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David & Lukas

Being raised in single-parent homes, we understand some of the unexpected turns life can take. We can't begin to understand what a heavy decision it is to choose adoption. We hope getting some insight into our life through our profile will put some of your anxiety at ease as you navigate such a difficult decision. No matter what your choice or where you end up we are honored you are reading our profile.

About Us

Master's Degree in Education
Doctor of Medicine
Legally Married

Type of Education We Will Provide

Hiking in Utah

As a science teacher and a pediatrician, we know that a good education is critical for any child. There are lots of things to think about when providing a good education, including the right teachers, the right peers and friends, support at home and at school, and a curious mind.

We hope to foster an interest in how the world works from the very beginning, from encouraging our child to question what they see, to encouraging a love of learning. From camping trips to museums, libraries to zoos, the early years make a huge impact on a child's excitement to explore the world around them.

Once in school, beyond the at-home support that every child should get, we will be closely involved with the school and teachers.

Lastly, as important as an education is, having educational goals is just as important. We hope to foster an attitude of having big dreams and making a plan to work towards them. Whether our child will want to be a chef or an astronaut, the president or a car mechanic, a musician or an athlete, we want to nurture those dreams and support them every step of the way to make them a reality.

Our Leisure Time

River Rafting in Montana

Taking a break from a hard week can be a refreshing way to recharge and reset. When we take time off, we usually spend it with family, out in nature, or traveling and seeing new places. Some of our favorite memories are spending time with friends or family around a table at home. We may cook a meal, play a board game, or just meet up and share stories and jokes. Whatever it is, we know that time spent with loved ones is time well-spent.

Friends & Family on Vacation in Utah

When we are feeling more adventurous, we love to plan camping trips to the great outdoors. We have camped overnight in quite a few different national parks and have hiked and visited even more than that. There is nothing like sitting around a campfire with a warm bowl of chili, talking about what we saw that day and soaking in the bright moon and stars. If we aren't camping, then we love to see new parts of the world and explore new cultures. We still talk about how a taxi driver helped us find some of the most delicious fish tacos at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Mexico!

We can't wait to share these joys with our child and watch them grow and become part of the family and world we love so much. We know that new and diverse experiences and cultures can open up new worlds for children, and we want to be there to open those doors for them.

Cultural Diversity

Both of Lukas' parents are from the Czech Republic. David's parents are from Mexico. As children of immigrants, we understand the importance of learning about and celebrating a person's culture. However, even though we both participated in (and in some cases ran) programs geared toward cultural diversity, we understand there is still much to learn. Each kid's experience is so unique that no one solution will ever fit all. In general, it is our belief that cultural diversity empowers societies and enriches the experience of everyone involved. Today, diversity can be a tough space to navigate, but we believe honoring and protecting diversity is fundamental to a person's identity. As such, every child's unique story needs to be nurtured and developed. We plan on addressing this by providing lots of opportunities for learning, as well as exposure to the culture itself. While we understand that we can not fully grasp the child's experience, we will encourage them and allow them to grow within their culture and respect it. There are plenty of ways we hope to provide learning experiences like going to museums, taking classes, reading books, and watching media. Additionally, introducing opportunities like diverse schools, community events, mentors and friend groups are exciting plans we have.


