I love Halloween.  I think it is amazing to see how big it’s gotten over the years, and my family has bought into the hype.  We currently have orange lights decorating a tree in front of our house.  There’s a light-up ghost on our porch, and orange bulbs have been put into our exterior lights.  The kitchen towels are embroidered with witches, our candy has been purchased, and our pumpkins are waiting to be carved.

But my one Achilles’ heel is the costumes.  I have not a one creative bone when it comes to coming up with a Halloween costume.  When my kids voice their final costume choice, I silently pray it is something that can be bought at a store.  DIY is not my strength.  I proudly admit this.

However, I do love scrolling through Pinterest for costume ideas, be it homemade or store-bought.  There is no end to people’s creativity! Here are some of my favorites for this Halloween season.


  • Animal one-piece outfits – Baby clothes manufacturers were smart about these. What’s easier than zipping up your infant in a darling, warm cat/duck/elephant one-piece?  And they are so cute.  My daughter was a cat when she was 5 months old.
  • Sushi
  • Rosie the Riveter




halloween-elementaryElementary School Children



halloween-middle-schoolMiddle Schoolers



halloween-high-schoolHigh Schoolers

My husband teaches high school, and he says when kids dress up, they tend to do group outfits.  Here are some great options for high schoolers: