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“What does adoption mean to a child?”

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Adoption Costs and Fees

And How They Vary Between Adoptive Families and Birth Parents

The cost of adoption is often the most asked about topic when people contact an adoption agency. With questions about medical costs, legal fees and other adoption costs, many wonder if they can even afford to choose adoption.

The following information breaks down adoption costs for both pregnant mothers and adoptive families considering adoption.

Adoption Costs for Pregnant Mothers

For women considering and ultimately pursuing adoption, private domestic adoption is free.

All adoption services, including medical expenses, legal and termination expenses, case-management services, counseling services and more are all covered by the adoptive family.

Furthermore, depending on state adoption laws, pregnant mothers may be eligible to receive financial assistance to cover their adoption-related expenses: rent, transportation, utilities, groceries, cell phone, maternity clothes and more. 

If a woman chooses to pursue an adoption plan, her Adoption Specialist will get a better understanding of her financial needs and will attempt to get those living expenses approved in compliance with the pregnant mother’s state adoption laws.

To learn more about living expenses or placing a child for adoption, call 1-800-ADOPTION or click the following to receive free adoption information.

Adoption Costs for Adoptive Families

The costs of adoption for adoptive families isn’t quite a cut and dry as it is for pregnant mothers. Adoptive families must have a good understanding of what all is required in a successful private domestic adoption in order to ask adoption professionals the right questions regarding their costs.

Being prepared and educated on adoption costs can save adoptive families not only thousands of dollars but also months of waiting for a baby.

When researching the costs of adopting with other adoption professionals, families should ask the following questions:

What services are included in the total cost of the adoption? Does the total cost of the adoption include everything required to complete an adoption, including medical expenses, living expenses, legal and termination fees, agency fees, and advertising fees?

What happens in the event of a disruption? Do adoptive families immediately get all of their money back, or is it rolled over into another future adoption situation?

How are advertising expenses handled? Are they one cost upfront without expiration until placement, or do they expire after one or two years if an opportunity isn’t found?

How does the adoption professional ensure the adoptive family stays within their budget? Does the family set a budget and are only presented situations that fall within their budget? Or are they stuck with whatever opportunity they are presented, regardless of the cost?

How are living expenses to pregnant mothers handled? Does the agency ensure all living expenses are being used for their intended purposes?

These are just a sample of the various questions adoptive families should be prepared to ask to the adoption agencies they may be interested in adopting with.

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Call 1-800-ADOPTION or request free adoption information to learn more about the cost of adopting with American Adoptions.

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