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Celebrities Who Made Headlines about Adoption or Surrogacy in 2017

These 9 celebrities made waves this year speaking up for adoption and surrogacy.


The Important Lesson This Week’s “This is Us” Taught About Transracial Adoption

How do you cope with a friend or family member who says inappropriate things about an adopted child? Rebecca faced that challenge on this week’s “This is Us.”


3 Things “This is Us” Taught Us About Adoption in the Season Premiere

Beth and Randall had some serious conversations about adoption in last night’s season premiere. Here’s what we’ve learned from them so far.


7 Famous Athletes You Didn’t Know Were Adopted

You might know their stats, but did you also know they were adopted?


5 Lessons ‘This is Us’ Teaches Us About Adoption

“This is Us,” an NBC show about a blended family told in different timelines, is arguably this fall season’s breakout hit. Focusing on three siblings — two twins and their adopted brother — coping with different crises at the age of 36, it’s quickly become a favorite for its honest portrayal of race, class, gender and body size.

One of the biggest storylines revolves around Randall, who was adopted by his parents from the hospital in the 1980s after his adoptive parents lost one of their triplets during childbirth. As an African-American in a white, middle-class family, he struggles to find his identity after he reconnects with his long-lost birth father.

The show is a great resource for adoptive parents, birth parents and adoptees alike, educating viewers about adoption and the struggles all parties experience during their lifelong adoption journey. Although Randall was adopted in the 1980s in a closed adoption (rare today), many of his and his parents’ challenges will resonate with those affected by adoption.


Adoptee, Simone Biles, Making Waves at the Olympics

As the 2016 Olympics get under way, you’ll probably be hearing a lot about Simone Biles, if you haven’t already. The 19-year old has been making waves in the world of gymnastics and is predicted to win more than one gold medal for the U.S. team. And don’t be surprised if you hear her name in the adoption world, too – when she was five years old, she and her sister were adopted by her grandparents.


5 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Birth Parents

Joni Mitchell

In 1964, a 21-year-old Joni Mitchell, then Joan Anderson, found herself pregnant, dirt poor and unable to take care of a child. She gave birth to a daughter, Kelly Gale Anderson, in February 1965 and decided to place the baby for adoption.


Tyra Banks Welcomes Baby via Surrogate

Former model Tyra Banks and her boyfriend, Norwegian photographer Erik Asla, welcomed their first son, York, via surrogate in late January, reports People. Banks, who has struggled with infertility in the past, took to Instagram to make the announcement and thank the surrogate who …


What Actress Connie Britton Is Thankful For

Connie_BrittonAs National Adoption Month comes closer to its end and the Holiday Season picks up steam, this message from Actress Connie Britton (best known for her roles on …


Best Adoption Month Stories

Super Adoptive Family by Lexie EhrismanIt’s hard to believe that National Adoption Month is half over! Just like us, people across the country  have been celebrating National Adoption …

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