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One Family’s Journey Through a Long Wait to the Perfect Adoption Opportunity

Adoptive parents Kellie and Rob finalized their adoption of their daughter Lily this summer. Now, the couple shares their story of how they coped with a long wait to find the adoption opportunity that was always meant to be.


Love and Opportunity: What National Adoption Month Means to Scott Mars

During National Adoption Month, we look back at how our co-founder, Scott Mars, brought his experience as an adoptee to creating a better adoption agency with American Adoptions.


Dear Birth Son — A Letter from Your Birth Parents

Dear our youngest son, 

We remember the day I found out you were inside me. As you grew, I felt you kick, hiccup and glide in …


“Open Adoption is Not a Sad Story” – Mariam’s Adoption Journey

When birth mother Mariam* learned of her unplanned pregnancy, she knew that abortion wasn’t right for her — despite the pressure  she felt from her baby’s birth father …


8 Reasons to Share Your Adoption Story

Whether you are an adoptive parent, birth parent or adoptee, you may be surprised what details in your story will connect with someone. Here are eight compelling reasons to share your adoption experience with the people around you.


What One Birth Mom Wants People to Know About Her Adoption Story

Jocelyn always understood how adoption could change the lives of all involved: adoptive parents, birth parents and adoptees like herself. She’d seen it firsthand in …


One Couple’s Journey to Complete Their Family with American Adoptions

Although they already had two biological children when they started their adoption journey, Jay and Tiffany knew adoption was the perfect choice for making themselves a family of five. Here, Jay recounts their story through their adoption process to meet their perfect baby girl, Ashley.


Adoptive Family & Birth Mother Share How They Were Meant to Find Each Other

An adoptive family worried no birth mother would choose a family with a dad in a wheelchair and a son with disabilities. A birth mother worried she wouldn’t find the perfect family. What happened next was “just meant to be.”


In Moving Letter, Birth Mother Shares Her Love with Her Son

One birth mother writes a letter to her son, four years after his adoption, telling him what she wants him to know about her decision to place him for adoption.


My Life as an Adoptee and an Adoption Specialist

American Adoptions’ Director of Social Services, Jennifer Van Gundy, shares her experience of being adopted as an infant and how it has impacted her life as a mother and a professional.

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