New Profile DesignAmerican Adoptions continuously strives to provide families and potential birth parents with timely, accurate information and innovative resources for their adoption plans. One of the many ways our agency continues to offer unique resources to our clients is by monitoring and studying feedback from clients and user statistics from visitors to our website. This constant evaluation allows our agency to identify trends and therefore offer all clients the top-level resources our agency is known for.

Recently, we decided it was time to revisit our family profile listing pages online. We will be implementing a new design on Tuesday, July 23, that will allow for more families to be shown per page. We think this will lower browsing fatigue among potential birth parents, allowing each of our families to have greater visibility online.

The same amount and type of information on each family will still be available and just a click away. It is our hope that these changes will draw potential birth parents into more individual profiles, which will result in longer visits to our website and better exposure for our adoptive families.

American Adoptions is proud to be a leader in the adoption industry and will continue to provide all of our clients with the most innovative resources available to aid them on their adoption journey. Visit our site to check it out!

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