Father and BabyIt seems that no matter where you look you can find advice for adoptive mothers, or advice from adoptive mothers; but what about the adoptive fathers? The nature of adoption involves a wide variety of emotions, which causes many people to focus on the women involved. However, men are just as involved (emotionally and physically) in adoption as their partners.

Adoptive fathers – whether veterans, newcomers, or those just beginning to research adoption – have just as many questions and concerns about the adoption process and life post-placement, and who better to answer these questions than fellow adoptive fathers?

Here at American Adoptions we want to give our adoptive dad’s a chance for their voices to be heard. We want to know your perspective on adoption! Help us share the adoptive dad’s perspective by emailing your answers to the following questions to editors@americanadoptions.com.

– What is your adoption story? 

– What were your biggest fears or concerns about the adoption process? How did you address those fears or concerns? 

– What was the hardest part about your adoption journey?

– What has been the most rewarding part of becoming a father through adoption? 

– What advice can you give to fellow adoptive dads about the adoption process and life with your adopted child? 

We will collect all answers and feature your responses in a future American Adoptions blog post to help adoptive fathers navigate the adoption process!

From an adoptive father’s perspective: Read what American Adoptions Founder Scott Mars’ father, Ted, has to say about his adoption experience as well as Executive Director Shawn Kane’s adoption story or watch his adoption video here.