The adoptee experience is unique. But no adoptee is ever alone. The internet is full of adoptees looking to connect with one another and build the relationships they’ve been seeking.

To help you find others who know what you’ve gone through, we’ve come up with this list of adoptees who share their lives and experiences on social media for readers like you.

Even if you’re an adoptive parent, birth parent or just an observer to the adoption triad, there’s always going to be something you can learn from these accounts. No matter where you come from, it’s important to take the time to learn about each member of our adoption community.

A few of these accounts are from transracial adoptees. Some of them are even from adoptees who have become adoptive parents themselves. Other adoptees use these accounts to advocate for the openness in adoption they wished they had.

If you’re looking for some good adoptee perspectives to add to your social feeds, check out some of our suggestions below.

  1. @angieadoptee, The Adopted Life: Angela Tucker is an advocate for both openness in adoption and transracial adoptees. She was adopted at 18 months through a closed adoption, until she found her birth parents at the age of 26. Her work has been featured in the documentary CLOSURE.
  2. @treesethedoptee: Artreese Basnight is an adoptee, foster care advocate and founder of IMME Development Resources, an organization that offers educational resources and tools to adoptees and current/former foster youth.
  3. @MichelleMadridBranch, Michelle is an international and transracial adoptee. You can also check out her book, CoCo & Olive: The Color of Love, a story of a mother and daughter brought together by adoption.
  4. @kiana.bosman: Kiana Bosman is another adoptee advocate. You can also check out the podcast she did with the Archibald project on what it’s like to grow up in a transracial adoption.
  5. @courtymclean: Courtney McLean is both an adoptee and an adoptive mom. You can follow her life as a mom on her Instagram.
  6. @wreckageandwonder: Torie Demartile is on a lifelong journey to advocate for transracial adoptees. Take some time to read her piece “A Letter to the Parents of Adoptees.”
  7. @the_daily.adoptee, As a transracial adoptee, Brittany Nash understands how important it is to find a tribe of people like you. You can read authentic stories from Nash on The Daily Adoptee’s page.

Of course, this is just a small number of adoptees that you can follow on social media. If you have any other favorites, then leave us a note in the comments!