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Where to Get Adoption Support

Adoption can be amazing, but it can also be difficult. You don’t have to go through it alone. Whether you are a birth parent or adoptive parent, there are resources to help you along the way.


Giving Thanks During the Wait to Adopt

We have not yet been blessed with a child brought to our family through adoption, but in the waiting, we will be grateful even when it seems hard to find a positive light.


Why We’re Celebrating World Adoption Day

My family will be sharing our smiley face posts on World Adoption Day because we are in the middle of the adoption process right now. The smiley face for us embodies so much of our life’s journey over the past year and so much of what is to come.


Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Losing a pregnancy or an infant is something you will never forget. This Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, commemorating your loss may help bring hope and healing.


5 Ways to Re-Energize Yourself During the Wait to Adopt

The wait to adopt can seem never-ending and emotionally draining. Here are five ways you can re-energize yourself as you wait to be chosen by a prospective birth mother.


Do Adoptive Parents Choose the Child They Want to Adopt?

When adopting, can you choose the child you adopt? What can you choose about your baby’s and prospective birth mother’s background? Find out here.


Writing a Reference Letter for Your Friend Who Is Adopting

Your friend has asked you to write an adoption reference letter for them, and you’re eager to help – but where do you start? Here’s what you need to know.


10 Things Every Adoption Profile Needs

Your profile will be the first impression expectant mothers have of your family. Include these 10 important details to help tell your story:


Don’t Wait for the “Perfect” Time to Adopt

We made sure we were financially and emotionally ready for adoption, but we ultimately recognized the decision to adopt not as one we had made on our own.


How Much Income Do You Have to Make to Be Able to Adopt?

One of the first questions many families have during the adoption process is associated with its cost: How much income do you have to make to be able to adopt a child?

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