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“What does adoption mean to a child?”

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National Adoption Agency

There are many types of adoption professionals that offer a wide range of adoption services – including adoption law firms, adoption law centers, adoption facilitators and local and national adoption agencies.

A national adoption agency is an adoption agency that services birth parents and adoptive families throughout the U.S. and in some cases, abroad. American Adoptions is one of the nation's largest national adoption agencies and is licensed in several states.

For Birth Mothers

A national adoption agency can provide a birth mother a full range of adoption services, including medical and living expenses, 24-hour support, aid in creating an adoption plan that addresses all of her wants/desires for her child, help in locating an adoptive family, legal work and more. National adoption agencies typically offer more comprehensive adoption services than other adoption professionals, such as a local adoption agency and also offer support to birth parents after the adoption is completed, such as the American Adoptions Birth Mother Scholarship Program.
A national adoption agency has a very wide outreach – meaning they serve families across the nation and often overseas, offering birth parents a wide variety of adoptive parents to choose from. This wide variety of adoptive families gives birth mothers more choice in selecting an adoptive family – whether a birth mother wants her child to grow up in a large city, small rural town, or have siblings, pets, a large extended family or a small family – there most certainly will be an adoptive family available that meets her criteria with a national adoption agency.  
Additionally, national adoption agencies provide a Social Services Department, which is available to birth parents 24-hours a day, seven days a week. At American Adoptions, each birth mother is assigned her own Birth Parent Specialist, which guides her throughout each step of the adoption journey – from the beginning stage of deciding whether or not adoption is the right choice for her, to forming an adoption plan she can feel good about  to preparing for the hospital and beyond. The American Adoptions staff also includes those who were adopted, adoptive families and those who have placed a child for adoption – giving birth parents a unique insight into all the facets of adoption.
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For Adoptive Families

A national adoption agency can offer adoptive families a full range of adoption services, including home study services, advertising to locate potential birth parents, matching with a birth mother, legal work, support and more.
National adoption agencies typically offer more comprehensive adoption services than other adoption professionals, such as a local adoption agency and often has a greater outreach throughout the community through endeavors with hospitals, crisis pregnancy centers, local schools and other professionals dedicated to helping women facing an unwanted pregnancy. This community outreach may also include other efforts to aid birth mothers, such as the American Adoptions Birth Mother Scholarship Fund. A national adoption agency often offers much more community outreach than other adoption professionals, such as an adoption law center  or adoption facilitator. A national adoption agency is also licensed in several states – meaning the agency's operations are routinely inspected and monitored by several governmental entities and all complaints are thoroughly investigated by the proper officials, giving adoption families the peace of mind of knowing that their adoption agency is held to the highest standards.
A national adoption agency also has the highest scope of outreach to locate potential birth parents, resulting in more accurate wait times. Local negative adoption media reports or changes in state laws often do not affect the wait times of a national adoption agency due to their large outreach.
Support for both the birth parents and the adoptive family is also a critical advantage to choosing a national adoption agency. National adoption agencies are able to assist their adoptive families with all facets of the adoption – including home study services, legal work, advertising and more. American Adoptions is a full-service adoption agency that oversees all aspects of the adoption for adoptive families – from the home study to the match with a birth mother to the finalization of the adoption and beyond. American Adoptions also offers a concise fee structure and Risk-Sharing Program, protecting adoptive families and their adoption budget from surprise fees or monies lost should a birth mother change her mind during the adoption process.
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