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Can a Legal Guardian Put a Child Up for Adoption?

Legal guardianship can be a great path for a parent when they cannot provide the opportunities and support they want their son or daughter to have. By placing their child with a guardian, they not only give their child a loving and welcoming home …


The Risk of Adoption

Adoption is risky business — whether you risk your emotions, your finances, your plans, or even your heart. But we will rely on the support from our family and friends as we continue on this journey and find hope in the riskiness of adoption.


I Thought About You

I thought about you, as the morning light burst through my windows. I think about me playing the role of your mother, not your birth mother; I’d jump on your bed jokingly, singing loudly in an attempt to wake you up.


Why 90 Percent of Birth Parents Request Open Adoptions

More than 9 out of every 10 women who choose adoption for their babies request some degree of contact with the adoptive parents. Why? The benefits of open adoption for birth moms are numerous, but below we’ve listed some of the most notable reasons for a woman to feel more comfortable with an open adoption.


3 Ways Teachers Can Support Adoptive Families

As the school year approaches yet again, teachers are preparing to welcome an ever-increasing diversity of students and families into their classrooms. The makeup of the American …


Friendship Day: Supporting Friends in the Adoption Process

No matter what side of the adoption triad you find yourself on, there is a community of friends to celebrate this Friendship Day. Today, take some time to celebrate your community and thank the friends who have helped you through this journey!


Is Adoption Right for Your Unplanned Pregnancy? 5 Questions to Ask

An unplanned pregnancy can be a stressful and complicated time in a woman’s life. If you are in this situation, you may not be sure what path is best for you. If you are even slightly considering adoption, you have come to the right …


Which Family-Building Option is Right for You?

Deciding which family-building option to pursue as hopeful parents? American Adoptions breaks down all the paths available to you to help you choose the one that’s best for your family.


7 Hurtful Things People Say to Expectant Women Choosing Adoption

When you’re considering placing your baby for adoption, you are going through a unique emotional experience. If you decide to make an adoption plan and pursue this path, you will be looking for an adoption support team to help you through this journey. This …


Celebrating All Parents on Parents’ Day

In the adoption community, children possess two sets of parents to celebrate: their birth parents and their adoptive parents. Both sets of these parents can and should be celebrated this Parents’ Day.

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