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Anthony & Jen

We have so much love for each other and for the world. It would mean everything to us to be able to share our hearts with a child. Adoption is not a path we take lightly. We hope to be able to join together on this special journey with you. Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and consider us! We hope you'll see the fun and love we have to give.

About Us

Application Manager
Human Resources Manager
Master of Business Administration
Bachelor's Degree in Human Development & Family Studies
Legally Married

Our Favorite Vacation Spot

Sunset in Isla Mujeres

We love going to a small island in Mexico right off Cancun called Isla Mujeres. From the moment that we step off the ferry, we immediately are in our happy place. We love renting a golf cart for the day and exploring. We always make it a point to go to the turtle sanctuary so we can see and feed the rescued turtles! We love sampling all the restaurants getting the local cuisine and fresh seafood. We love just spending the day walking around the town and meeting and talking with people. We also enjoy going snorkeling: seeing the reefs and underwater art sculptures. It's a very safe and family-oriented location. The water is beautiful and the sunsets spectacular. We look forward to going back as it always feels like home.

Cultural Diversity

Festive on Christmas Eve

We are an interfaith couple. We grew up with very different cultures. Anthony is from an Italian/Polish/Catholic family. Jen is from an Eastern European/Jewish family. Even though we come from different backgrounds and cultures, we have incorporated those differences into our own family tradition to make it ours. For instance, we invite both sides of the family over to celebrate Christmas Eve and Hanukkah. This allows us to experience and share the holidays as a united family.

Happy Hanukkah!

We would want to do the same with the child by embracing any cultural differences between ourselves. We would seek to incorporate their heritage and culture and make it part of our family. We would not want them to feel that their culture is only theirs but ours as well. We would explore and discuss all aspects with the child. We have very diverse friends and family. The child would see that this diversity adds to the uniqueness of our family and friends. We would also seek out any additional resources whether that is speaking with other adoptive families or support groups. We would be committed to addressing the cultural diversity.

Fun Facts About Us:

  • Jen loves Karaoke (actually won a contest on a cruise ship once!)
  • Jen always wanted to be on Broadway and had the opportunity to be on a Broadway stage and got to dance with the actors at the end of a musical
  • Jen started her career in Special Education/Counseling and has always wanted to help people
  • Jen had the opportunity to visit Israel with her mom and spend time in Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and Masada. It was a once in a lifetime trip that she will cherish forever
  • Jen is the youngest of four children and loves that her oldest brother still calls her by the nickname that her father gave her (Jukie)
  • Anthony was in Jazz band in high school and college and in a few rock bands. He can play several instruments such as up-right bass, bass guitar and traditional guitar
  • Anthony had the opportunity to meet T-Boz from the group TLC who almost signed his band to their label
  • Anthony spends almost 5 hours every year to prepare a decadent vegetable lasagna for family and friends to enjoy on Christmas
  • Anthony has hiked to the Papakōlea, the green sand beach in Hawaii.
  • Anthony went to England for a motorcycle rally and got to meet people from across Europe
  • Photos

    Out to Dinner
    Out to Dinner
    Jen at a Music Fest
    Jen at a Music Fest
    Sorrento, Italy
    Sorrento, Italy
    Fun With Our Nephew
    Fun With Our Nephew
    Happy Couple
    Happy Couple
    With Our Nephews
    With Our Nephews
    Relaxing in Our Hammock
    Relaxing in Our Hammock
    Our Pups
    Our Pups
    Beach Time
    Beach Time
    Ferry Ride in Isla
    Ferry Ride in Isla
    Carriage Ride in Cape May
    Carriage Ride in Cape May
    Restaurant Weekend in Our Hometown
    Restaurant Weekend in Our Hometown
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    Out to Dinner
    Out to Dinner
    2 / 12
    Jen at a Music Fest
    Jen at a Music Fest
    3 / 12
    Sorrento, Italy
    Sorrento, Italy
    4 / 12
    Fun With Our Nephew
    Fun With Our Nephew
    5 / 12
    Happy Couple
    Happy Couple
    6 / 12
    With Our Nephews
    With Our Nephews
    7 / 12
    Relaxing in Our Hammock
    Relaxing in Our Hammock
    8 / 12
    Our Pups
    Our Pups
    9 / 12
    Beach Time
    Beach Time
    10 / 12
    Ferry Ride in Isla
    Ferry Ride in Isla
    11 / 12
    Carriage Ride in Cape May
    Carriage Ride in Cape May
    12 / 12
    Restaurant Weekend in Our Hometown
    Restaurant Weekend in Our Hometown

