Adopting a child of another race is more common than ever, with more than 40% of adoptions being transracial. With that being said, you need to prepare for the possibility that adoption could make you a transracial family.

Understanding how to navigate transracial adoptions can help your child feel seen and heard knowing that you’ve made the effort to learn more about their heritage and culture.

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What is Transracial Adoption?

Transracial adoption is when an adoptive family adopts a child of another race or ethnic background. It involves building a family across racial lines, emphasizing the openness and willingness to provide a loving home to a child whose racial identity differs from your own.

In transracial adoption, there is a commitment to recognizing and embracing the unique cultural heritage of the adopted child, creating an environment that values diversity and ensures that the child’s racial identity is respected and celebrated within the family. There’s always a need for continued education among those who are thinking about adopting a child of a different race than their own.

The more open you are to learning about how to support a child of transracial adoption, the better chance you have at helping your child thrive.

How to Support Your Child of Another Race

Advocate for Your Child

Advocacy begins by understanding your child’s race and culture. Become aware of discrimination your child may face and be prepared to have their back. By actively advocating for your child, you contribute to creating an environment where they feel seen, heard and understood. It also helps build a foundation of resilience, self-esteem and cultural pride as your child grows and interacts with society.

Learn More About Their Culture

When adopting transracially, gaining a deeper understanding of your child’s culture can show your child that you value and respect their heritage. Take the time to learn about and appreciate their unique cultural aspects, such as understanding various techniques for different hair types or learning different recipes.

This commitment to cultural awareness creates a more inclusive environment, showing your child that you’re embracing their heritage. Educating yourself about the cultural nuances tied to your child’s background can enhance their sense of identity and belonging with in the family.

Celebrate Their Heritage

We always emphasize the significance of creating a culturally rich environment where your child feels proud of their background. Celebrate your child by participating in cultural traditions and festivals or incorporating diverse cuisines into family meals.

By acknowledging and honoring your child’s heritage, you not only create a sense of pride and belonging but also strengthen your family bond.

Look For Role Models

Before adopting transracially, one way you can be proactive is by seeking out role models within your community. If you’re a white family adopting a black child, are there role models that come to mind – like pastors, business leader or coaches – who you can connect with?

Whatever it may be, finding a community where you’re embraced for being a transracial family can teach you more about your child’s heritage. Remember, it takes a village to nurture a child’s well-being and by surrounding your child with diverse role models, you can be a part of a community that enriches your child’s sense of self and belonging.  If you’re interested in pursuing transracial adoption, fill out our form to connect with us today.