Doritos
Leisure Activity
Watching TV
Sports Illustrated
Memory with a Child
Learning sports
Visiting my niece after she was born and rocking her to sleep
Memory with Spouse
Our road trip to Florida
Clear and Present Danger
Captain America
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
"Wilson!!" (Castaway)
"Language" - Steve Rodgers (Avengers: Age of Ultron)
Movie Type
Romantic Comedies or Action
Musical Group
The Gaithers
Anthem Lights
Nursery Rhyme
Humpty Dumpty
Little Miss Muffet
Olympic Event
Ice Skating and Gymnastics
Personal Hero
My Father
My mom
My Fair Lady
Quality about my Spouse
The fact that we have so much fun together and that we share the same values.
Makes everything more fun - brings life to what we are doing
Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good.
Never give up
Taco Bell
Jimmy Johns sub
Romans 12:21
Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about it's own things. Matthew 6:34
Shopping Store
The Loft
I Can Only Imagine
Thy Will be Done - Hillary Scott
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Aaron Rodgers
Payton Manning
Sports Team
Packers, Braves, Hornets, Alabama, UNC
Braves, Eagles
Subject in School
Captain America
Thing to Cook
Pasta - Italian
Time of Day
Family get togethers at 4th of July
Christmas decorating
TV Show
TV Show Character
Type of Music
Contemporary Christian
Vacation Spot
Video Game
Mario Kart
Mario Kart

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