October is the one month of the year that we dedicate to the truly superior food group – pizza! We didn’t know National Pizza Month was a real thing either, but we’re not complaining.

To celebrate, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite pizza recipes that family members of all ages will love. Check them out!

  • Mini Bagel Pizzas – These bite-sized treats are perfect for little ones, and they are healthier than the frozen ones you’ll find at the store. The best part? Only three ingredients needed!
  • Gluten-Free Pizza – This healthy recipe is a good alternative for the gluten-free or health-conscious family. On top of that, you can find lots of other yummy gluten-free recipes online.
  • Easy Pizza Roll-Ups – These are the perfect pizza alternative that can fit in a lunch box. Just roll your ingredients into a tortilla, cut it into smaller pieces, and call it a day.
  • Breakfast Pizza – Now you can have a slice of pizza for every meal. Eggs, bacon and two kinds of cheese come together on top of a crust to pizza-fy a classic breakfast.
  • Pizza Pinwheels – This is pizza in a whole new shape. You can use them as an appetizer, pack them for a picnic, or whip them up for a late-night snack.
  • Pizza Casserole – Okay, so it’s not technically pizza. But all the flavors are there, and it’s incredibly easy to make! While there isn’t a pizza crust, the pasta is just as filling.

Or if you’re not feeling too ambitious, you can just order out – after all, it is a national holiday.