While adoption is leading you to your dream of becoming a parent, it is not without its challenges. You may have a number of questions and worries about the process. One of the best places to feel heard about these concerns is an adoptive family support group.

American Adoptions has many testimonials from adoptive families who have gone through what you are going through now. Our resources are a great place to start looking for help, but finding an adoptive family support group can take it a step further.

Why Adoptive Family Support Groups Matter

While many people can understand the struggles of parenting, only a select group will understand the special circumstances of adoptive families. An adoptive family support group can offer emotional support and guidance. The process of adoption can feel like an emotional roller coaster. A support group can be an extension of your own support system.

We have many families who have chosen to find a support group due to special circumstances or they just want to find others who they can connect with over this journey to parenthood.

Everyone’s adoption story is unique, but having adoption in common with another family can make a huge difference when you are looking for connection and community.

Support Groups By State

When it comes to finding the right adoptive family support group for you, location can be a major factor. There are a number of groups you can find by state. This can help you find information on state laws specific to you or help you find a group of people you can meet in person.

The North American Council on Adoptable Children also has a database of support groups. These groups can serve a larger region or state, while others support smaller communities. Either way, finding a form of support can be beneficial to you throughout the process.

Supporting Your Adopted Child

The adoption journey doesn’t end when you finalize the paperwork. Finding ways to support your adopted child can be very helpful to their growth. This can look like finding a support group for adoptees that helps them through questions they have and connect with other kids going through something similar or finding a support group for adoptive parents whose children are older.

Caution on Social Media

While there are many groups you can access through social media channels, not all of these are managed well. Some of the information shared can be negative and unverified. It’s important to take what you read and hear on these platforms with a grain of salt. While following accounts that offer a look into their adoption journey, try not to compare yourself. Everyone’s adoptive journey is different, and not everyone has the same process.

Lean On Your Adoption Specialist

Your adoption specialist is an excellent resource and a wonderful part of your support system. They will advise you on different resources and help you connect with other professionals who may be able to help you through the process of adoption and parenting after adoption.

Whether you are still waiting to adopt or your adopted child is growing up and asking questions, finding an adoptive family support group can help you through these parts of the process. Get connected with our newsletter to find more resources available to you today.