Lake Tahoe in the Winter
Lake Tahoe in the Winter
On a Cruise to Ensenada, Mexico
On a Cruise to Ensenada, Mexico
Lukas About to Donate Bone Marrow & David There for Support
Lukas About to Donate Bone Marrow & David There for Support
Enjoying Our After-Wedding Party
Enjoying Our After-Wedding Party
David Exploring a Coffee Grove in Hawaii
David Exploring a Coffee Grove in Hawaii
Beautiful Monterey, California
Beautiful Monterey, California
Sunset at the Beach
Sunset at the Beach
Vacation to Hawaii With Friends & Family
Vacation to Hawaii With Friends & Family
Gambit is Ready to Experiment!
Gambit is Ready to Experiment!
At the Finish Line of the Los Angeles Marathon
At the Finish Line of the Los Angeles Marathon
Hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park
Hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park
Marriage Proposal in Austin, TX - He Said Yes!
Marriage Proposal in Austin, TX - He Said Yes!
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Lake Tahoe in the Winter
Lake Tahoe in the Winter
2 / 12
On a Cruise to Ensenada, Mexico
On a Cruise to Ensenada, Mexico
3 / 12
Lukas About to Donate Bone Marrow & David There for Support
Lukas About to Donate Bone Marrow & David There for Support
4 / 12
Enjoying Our After-Wedding Party
Enjoying Our After-Wedding Party
5 / 12
David Exploring a Coffee Grove in Hawaii
David Exploring a Coffee Grove in Hawaii
6 / 12
Beautiful Monterey, California
Beautiful Monterey, California
7 / 12
Sunset at the Beach
Sunset at the Beach
8 / 12
Vacation to Hawaii With Friends & Family
Vacation to Hawaii With Friends & Family
9 / 12
Gambit is Ready to Experiment!
Gambit is Ready to Experiment!
10 / 12
At the Finish Line of the Los Angeles Marathon
At the Finish Line of the Los Angeles Marathon
11 / 12
Hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park
Hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park
12 / 12
Marriage Proposal in Austin, TX - He Said Yes!
Marriage Proposal in Austin, TX - He Said Yes!

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

Our home sits on a quiet street in a diverse southern California suburb. The surrounding city is a melting pot of different races, ethnicities and cultures, which we both feel the most comfortable in. We both have opportunities to speak our second languages, though David gets to speak Spanish a lot more than Lukas has chances to speak Czech! In each of the homes surrounding us there are school-aged kids that can often be found riding bikes in the street. This makes the annual 4th of July block party especially fun. Not too far away is a community club that offers decent food and a pool for those especially hot summer days.

Our house is one of the smaller houses on the block with three bedrooms. Our favorite room has to be the family room that has four large floor-to-ceiling windows that let in just the right amount of light and provide an unobstructed view into our backyard. The family room space is perfect for game nights, too. However, even though we love our family room, our two dogs might tell you they prefer the backyard because it's full of trees, bushes, and a spacious grassy area. The backyard has also been ideal for playing with all our young nieces and nephews.

Our Extended Families

Easter With David's Family

We recently celebrated Easter with David's family, who all live within an hour drive. Each of the couples brought different dishes they prepared themselves. David's cousin's ceviche was the biggest hit. During most parties we like to play loteria (bingo) and card games. The games usually result in fun screaming matches and giant belly laughs.

Dinner With Lukas' Family

However, the most fun we have together is during Christmas when David and his sister spend evenings making tamales, a recipe handed down from David's mom and aunt. Christmas is also special because that is when Lukas' mom visits from Europe and his brother visits from New York.

We make up a pretty unique bunch with Lukas' family roots in Europe and David's family roots in Mexico. We all make a strong effort to stay in touch as we have been reminded of the value of family from loss much of our family have experienced in our lives. This is just one reason both of our families are super excited to add a child to our close-knit family.

From Us to You

Though there are a lot of things we do not know about each other the fact that you are considering adoption speaks volumes about you and the deep love you have for your child. We already admire your strength, bravery and values. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. In it, we hope to give you a peek into our family and help you get to know us better.

We met 7 years ago and have been moving around the country ever since. Finishing graduate school and medical school were enormous challenges, but we always had each other to lean on. We kept up each others' spirits up with camping trips and quiet nights at home, surprise parties and board games. Now that we are settling down into our careers, we cannot wait to share the life we have built together with a child as well.

