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Remember to Celebrate Waiting Dads this Father’s Day

Dads and men who long to be dads are often seen as the stoic, strong fixtures of the family unit who portray a different viewpoint than their counterpart.  But celebrating these men as fathers is just as important, and encouraging those who are becoming fathers through adoption is just as significant. 


What Open Adoption Requirements Actually Mean

Building an open adoption relationship can seem intimidating. If this is how you’re currently feeling, it’s completely understandable. Please remember that American Adoptions will always be here to help you facilitate this relationship and set boundaries when needed.


5 Things Not to Say to a Prospective Birth Mother – And What to Say Instead

An unplanned pregnancy is a complicated situation, and you may not know what to say to a friend or family member considering adoption. Here are a few tips to best express your support and care.


How Adoption Changed My View on Mother’s Day

We shared our plans for adoption on Mother’s Day 2017. At the time, we thought reveling in the possibilities as prospective adoptive parents was the way to celebrate. However, our view has changed during the past year as we’ve waited to become adoptive parents.


Our Adoption Story: Part 2

Our perspective on the future had just been changed. Anxiety surrounded the unknown of what this pregnancy would look like. Confusion tangled our thoughts not only about what doctors had told us, but even what we felt like God had called us to do in adoption. Now what?


Our Adoption Story: Part 1

Brannon and I had talked about adoption even before we were married. The thought at the time seemed more like fantasy, but now we would be pursuing this reality. Our journey up to this point had already been a roller coaster ride, and little did we know what was to come.


5 Questions to Ask Yourself If You’re considering Identified Adoption

Choosing to work with a prospective birth mother or adoptive parents that you know can be an exciting decision, but also one that comes with several serious considerations.


What to Say in Your First Meeting with a Potential Adoption Match

Talking to a prospective birth mother or adoptive parent for the first time can be intimidating, but here are some helpful guidelines to make your meeting a success.


The Ultimate Adoption Preparation Checklist for Adoptive Parents

It takes a lot of planning before you can start the adoption process and bring your child home. This adoption preparation checklist is a good place to start.


10 Bad Reasons for Choosing to Adopt

Choosing to add an adopted child into your family is a big decision, and it’s important that you’re doing it for the right reason. If these reasons are one of yours, you may reconsider this family-building process.

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