Andy and Nancy's Adoption StoryEvery adoptive family is told to be prepared for anything, as the call about an adoption opportunity can come at any time, as well as the baby. Both of Andy and Nancy’s calls not only told them of their opportunities, but also that their two babies were scheduled to be born in less than a week.

Andy and Nancy’s story is a good example for prospective families of how to remain mentally prepared during “the wait,” as adopting can be unpredictable and a married couple can become new parents over night.


Once the adoptive family has an adoption opportunity, they begin the journey up the roller coaster’s first big hill. This is when preparations are made, connections with birth parents are built, and anticipation grows for the hill’s peak, or in this case, the birth of the baby. The wait to the top can feel like an eternity because of the adoptive family’s excitement.

When the adoptive family finally reaches the peak, the baby is born and the ride really begins. The adoptive family holds on tight as things begin to move fast and get exciting during this time.

Now imagine starting the ride at the top of the hill, staring down at the track below without a chance to prepare or anticipate what’s ahead.

This is the ride Andy and Nancy took for not one but both of their adoptions.

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