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An Adoptee’s Perspective on Anger in Adoption

One adoptee’s views on anti-adoption attitudes and glossed-over adoption ideals, and why she believes the truth falls somewhere in the middle.


How to Access Your Original Birth Certificate as an Adoptee

For adult adoptees who want to learn more about their adoption, obtaining your original birth certificate can be unfortunately tricky. Here’s what you need to know:


9 Things Guaranteed to Make an Adoptee Roll Their Eyes

Have you ever said THIS to an adoptee?


Famous Adoptees – Infographic

To wrap up National Adoption Month, we want to leave you with an infographic that shows adoptees can be anything, do anything and go anywhere in life. We hope you’ve enjoyed our content throughout the month, and more importantly, that you’ve learned something about adoption.


My Life as an Adoptee and an Adoption Specialist

American Adoptions’ Director of Social Services, Jennifer Van Gundy, shares her experience of being adopted as an infant and how it has impacted her life as a mother and a professional.


Adoptee, Simone Biles, Making Waves at the Olympics

As the 2016 Olympics get under way, you’ll probably be hearing a lot about Simone Biles, if you haven’t already. The 19-year old has been making waves in the world of gymnastics and is predicted to win more than one gold medal for the U.S. team. And don’t be surprised if you hear her name in the adoption world, too – when she was five years old, she and her sister were adopted by her grandparents.


Make Adoptee Voices Heard: Support The Adopted Life Episodes Campaign!

Bryan and Angela Tucker, the creators of the documentary Closure, have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their newest project, The Adopted Life Episodes. In the series, Angela will sit down with transracially adopted youth to bring awareness to a variety of complex issues. Now through the end of National Adoption Month, your donation to the Kickstarter campaign will help give viewers the rare opportunity to gain firsthand perspective from adoptees and let adopted youth know they are not alone.


Talk to Your Kids About Famous Adoptees

National Adoption Month is a great time to talk to your kids about famous adoptees. We all love to learn what we have in common with celebrities or notable figures, and learning about famous adoptees could be a great way to instill even more adoption …


Back to School for Adoptees

Back to School for AdopteesPromoting adoption and blended families in schools

The backpacks are packed, the school lunches made – it’s the time of …


Adoptee Searches

American Adoptions is a huge supporter of openness in adoption. We’ve even gone so far as to request that our adoptive families be open to at least a semi-open adoption.

We also support adoptees in their search for information about their adoption. However, American Adoptions …

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