    Our House and Neighborhood

    Our Home

    We live in a three-bedroom house with a huge fenced in yard in a popular suburb of Philadelphia and top-rated school district. During the summer, Anthony can be found tending to the lawn and garden. We enjoy just sitting outside on our patio and chatting with the neighbors and playing with their children as well as both their and our two dogs. Some evenings, we'll light the fire pit, make s'mores, and listen to music or cook out on our barbecue.

    Our lovely town has a main street that is lined with lighted trees and consists of several diverse restaurants, shops, theaters (both live and movie!), a local grocery store and a farmer's market during the warmer months. Throughout the year, there are seasonal festivals and even a Christmas parade where Santa rides on a firetruck throughout the area neighborhoods. Our favorite festival is an art and music festival with live music for two days and various art, craft and food vendors and tons of activities for kids.

    We also live near many parks with playgrounds, rivers for fishing and trails for walking and biking. If we want to go on a small road trip, both the ocean/NJ beaches and the Pocono Mountains are only 90 minutes away. We can drive or take the train 30 minutes to Philadelphia and visit the zoo, art museum, Franklin Institute, as well as the historic sites such as the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall or take in a sporting event.

    Our Extended Families

    Family Time at the Beach

    We are very fortunate that both of our mothers, sisters and nephews live close to us. What makes our families unique is that we share in each other's cultural and religious traditions. We love cooking out and watching the fireworks at Jen's mom's beach house and share Thanksgiving with both families each year. For Easter, we have lamb and pasta with Anthony's side of the family and then also get to enjoy Passover with Jen's family where Anthony and Jen's mom trade off making the brisket for the holiday! We typically host a 7-fishes Christmas Eve and celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah with both families. We want to share these traditions and respect for other people, religion, and cultures.

    Our Full Family

    In the summer, means going to Jen's family's shore house where days are spent on the beach playing with our nephews, swimming, building sandcastles and going to the boardwalk for games, rides, and ice-cream. Evenings are spent on the porch having snacks and listening to music, followed by a fun game.

    Anthony's family has a house in the mountains where we take rides on the pontoon boat, go swimming, and have campfires. We also go skiing and sledding during the winter months.

    Our families are supportive and thrilled to welcome a new child to the family!

    From Us to You

    We want to share with you our thanks and gratitude for taking the time to consider us for this opportunity. We overwhelmingly admire your strength and courage to even think about undertaking this journey of adoption. While we are not aware of your circumstances, we respect your decision, and it would be up to you whether you want to discuss any aspect with us.

    We, Jen and Anthony, have been together for ten years and married for three. We have always known that we wanted to adopt and share our love with a little one to help and watch them grow. We discussed in the beginning when we first started dating, that we wanted to pursue adoption. Jen has had fertility issues and we thought this would be the best option. Plus, Anthony has been changing diapers since he was 5 years old for nephews and nieces, and Jen was the premiere babysitter in her neighborhood! So, we do have experience and not going into this without any knowledge!

    You have given this child the most amazing gift…LIFE! That is not something we could ever give and what makes you so important! We want to ensure to you that you will be a part in the child's life, if that is something you desire. We would want you to share in their development and journey in life, to share your traditions with us so we can make them a part of their life and ours. We understand that you may not know today how much involvement you may want, but we want you to understand that we are open to many forms of contact and involvement, whether that be in person, phone, video, emails, pictures or letters. We want the child to know where they come from, and who better to provide that information than you.

    When the time comes to talk to the child about the adoption process, we will want to be honest and open. We have family members and friends that were adopted and are adoptive parents. We would have our family and friends for guidance, as well as seeking out more formal resources, such as support groups and/or therapy. We believe that the discussion with the child about the adoption will be a natural progression in their development.

