Choosing adoption is the beginning of a life-changing journey that creates a brighter future for everyone involved.

But with each journey being different and the adoption space changing over time, there are many myths and facts about adoption that have become more prevalent.

We’re here to set the record straight.

5 Myths about Adoption

1. Adoption Is Expensive for Birth Mothers

This is one of the most common myths about adoption, and it couldn’t be further from the truth. When you make the brave, selfless decision to choose adoption, finances should be the last thing you have to worry about.

Adoption is cost-free for birth mothers, and when you work with reputable adoption agencies like ours, we’ll make sure all pregnancy- and adoption-related costs are covered.

2. It Takes Years to Adopt

We know you can’t wait to begin life with your new family. That’s why working with reputable adoption professionals dispels the myth about adoption taking years.

Domestic infant adoption with us typically takes just 9-12 months, and foster care adoption usually takes about 9-18 months from start to finish.

To be clear, adoption wait times depend on many factors, like the type of adoption you’re pursuing. International adoption can take two to three years, but it also depends on the country you’re adopting from. Some countries have more stable adoption processes than others. Your preferences can also affect how long you have to wait.

3. Mothers Choose Adoption for Their Babies Because They Don’t Love Them

This is another common myth about adoption that couldn’t be further from the truth. People from all walks of life choose adoption for different reasons.

But at the end of the day, the goal is the same: to give their baby the best life possible. They’re providing a life for their child that’s only possible through adoption, and it’s an incredibly brave, selfless and loving act.

4. Open Adoptions Are Confusing for the Child

One of the most important facts about adoption is that open adoptions are much more common today than in the past.

From the way adoptions are handled between the birth mother and adoptive family to how adoption is discussed with the child, professionals largely advocate for open adoption.

Open adoption actually prevents confusion for the child. Consistent communication between the adoptive parents, child and birth parents can be healthy for all parties involved.

5. Adopted Children Won’t Fit in with Their Adoptive Families

This is one of the prevailing myths about adoptees. The vetting process between a birth mother and adoptive family, though, is comprehensive.

The birth mother can get to know the adoptive family to really get a feel for what that family is like, especially when they view our adoptive family profiles.

The benefits of being adopted include:

  • Having a safe, stable environment
  • Access to more opportunities
  • Two sets of loving parents

In other words, adoptees are often proud of their adoption stories. These myths perpetuate the stigma surrounding adoption, and dispelling these myths is important for educating others about adoption. If you’d like to learn more about facts about adoption, then contact us online at any time.