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Help Preserve Tax Breaks for Employer-Provided Adoption Benefits

As the tax reform bills enter a conference committee, make your voice heard to help preserve the current tax breaks for employer-provided adoption benefits.


Thanks to You, The Adoption Tax Credit Has Been Preserved!

Pressure from constituents like you has led lawmakers to reinstate the adoption tax credit in the new tax reform bill. Take the time to thank your representatives today!


Adoption Tax Credit to Be Eliminated in Proposed Tax Legislation

The Republicans’ new tax plan will eliminate the federal adoption tax credit. Contact your representative today to change this and help other adoptive families.


Your State Adoption Tax Credit — and How You Can Protect It

Do you know if your state offers a separate adoption tax credit or reduction? Find out here and, if they don’t, contact your representative today.


Your Voice Matters – Help Save the Adoption Tax Credit!

The Federal Adoption Tax Credit is vulnerable and may be eliminated as part of tax reform — and we need your help to save it!


Adoption Tax Credit 2015 [Infographic]

Adoption Tax Credit 2015 - small teaserNow that 2015 has come to a close – and we’re finally getting used to writing 2016 on our dates – many …


2015 Adoption Tax Credit Info: How does it work?

Adoption Tax Credit 2015 - small teaserLast month, the IRS released updated figures for the 2015 Adoption Tax Credit. Below we have provided a brief explanation of the …


Adoption Tax Credit 2014 [Infographic]

Now that 2014 has come to a close, many families will begin to prepare their finances for tax season. As you do, don’t forget to look into the Federal Adoption Tax Credit.

For 2014, the maximum adoption tax credit is $13,190 for all qualifying adoption expenses. …


Adoption 101: The Adoption Tax Credit [Infographic]

Some adoptive families find that adopting a child can put a strain on family finances, so many families rely on the federal adoption tax credit to help offset some of their adoption expenses.

What is the Federal Adoption Tax Credit?

The Federal Adoption Tax Credit can help …


We Need Your Help with the Adoption Tax Credit!

The Adoption Tax Credit Working Group, of which American Adoptions is a member, has set a goal of obtaining 30 Co-Sponsors on the Adoption Tax Credit (ATC) Refundability Bills: S. 1056 and H.R. 2144 in 100 days. Already in the last week, outreach efforts have …

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