    We want you to know that we will provide everything that we possibly can for this child. First and foremost, we want the child to know they are loved by everyone in the family! We are very close with our families and the child would be instantly apart of the family! We would ensure the best education is available. We believe a good education and schooling are very important to a child's development and are fortunate to live in a top-rated school district. This will also give them a chance to be exposed to things we may have not shown them. They may find something that sparks their curiosity and interest, whether that is a class like biology or history, a sport like soccer or swimming, or activities such as robotics, music, or painting. Also, this is where they will begin friendships that may last a lifetime! We will take them to other places so they can see the world firsthand and not just in a book or a TV show. We love museums, theater, parks, zoos, the beach and cooking as well as going to new places and experiencing different cultures and countries. We hope to have the honor to share it all with a child.

    No matter what you ultimately decide, we want you to know that we truly hope for the best for you and the child. Thank you for taking a moment to even consider us! We are sending you positive thoughts and energy!

    Anthony & Jen


    Denzel Washington
    Harrison Ford
    Sigourney Weaver
    Meryl Streep
    Stephen King
    James Patterson
    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
    Catcher in the Rye
    Candy Bar
    Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
    The Simpson's
    The Smurfs
    Childhood Memory
    Spending most of my time in the woods with my friends
    Family vacations - specifically driving down the coast of California
    Childhood Toy
    Hippity Hop
    Stuffed Snoopy
    Children's Book
    Go, Dog, Go!
    Hop on Pop
    Classic Movie
    Sound of Music
    Day of Week
    Black Forest Cake
    Chocolate Mousse
    Disney Movie
    Dream Car
    Any Ferrarri
    Dream Job
    Record Producer
    Broadway Singer
    Dream Vacation
    Visit all seven wonders of the modern world
    Family Activity
    Holiday Dinners
    Spending time at the beach
    Flower / Plant
    Anything Italian
    Spaghetti and Meatballs
    Form of Exercise
    Walking, Biking; Elliptical
    Mexican Train Dominoes
    Paint by Numbers
    Holiday Song
    All I want for Christmas is You
    Let it Snow
    Holiday Tradition
    Family Dinners
    Having both families over for Christmas Eve and celebrating multiple holidays
    Ice Cream
    Chunky Monkey
    Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby
    Junk Food
    Herr's Potato Chips
    Leisure Activity
    Anything that can be done outside
    Singing along to every song
    Memory with a Child
    Being present for the first steps for my nephew
    Holding my niece for the first time
    Memory with Spouse
    Our Honeymoon in the Mediterranean
    Meeting at karaoke night
    Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Shawshank Redemption
    Movie Munchie
    extra butter popcorn
    Buttered popcorn
    Movie Quote
    "You're going to need a bigger boat!" - Jaws
    Get busy living or get busy dying - Shawshank Redemption
    Movie Type
    Science Fiction
    Romantic Comedy
    The Phantom of the Opera
    Musical Group
    Billy Joel
    Nursery Rhyme
    Old Mac Donald
    Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
    Olympic Event
    Figure Skating
    Personal Hero
    My father
    My Father
    Our Town
    Dear Evan Hansen
    Edgar Allan Poe
    Maya Angelou
    Quality about my Spouse
    That I can depend on her for anything
    Great cook
    "Do what you can, with what you've got, where you are."
    I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart - Anne Frank
    Cheesesteak with onions
    Italian Hoagie
    Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
    Shopping Store
    Old Navy
    Summer Wind
    Glitter in the Air
    Sport to Play
    Sport to Watch
    Sports Star
    Mike Schmidt
    Nick Foles
    Sports Team
    Philadelphia Flyers
    Philadelphia Eagles
    Subject in School
    The Hulk
    Thing to Cook
    Vegetable Lasagna
    Dijon Chicken
    Time of Day
    Saturday morning
    Happy hour on the patio at the family beach house
    TV Show
    Law and Order
    TV Show Character
    Homer Simpson
    Tyrion Lannister - Game of Thrones
    Type of Music
    All but
    Vacation Spot
    Isla Mujeres, Mexico
    Beach, specifically Isla Mujeres, Mexico
    Video Game
    Donkey Kong

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