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Prosper Healthcare Lending

Many families considering adoption turn to adoption financing options to supplement the cost of adoption. There are many different ways this can go — grants, loans and fundraising events are all used frequently. Prosper Healthcare Lending is another potential adoption finance option for families.

Prosper Healthcare Lending, an organization independent of our agency, has been helping couples and individuals finance infertility treatments for years and can now provide adoptive parents with loans to pay for their adoption expenses.

This organization offers unsecured loans to individuals, which means that you do not have to have equity to borrow against. Many banks and other lending organizations are not able to offer such loans, making this a unique opportunity for families. If a family prefers to secure the loan, they may speak to a consultant about this option. Families can seek a loan through American Healthcare Lending to help cover all or just a portion of their adoption expenses. Please note that loans through American Healthcare are granted to an individual, not a couple together.

Loans range from $1,000 to $100,000 with options to pay off between 36 and 60 months, although there are no prepayment penalties. Interest rates are subject to individual credit scores but may begin as low as 6 percent. Those seeking a loan must also pay a 3–5 percent origination fee and be able to verify their income.

Any American Adoptions family can explore the option of a loan through Prosper Healthcare Lending at no cost and with no commitment to securing the loan. Preapproval can be granted immediately with a soft hit against your credit. In most cases, you will receive funding in 10 days.

If this sounds like an appealing choice to help finance your adoption, you can call Prosper Healthcare Lending directly to find out if this is the right financial opportunity for you and your family. Use our provider number (003296) and visit the Prosper Healthcare Lending website or call 1.800.625.7412 for more information.

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