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What Not to Say to Waiting Parents During Holiday Gatherings

Emotions run high during the holidays, and for families struggling with infertility or trying to adopt, this season can be especially difficult. Knowing what not to say to your family members in this position is important always, but especially necessary to not ruin your holiday gatherings.


Which Family-Building Option is Right for You?

Deciding which family-building option to pursue as hopeful parents? American Adoptions breaks down all the paths available to you to help you choose the one that’s best for your family.


What to Do During the ICPC Wait

What can you do in an unfamiliar place with a new baby until ICPC is completed? Lots or nothing at all. Here are some ideas.


10 Tips for Creating Your Adoption Baby Book

How do you create an adoption baby book? What do baby books for adopted children look like? Find some life book examples here to get you started.


4 Ways to Strengthen a Family Created through Adoption

The love of a family created through adoption is just as strong as a family created any other way. But there are few ways that you can strengthen your family’s bond that are unique to adoptive families.


Sign the Petition to Save U.S. International Adoptions!

New restrictions and regulations on international adoption have made it more difficult than ever for American families to adopt overseas. Join us in signing a petition asking for change from the White House.


Six Annoying Things People Say to Birth Parents

Seriously? You’ll be amazed at some of the insensitive things people will say to birth parents!


7 Adoption Songs to Reflect on Your Adoption Journey

Music can often express emotions in a way no other form can, so we’ve compiled a list of some songs about adoption to help you reflect on your personal adoption journey.


How You Can Make Adoption Cards to Congratulate New Arrivals

Adoption cards are a great way to congratulate adoptive parents on their new child. While any baby card will do, here are some tips to personalize them.


3 Ways for Birth Parents to Cope Around the Holidays

The holidays can be difficult for parents who have placed a child for adoption, but these tips can help you cope with these complicated emotions.

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