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5 Things Not to Say to a Prospective Birth Mother – And What to Say Instead

An unplanned pregnancy is a complicated situation, and you may not know what to say to a friend or family member considering adoption. Here are a few tips to best express your support and care.


How Placing Changed My Parenting

Had I not started this journey first as a birth mother, I’m not sure I would have known to love as deeply as I do, to appreciate every given day, and to be full of gratitude for my role as my children’s mother.


Becoming a Birth Mother

I didn’t envision myself as a mother or even more so a birth mother, but such a title holds responsibility in me that I now announce with pride and gratitude.


What You Need to Know about Postpartum and Post-Adoption Depression

Anyone who gives birth or brings a new child home can experience postpartum or post-adoption depression. Here’s what you need to know about adoption and depression.


Adoption Criticism: 5 Tips for How to Respond

If you’ve been touched by adoption, chances are good you will face criticism or judgment at some point in your journey. Here’s how to respond.


5 Ways to Heal as a Birth Parent After Your Adoption Placement

Placing a child for adoption is the most beautiful — but most difficult — thing a person can do. It’s normal to experience a range of emotions for months and years to follow, and knowing how to cope with them can be incredibly helpful.


People Still Shame Birthmoms. Here’s What You Can Do to Step Up.

People shame birth moms for being “tricked” into the decision that they carefully and thoughtfully made, and they give unsolicited opinions or criticism regarding a birth mother’s adoption decision. You can speak out against birth mom shaming, and offer your support.


What to Say in Your First Meeting with a Potential Adoption Match

Talking to a prospective birth mother or adoptive parent for the first time can be intimidating, but here are some helpful guidelines to make your meeting a success.


What You Should Know About Adoption Health Insurance for Expectant Mom and Baby

Understanding who is covered under which health insurance policy can seem daunting when you’re first learning about the adoption process, but it’s usually simpler than it seems.


What are the Requirements for Placing a Child for Adoption?

Honestly, making an adoption plan is easier than you might think. You’ll need to call an adoption professional and go over all your choices in your adoption plan, but there aren’t any real requirements for placing a child for adoption.

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