Playtime with mum and dadIt’s especially important to celebrate birth parents during National Adoption Month! These courageous women and men made your adoption dreams come true and are an important part of your child’s identity.

If you have a closed adoption, consider starting an annual tradition to honor your child’s birth mother. You could light a candle or have a bouquet at dinner, say a special prayer before bed, make a donation to an organization in her honor, or just spend an evening talking about the respect your family has for her.

For families who have a more open relationship, you could send a special National Adoption Month pictures and letters package. As Michelle shared with us in the blog post Tips for Sending Pictures and Letters, you CAN send packages more often than your agreement. For many women, the holidays are the hardest part of the year because it holds so many reminders of family togetherness.

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National Adoption Month and the holidays could be the perfect time to send another package – even if it’s not part of your regular schedule!

Sit down and help your child write a note or send one yourself. You can also include fun and timely fall and holiday crafts. A handprint turkey or homemade Christmas ornament could be great!

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No matter what you do, just make sure to take time during National Adoption Month and other times of the year to talk about and honor your child’s birth parents.

What are some ways that you celebrate your child’s birth parents?