Spending time together isn’t always an option for adoptees and their birth and adoptive parents, even if you have an open adoption. Maybe you have an outdated address, or you only communicate via email. And during a time when we’re all having to cut back on our in-person interactions for our health and safety, finding alternative means of staying in touch is more important than ever.

But just because you can’t see each other face-to-face doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to let someone in your adoption triad know that you’re thinking of them!

If your adoption isn’t finalized yet, remember to check in with your American Adoptions specialist before you send a gift. They can help you to determine what is and isn’t appropriate in your specific situation.

Send a little long-distance love with these easy and fun virtual gift ideas:

1. Video-streaming services

Give the gift of a good binge-watch! Whether it’s for themselves or for their whole family, there is a streaming service that will deliver their favorite type of entertainment. Then, watch a movie or new show together virtually!

Explore some options below:

2. Grocery or meal box subscriptions

Does someone else in your adoption triad love cooking as much as you do? This is a fun way to experiment with new recipes and get familiar with cooking techniques. Best of all, it saves them from going to the grocery store or having to meal-plan for the week! There’s a box out for everyone, so you can even accommodate dietary restrictions:

3. Help around the house

A Task Rabbit gift card gifts the recipient a helping hand with moving, household repairs, cleaning, cooking, gardening and more. This is perfect if they’re sick or hurt and need some help, or if they’re juggling kids and work.

Everyone could use a little help with those big (or small) tasks, so this will always be useful and appreciated.

4. Eco-friendly cleaning supplies and household products

A subscription to The Grove Collaborative keeps your fellow adoption triad members stocked with cleaning and household supplies that are much better for the environment than the average stuff at the store. In addition to really, really nice cleaning products, The Grove Collaborative has tons of other goods to choose from. Explore products that will reduce your carbon footprint and make your life a little easier. The program is set to renew automatically, so that you never run out of household essentials.

5. Audiobooks for the whole family

While in the car, working out, winding down at bedtime, cooking or cleaning, listening to an audio book is always fantastic. Best of all, with a subscription to an audio book service like Audible, they can choose a book that everyone in their family will love (or a new book just for themselves).

6. The latest reads

This is perfect for book lovers. There is a book subscription box out there for everyone — whether they prefer sci-fi, fantasy, non-fiction, young adult or children’s books. Many even have monthly themed boxes. Explore some of these options to find the perfect one for your favorite reader:

7. Snack box subscriptions

If someone else in your adoption triad loves to explore new snacks as much as you do, then they’d probably appreciate a whole box of the stuff they can’t find at the average grocery store.

Check out these snack box subscriptions:

8. A message from that celebrity they adore

This is the priciest gift on our list, but Cameo hires your favorite actors and celebrities to record personal messages. Is someone in your adoption triad a huge fan? Sending them a customized message from their celebrity obsession and watching them absolutely lose it is pretty priceless.

9. An at-home escape room challenge

If a member of your adoption triad loves a challenge, and they miss trying out escape rooms, this at-home version is the perfect gift. A whole family can enjoy it together (and it might take all of them to “escape!”). Order one for yourself and see who can “get out” the fastest.

10. A personalized recorded video from you

Create a customized video montage of all their favorite people telling them how much they are loved and appreciated through Vidhug. You can invite anyone to join in, record your message, put it all together and send it to the recipient.

The best way to let someone know that you’re thinking of them is to just say it! This way, they’ll be able to keep and replay your message forever.

11. Make your own old-school photo viewer wheel

Do you remember that red plastic photo viewer you had as a kid?  This unusual gift allows you to put your own personalized photos onto one of those white viewer wheels.

Upload photos of the members of your adoption triad together or photos of the adoptee through the years; create a themed round of photos; or fill yours with photos of their pets, family, kids and whatever else they love.

12. Makeup, pampering products and fun little samples

Does someone in your adoption triad love getting luxe samples in the mail? Just about everyone does, right?

These subscription boxes are full of unusual products for self-care, and the samples they provide are often surprisingly high-end:

13. Virtual craft classes, complete with supplies

Bluprint is a fun way to learn a new craft, and it offers you the supplies to get it done. Knitting, crocheting and small sewing projects — everything that’s perfect for working with your hands and picking up a new hobby.

14. A kid-friendly educational subscription box

Keep little hands and minds busy with a box full of fun. Bonus points for being educational!

Whether they’re into cooking, geography or science, one of these boxes is sure to peak the interest of the youngest member in your adoption triad:

15. A birthday in a box

Is someone celebrating a birthday? Send them cake in a jar or a box full of birthday surprises with one of the services below. You could certainly D.I.Y. your own birthday box and fill it with personalized goodies, but these companies have a range of options if you’re looking for something just as fun and a little easier:

16. Play board games together virtually

Platforms like Pogo, Board Game Arena and Tabletopia have collected classic board games (and a few new favorites) so that you can all play a round of Monopoly together. Most of the games are free, so this is mostly just the gift of one another’s time. Make it a regular routine, and prove which of you is the reigning Scrabble champion!

17. A gift card for food delivery

Everyone is a little sick of their own quarantine cooking, and now isn’t the time to be eating out at restaurants. So, why not send them a gift card so that they can get dinner delivered to their family tonight? Find out which delivery service operates within their area, and send them an e-gift card:

18. Music subscriptions

Who doesn’t love music? And who doesn’t hate ads on music streaming platforms?

Upgrade them to a premium version of their favorite music streaming service, or give them a gift card to help them download their favorite songs:

19. Video game gift cards

If someone recently got a coveted Nintendo Switch and has been obsessed with Animal Crossing, they’d probably love a gift card! Kids (and adults) who are into gaming could always use a new game — find out what gaming system they use and send them a gift card for that platform:

20. A virtual bouquet of flowers

Of course, you might prefer to send the real thing. But allergies, pets, small children and other little hazards might make a real bouquet a less-than-ideal gift. Plus, sending a virtual bouquet means these flowers will never wilt!

What are your favorite ways of staying in touch with your adoption triad as we all socially distance and stay home? Any great virtual gift ideas you’d like to add? Let us know in the comments below!