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Tips for Activating Families

Hispanic couple at home with babyThis can be a busy time of year for our agency as families start the adoption process and everything that goes with that …


Attention: Waiting Adoptive Families

American Adoptions currently needs families who are open to adopting children of full African American heritage. We hope to reach more families who are open to adopting children of this race, thereby providing potential birth mothers with more profiles to consider.

Recently, we needed to …


Flexibility and Adoption

When pursuing adoption, it is important for you and your spouse to examine just how flexible you are regarding potential adoption situations and how long you are willing to wait for “the call.”

Once a couple is activated, the adoption process is largely out of …


Waiting for an Adoption Opportunity

Why There is No Crystal Ball

The adoption process is a very personal one for waiting families. First, they must provide financial, medical and …


Getting Through the Paperwork

Advice from Adoption VeteransAdvice from Adoption Veterans

This week, adoption veterans have advice and encouragement for getting through the pre-activation stage of adoption. Even though it might feel like you’re …


What if we find a desirable Available Adoption Situation?

When we see an available adoption situation that we are interested in, should we contact you to make sure our profile is being shown? We see some situations that seem to be what we’re looking …


Kelly, Jim, Kristin and Mason’s Adoption Story

Leap of Faith

Editor’s Note: Name, dates and locations have been changed or eliminated to protect the identity of this adoptive family. They don’t want their son to face any social stigma regarding his birth, but they graciously agreed to share their story with the hopes …


Question about Agency-Assisted Program Numbers

Laurie Q&AQ & A with Laurie

Hello everyone, my name is Laurie Walker, and I am an Adoptive Family Specialist with American Adoptions. I have worked with many birth mothers and adoptive …


What to Do After Activation

What to Do After ActivationThe time between an adoptive family’s activation and when they receive an adoption opportunity can be stressful. You’ve put so much effort into your profiles …


Eric, Elizabeth, Henry and Rose’s Adoption Story

Worth the Wait

Adoption can be unpredictable. Look no further than how certain adoptive families are chosen relatively quickly by birth mothers, while others have a lengthy wait.

Eric and Elizabeth waited …

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