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4 People I’m Grateful for in My Adoption Journey

Not a single day has passed on my adoption journey where I didn’t feel loved, accepted and supported by these four people in my life. Words can never fully express my gratitude.


How You Can Celebrate National Adoption Day

National Adoption Day is a great opportunity to celebrate adoption. Here’s how you can join in 2018!


3 Simple Ways to Lift Up Youth Voices this National Adoption Month

If you are an adoptive parent, here are three simple things you can do this National Adoption Month to support adoptees in sharing their stories — and to learn from what they have to say.


Why We’re Celebrating World Adoption Day

My family will be sharing our smiley face posts on World Adoption Day because we are in the middle of the adoption process right now. The smiley face for us embodies so much of our life’s journey over the past year and so much of what is to come.


5 Ways for Birth Parents to Help Normalize Adoption

Adoption is becoming a more and more “normal” method to build a family, but it’s still one that a large percentage of the population doesn’t quite understand. As a birth parent, you have a unique perspective to let those around you know how great adoption can be.


National Adoption Month 2018: Lifting Up Youth Voices

National Adoption Month is a time for people across America to celebrate adoption. This year, the initiative set by the Child Welfare Institute for National Adoption Month is ‘Lifting Up Youth Voices.’


What Adoptive Parents of Blended Families Can Learn from “This is Us”

In last night’s “This is Us,” Randall takes on a new hobby for a reason his parents would have never anticipated. Here’s what we took away from the important conversation between him and his father.


Our Halloween Photo Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of our Back-to-School Photo Contest! Find out who they are here.


5 Tips for Men Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy

Facing an unplanned pregnancy is one of the most frightening and overwhelming situations a woman can face. If you are the father of the baby, it can be scary for you too.


4 Ways to Celebrate Mothers Who Choose Adoption

Shouldn’t moms be celebrated every day? Their unending love and dedication to their children, every single day, is not to be ignored… and that includes birth mothers. Here are some ways to recognize and remember birth moms any day of the year.

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