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5 Questions to Ask Yourself If You’re considering Identified Adoption

Choosing to work with a prospective birth mother or adoptive parents that you know can be an exciting decision, but also one that comes with several serious considerations.


Sign the Petition to Save U.S. International Adoptions!

New restrictions and regulations on international adoption have made it more difficult than ever for American families to adopt overseas. Join us in signing a petition asking for change from the White House.


5 Tips for Finding a Biological Sibling

How do you find biological siblings if you have no point of contact or other birth family to ask? This can be a complicated process, but here are five tips for getting started.


People Still Shame Birthmoms. Here’s What You Can Do to Step Up.

People shame birth moms for being “tricked” into the decision that they carefully and thoughtfully made, and they give unsolicited opinions or criticism regarding a birth mother’s adoption decision. You can speak out against birth mom shaming, and offer your support.


What to Say in Your First Meeting with a Potential Adoption Match

Talking to a prospective birth mother or adoptive parent for the first time can be intimidating, but here are some helpful guidelines to make your meeting a success.


The Ultimate Adoption Preparation Checklist for Adoptive Parents

It takes a lot of planning before you can start the adoption process and bring your child home. This adoption preparation checklist is a good place to start.


10 Bad Reasons for Choosing to Adopt

Choosing to add an adopted child into your family is a big decision, and it’s important that you’re doing it for the right reason. If these reasons are one of yours, you may reconsider this family-building process.


National Social Work Month 2018: Highlighting Our Professionals

March is National Social Work Month, and American Adoptions celebrates all of the hardworking professionals that have created beautiful adoption stories and relationships.


5 Signs that You’d Be a Great Parent via Adoption

Are you considering adopting a child? Here are five signs that you might be ready.


What You Should Know About Adoption Health Insurance for Expectant Mom and Baby

Understanding who is covered under which health insurance policy can seem daunting when you’re first learning about the adoption process, but it’s usually simpler than it seems.

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