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Considering Surrogacy and Adoption? Let Our Specialists Help

At American Adoptions, we know that parents considering adoption often come to us after a long journey through infertility. After the time, energy and money spent on having a biological child, the decision to pursue adoption can be a difficult one — especially if hopeful …


“Adopting? Just Wait…”

“You know what happens when people start the adoption process, don’t you?” Our pastor only meant love when he said those words to us over a year ago, but for many adoptive families, statements like that can potentially cause an avoidable offense


Remember to Celebrate Waiting Dads this Father’s Day

Dads and men who long to be dads are often seen as the stoic, strong fixtures of the family unit who portray a different viewpoint than their counterpart.  But celebrating these men as fathers is just as important, and encouraging those who are becoming fathers through adoption is just as significant. 


Father’s Day Photo Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of American Adoptions’ Father’s Day photo contest this year! We loved seeing all of the submissions of fathers and children. In our minds, you are all winners for having such beautiful and loving families.

Without further delay, here are the top …


3 Things I Wish You Knew About Birth Parents

Being a birth parent isn’t easy. Respect their space. Refrain from making assumptions, and remember a compliment and an open heart can go a long way!


8 Reasons to Share Your Adoption Story

Whether you are an adoptive parent, birth parent or adoptee, you may be surprised what details in your story will connect with someone. Here are eight compelling reasons to share your adoption experience with the people around you.


Apply for American Adoptions’ Birth Parent Scholarship!

Here at American Adoptions, we are dedicated to helping birth parents through all steps of their adoption journey — including supporting them post-adoption. Key to this is our …


What Open Adoption Requirements Actually Mean

Building an open adoption relationship can seem intimidating. If this is how you’re currently feeling, it’s completely understandable. Please remember that American Adoptions will always be here to help you facilitate this relationship and set boundaries when needed.


How to Enter Our Father’s Day Photo Contest 2018

It’s that time of year again — we want to see all the dad-and-child photos you have!

Our Father’s Day photo contest is open to both American Adoptions …


What to Do During the ICPC Wait

What can you do in an unfamiliar place with a new baby until ICPC is completed? Lots or nothing at all. Here are some ideas.

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