Today is Orphan Sunday, a day recognized by many in the Christian adoption movement as a time to spread the word about children needing homes, particularly through international adoption.

But even if you aren’t pursuing an international adoption, National Adoption Month can be a great time to ask your church, synagogue or other religious institution to recognize adoption – as well as those among you who have been touched by adoption! Here are a couple ideas for bringing adoption to your faith community:

  • Have your pastor or rabbi speak about adoption or recognize adoptive families and waiting families during an upcoming service.
  • Ask your religious institution to recognize adoption as a wonderful way to build families.
  • Ask your faith community to consider beginning an adoption ministry.
  • Request a special prayer for those whose lives have been touched by adoption, those who are in process of adoption and those who are considering adoption.
  • Start a collection in your church or synagogue for families who are adopting. Donate clothing, toys, toiletries or other necessities to growing families.
  • Support each other by taking turns providing childcare, especially with holiday shopping coming up.
  • Host special activities or outings for adoptive families in your religious community. Consider setting up a parent group for adoptive parents. The North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC) has great resources for how to set up and find parent groups.

Utilizing your religious community during and after your adoption can really help families and birth parents alike to find spiritual support and comfort.

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