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What the Adoption Home Study is Really Like: A Waiting Mom’s Perspective

The effort it was taking to finally get the vibrations in my throat to come out as audible words made my stomach all the more nauseous. Air compressed by the lump in my throat made it hard to breathe. I prayed that she couldn’t hear …


Why Adopting a Child Has So Many Steps and Requirements

The pre-adoption screening process can seem lengthy to those unfamiliar with the adoption process. But there are reasons why there are so many requirements to adopt a child.


How to Choose a Home Study Professional

Home studies are a pretty big deal in the adoption process. A home study is an assessment of a prospective adoptive family’s life, history and home, and, if all goes well, it ends with a recommendation that the family be able to adopt.

It’s natural, then, that the process can seem scary. It’s tough to have your lives under a microscope, but everyone has to go through it before adopting — even celebrities! To make the process as educational and stress-free as possible, it’s important to choose the right professional to complete your home study.

For Kansas, Missouri, Arizona, Arkansas and Florida residents, American Adoptions can provide home study services in a span of four to six weeks. (These are the states in which we are licensed.) If you don’t reside in one of these states, though, there are important questions to ask any home study professional before you begin the process.


Florida Home Study Tele-Seminar in September

Adoption Home Study SeminarResidents of Florida: we can help you start the adoption process with an adoption home study!


August Home Study Seminars

Home StudyResidents of Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Florida and Arizona: Let us help you get started on your adoption home …


Now Offering a Home Study 101 Tele-Seminar for Florida Families!

Adoption SeminarCalling all Florida residents! Let us help you begin the adoption process with an adoption home study!

An adoption home study is a basic overview …


Before Finalization: The Need for Post-Placement Visits

You’ve conquered the home study, survived the wait and have settled into your new routine as a family with your new little bundle of joy. Your adoption journey is complete – or is it?

Once you receive placement of your child, but are still waiting …


The Importance of Having the Right Home Study

Adoption Home StudyAmerican Adoptions often receives inquiries from families regarding whether our agency will accept a previously completed state-level home study. Unfortunately, in most cases our agency cannot.

Adoption home studies …


Reader Request: When can we reactivate for another adoption?

My husband and I recently placed with our amazing daughter and have begun discussing our timeline for adopting again. Does American Adoptions have a time frame that we must wait before becoming an actively waiting family again? Also, are any of the previous fees waived …


Getting Through the Paperwork

Advice from Adoption VeteransAdvice from Adoption Veterans

This week, adoption veterans have advice and encouragement for getting through the pre-activation stage of adoption. Even though it might feel like you’re …

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