Our home sits on a quiet street in a sunny southern California suburb, walking distance from two parks and a community pool. Our two dogs love visitors, so we sometimes host potlucks with our siblings and cousins. This brings lots of opportunities to share our home with them and their children, all of them less than 5 years old. Other times, we invite friends over for a night of board games and funny movies. Most often, though, are the nights with just the two of us enjoying each other's company and chatting about our day and the plans for the upcoming weekend.

In a more long-term perspective, as a biracial couple we hope to share our cultural heritages with our children as well. One of us has family from Mexico, close enough that we plan to visit and explore it regularly as our child grows up. The other has family from the Czech Republic, a country rich with tradition and sights to see! These experiences allow us the opportunity to impart one of our core values, education. One of the most important values we can share with our children, and that includes both the education you can find in books as well as lived experiences both locally and internationally.

Having both been raised primarily by our own mothers we know that we could never replace a mother's love. With great thanks to our mothers, we value openness and honesty, so we plan on keeping lines of communication as open as possible as your child grows up. Whichever role you choose to play, we would love to share pictures, emails and regular calls together to share the joy of your child growing up. Your child will always know that not only do they live in a home filled with loving parents, but that the reason our paths crossed is because their mother loved them enough to choose us to raise them.

As you navigate this difficult choice, we just want you to know that our child's mother will always be part of their story and who they are. Whether we are camping in a national park and looking at the stars, or reflecting on a long day sight seeing with grandma in Europe, or laughing together playing card games with cousins, it will always be clear that the reason we are able to share these joyous moments together is because of the decision and sacrifice that their mother made, and the respect and love we feel for being chosen by her.


David & Lukas


Diego Luna
Ewan Macgregor
Salma Hayek
Meryl Streep
Brandon Sanderson
Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
The Alchemist
Candy Bar
Reese's Cups
Milky Way
Steven Universe
Steven Universe
Childhood Memory
Trips with family to a ranch
Camping road trips with family
Childhood Toy
Aladdin Floating Carpet
Teddy bear
Children's Book
The Rainbow Fish
San Francisco
Classic Movie
Star Wars
Day of Week
Chocolate Cake
Disney Movie
Dream Car
Dream Job
Donut Shop Owner
Dream Vacation
Europe Backpacking
Family Activity
Board Games
Game night
Flower / Plant
Cheeseburger & Fries
Form of Exercise
Honey Crisp Apple
Phase 10
Settlers of Catan
Holiday Song
All I Want for Christmas
"All I Want for Christmas is You" (Mariah Carey)
Holiday Tradition
Tamale making during Christmas
Decorating tree and house
Ice Cream
Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream
Americone Dream
Junk Food
Hot Cheetos
Tater Tots
Leisure Activity
Naps by a pool
Earth Justice
Memory with a Child
Nephew's first swim
Teaching how to cartwheel
Memory with Spouse
Beach bumming on a summer day
Camping in the redwoods
Big Fish
Movie Munchie
Butter Popcorn
Movie Quote
"Do or do not. There is no try." -- Yoda
Movie Type
Romantic Comedy
Comedy or Action
Into the Woods
Musical Group
The Smiths
Nursery Rhyme
This Little Piggy
Olympic Event
Gymnastics, Balance Beam
Personal Hero
Mi madre
My mother
The Producers
Gloria Anzaldua
Emily Dickinson
Quality about my Spouse
'We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.' -- Alan Turing
"The cosmos is within us. We are all made of star stuff." -- Carl Sagan
Johnny's Burgers
Pho Grill
Ham & Cheese
Grilled cheese
Shopping Store
Trader Joes
Charming Man - The Smiths
"Float On" by Modest Mouse
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Simone Biles
Sports Team
NY Giants
San Jose Sharks
Subject in School
Science - Biochemistry
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
Beach snacks on Christmas Eve
TV Show
Bob's Burgers
The Simpsons
TV Show Character
Jake Peralta
Sideshow Bob
Type of Music
Indie Folk, Alternative
Indie Folk, Alternative
Vacation Spot
Adirondack Camping
Video Game
Resident Evil
League of Legends

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