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“What does adoption mean to a child?”

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How to Find Non-Religious Adoptive Families

Choosing adoption for your baby is a big step, and it’s likely one that you’re considering because you aren’t sure you can give them the life they deserve. But how to make sure they get that through adoption? This is where we come in. At American Adoptions, we can help to make sure we find the ideal adoptive family for your child.

The perfect adoptive family, of course, will look different for every woman. Many women have religious preferences when it comes to considering adoptive parents, and that’s absolutely something that can be accommodated. If you are atheist or agnostic and looking for religious-free adoption families, this article is designed to help you learn more about finding the perfect match.

Why would a pregnant woman choose to place her baby with an atheist or agnostic family?

For many women, religious beliefs play a large role in choosing adoption in the first place — but that doesn’t mean everyone shares those beliefs. If you are atheist, agnostic, or just not attached to any particular religious belief system, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s understandable that you might want the adoptive family you choose for your child to mirror that philosophy.

Some reasons that women ultimately choose to place their baby with religious-free adoption families include:

  • The woman herself is an atheist or uncomfortable with the idea of her child being raised practicing any certain organized religion.

  • The woman wants her child to have the freedom to choose if religion is right for him or her in the first place, and then to have the freedom to explore different options.

  • The woman wants her child’s adoptive family to place other values above religion, such as politics or science.

Whatever reasons you have for being interested specifically in religious-free adoption families, American Adoptions can make sure that desire is accommodated. Our website has a tool that allows you to search through families who are currently active with us, but please keep in mind that we are always working with families in various stages of the adoption process, so not all of our agnostic/atheist adoptive families are currently listed online.

Just because you may not find the perfect family listed on our website doesn’t mean we can’t help you find them. Please speak with an adoption specialist for help finding your perfect adoption match.

Questions to Ask Prospective Religious-Free Adoptive Families

While your adoption specialist will be there to help you through every step of the way, getting to know a prospective adoptive family can be intimidating. It may be difficult to bring up religious beliefs in early conversations with a new person, but if it’s important to you that your child be placed with religious-free adoptive families, it may be helpful to prepare a list of questions like the following:

  • What appeals to you about this belief system? Were you raised in a religious family?

  • Do you interact with others that share this belief? Of course, you aren’t attending church, but is there a community of like-minded individuals that you interact with?

  • Why is this belief system important to you?

  • What is your own religious background like?

  • Are you tolerant of those who practice various religions?

  • How do you plan to teach your children about religion as they grow up?

What other qualities should I look for in a prospective non-religious adoptive family?

Once you’ve decided to look only at religious-free adoption families, your adoption specialist will have you consider a few additional questions:

  • Does it matter to you where your child grows up? As a national adoption agency, American Adoptions works with families across the entire country. This means that whether you picture your child growing up in a warm climate, an urban area or a farm in the Midwest, that can all be accommodated.

  • Do you have strong feelings about your child having siblings? Some women prefer to place their babies with families who have struggled with infertility and who don’t yet have children of their own. Others have fond memories of growing up with siblings and want to make sure their babies have the same experience, so they place with families who already have one or more children.

  • What values are important to you in potential adoptive parents? Religious affiliations aside, do you want your child’s parents to have certain political views? What about work ethic or education or other things that might be important to you?

No matter what your ideal adoptive family looks like, American Adoptions is prepared to help you find it. For more information about finding religious-free adoption families, please call American Adoptions at 1-800-ADOPTION, or request free information here.