Thanks to your continued political advocacy, the federal adoption tax credit has been preserved in both versions of the tax reform bill approved by the House and Senate, separately. However, there’s still work to be done to make sure future adoptive families are provided the adoption financial assistance they need.

Currently, a conference committee is working to create a single tax reform bill based on the two versions provided by the House and Senate. While the federal adoption tax credit has been protected in both, the tax break for employer-provided adoption benefits would be eliminated in the House bill — which means there is the potential that it could be eliminated in the final tax reform bill, as well.

But, just like we were able to with the adoption tax credit, we can make a difference with this kind of adoption financial aid, as well. Now is the time to call your local senators and representatives to make your voice heard and help preserve the inclusion of the tax break for employer-provided adoption benefits, as well as express your support for the continued protection of the federal adoption tax credit. You can find your local congressperson’s contact information here.

Your call doesn’t have to be long or detailed. Here are is a suggestion provided by Save the Adoption Tax Credit Working Group:

“Hello, I am a constituent and an advocate for adoption. I would like to leave a message for my member of Congress.  I support the Adoption Tax Credit and believe it should continue to be preserved in a final tax reform bill. In addition, I urge you to preserve the tax benefit for employer-provided adoption benefits. I ask that you speak with your leadership about the importance of preserving this benefit for employees seeking to adopt. You can learn more at”

With your help, we can work toward ensuring that all future adoptive families can take advantage of tax breaks — and make the process affordable for thousands of hopeful parents. Contact your congressperson today and share this post to help spread the word!