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3 Things Expectant Mothers Look for in Adoptive Family Profiles

Hopeful adoptive parents often ask us, “What are prospective birth mothers looking for in adoptive family profiles?”

It’s normal to wonder this, and we understand that many adoptive …


People Still Shame Birthmoms. Here’s What You Can Do to Step Up.

People shame birth moms for being “tricked” into the decision that they carefully and thoughtfully made, and they give unsolicited opinions or criticism regarding a birth mother’s adoption decision. You can speak out against birth mom shaming, and offer your support.


With Love and Gratitude: Tips for writing a Dear Birth Parent letter

The Dear Birth Parent letter is a one-page snapshot of your life and the life you hope to give a child. It is an opportunity for you to put into words your love and longing, your desire to raise a family. It is, by far, the most read section of any Adoptive Family Profile, and it is one of the hardest things for families to write. Thankfully, we’ve got it down to a science.


Adoptive Family Video Profiles: The Dos and Don’ts

VP Promo Booklet 2Every family we work with, will make an Adoptive Family Video Profile with Show Pro Media. These video profiles provide prospective birth mothers a glimpse …


Adoptive Family Print Profiles: The Dos and Don’ts

Print ProfilesWhen a pregnant woman comes to American Adoptions and is considering adoption, there are a lot of decisions she must make; most importantly, choosing the right family to …


Adoptive Family Video Profile FAQs

Questions about Adoptive Family Video ProfilesEvery adoptive family we work with will make an Adoptive Family Video …


Online Profile Listings Have a New Look!

New Profile DesignAmerican Adoptions continuously strives to provide families and potential birth parents with timely, accurate information and innovative resources for their adoption plans. …


Online Profiles Are Getting a New Look!

New Look of American Adoptions Online Adoption ProfilesAmerican Adoptions is constantly striving to provide families and potential birth parents with timely, accurate …


Adoptive Family Print Profile FAQs

Adoption Profile QuestionsEvery adoptive family we work with will make an adoptive family print profile with us before they become “activated” – or are available for selection by birth …


Reader Request: When can we reactivate for another adoption?

My husband and I recently placed with our amazing daughter and have begun discussing our timeline for adopting again. Does American Adoptions have a time frame that we must wait before becoming an actively waiting family again? Also, are any of the previous fees waived …

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